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A baccalaureate degree with at least one calculus course and one calculus-based physics course and an Academic Profile Code (APC) of 3-3-4 are required for admission to the CSS&T Curriculum. This APC requires an overall grade point average of at least 2.20 and course grades of C or better in the calculus and physics courses. Additional courses in the physical sciences and engineering are highly desirable. Please see the NPS Academic Catalog for more details on how the APC is calculated. Refresher quarters are available for students who do not meet APC requirements.

Entry Dates

The standard entry dates for Combat Systems Science and Technology are January and July. However, other entry dates are possible by special arrangement. For further information, contact the CSST Academic Associate or Curriculum Officer.

How to Get Started

Call your detailer today to check-out your options for earning your Master's Degree in the CSS&T Curriculum at NPS!