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Project Management- Managing Complex Defense Projects (MASL P309104)

This one week program offering is designed to examine the complexities, tools and techniques for developing and managing complexity in armaments projects. Emphasis is placed on cost control, schedule management, project scope of work, and integrated product teams.

Key Objectives:

  1.  Examine the fundamental concepts and framework for managing projects with an emphasis on technical, schedule and cost estimation, control and risk. 

  2.  Provide course participants with an understanding of the models and frameworks for managing simple and complex projects. 

  3.  Examine and apply, in detail, the elements of project management so as to engage students’ understanding of various areas integral to successful project management.

  4.  Understand and utilize financial and other necessary resource management tools.

  5.  Develop periods and phases of the project cycle and key decision points, including identification of project goals, project products, business budget and technical aspects.

  6.  Assist project organizations in their efforts to develop and institutionalize efficient and effective problem solving and decision making techniques. 


  • Project definition and scope

  • Requirements

  • Quality environment

  • Organizational structures

  • Risk management

  • Cost and schedule control techniques

Learning methodologies include lecture, open discussion, in class exercises and case studies


This program offering is designed for international military officers and civilian equivalents of grades 04-06 who participate in project teams or manage simple and complex projects.   


The course is exported and customized given a country’s specific requirements. Please contact the IDARM Program Manager, Ms. Kathleen Peggar, for scheduling.

Project Management- Managing Complex Defense Projects (Spanish)

Project Management- Managing Complex Defense Projects (Arabic)

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