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Phased Approach

Each course in the IDARM series is developed using a phased approach, in partnership with the host country’s military and civilian leadership and managers, consisting of:

Phase I – Needs Assessment (in-country)
Course development begins with a survey of a nation’s needs in a specific resource management area.  This phase involves IDARM program team members visiting the host country to meet with those executives and managers responsible for determining defense requirements and qualifications for acquisition program managers and decision makers.  During a week-long period, the team will work to develop an understanding of the host nation’s defense priorities, policies and procedures and to establish relationships with acquisition managers in order to identify future course objectives and curriculum goals.
(MASL Number P309130)

Phase II – Curriculum Development (in Monterey, CA)
The program design phase of the program is conducted at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), Monterey, CA.  During Phase II, an overview of the proposed curriculum will be presented for the participating country’s approval.  Visiting delegates will be engaged in customizing and tailoring the proposed curriculum to best meet the needs of their country.  In addition, briefings and visits will be arranged to enhance the delegates’ understanding of the defense acquisition process.
(MASL Number P309132)

Phase III – Course Delivery (in-country)
The graduate education program course is delivered during Phase III.  Course duration varies depending on the country’s preferences and decisions made during Phase II.  The course delivery will improve the host country’s ability to utilize their resources with maximum effectiveness, thereby contributing to greater stability and self-reliance in the international security environment.
(MASL Number P309131)

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