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Contracting for Pre-Deployment/ Deployment Operations (MASL P309136)


This program offering is designed to provide a practical examination of defense procurement and contracting issues in an insecure environment characterized by mid to high level intensity conflict. Participants consider the challenges of procurement and contracting for widely dispersed operations in a joint or coalition environment, given rapidly changing organizations, and increasing reliance on contractors and the emergence and evolution of new threats. 

Key Objectives:

  1. Examine the fundamental concepts and challenges associated with contingency contracting. 

  2. Provide course participants with an understanding of the complexities associated with planning and negotiating contracts in “conflict areas.” 

  3. Examine the tools and techniques necessary to effectively contract in areas with limited or no host nation support.

  4. Assist countries in their efforts to develop and institutionalize efficient and effective contingency contracting practices.


  • Types of contingencies
  • Cross-cultural awareness
  • Ethics
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Anti-terrorism and security
  • Deliberate & crisis action planning
  • Funding of contingency efforts
  • Contractual instruments
  • Contract administration and closeout

Learning methodologies include lecture, open discussion, working group exercises and case studies.


This offering is designed for international military officers and civilian equivalents of grades 04-06 who directly or indirectly contribute to procurement and contracting in a contingency environment, from a policy or operational perspective.   


"Contracting for Pre-Deployment and Deployment Operations" is exported and customized given a country’s specific requirements. Please contact the IDARM Program Manager for scheduling.   

Contracting for Pre-Deployment & Deployment Operations - Spanish Version

Contracting for Pre-Deployment & Deployment Operations - Arabic Version

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