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The Navy Subspecialty Code

Courses taken in the CSS&T Curriculum fall into two major categories, i.e. degree requirements and subspecialty or “p-code” requirements. The p-code courses have been carefully chosen to increase the direct military relevance of the coursework thus satisfying the Education Skill Requirements (ESRs) agreed upon by the curriculum sponsor. Students who are not members of the US Navy may be excused from p-code courses with the approval of their service/country representative. The current ESRs for Combat Systems are available here (DOC).

Completion of the full 8 quarter curriculum qualifies an officer as a Combat Systems Science and Technology sub-specialist with a subspecialty code of 5700-5707P depending on specialization track. Ensigns who complete the one-year IGEP (Immediate Graduate Education Program) are awarded an I-code in their specialization track. Students can earn multiple p-codes.

P-code courses include:

SE2013, SE3014, SE4015 Applied Physics Laboratory (Electronics)
SE2911 Introduction to Computational Physics
SE3172 Physics of Weapon Systems
SE3200, SE3400, SE3800 Survey Courses for Electro-Optics, Acoustics, and Weapons
SE4860 Advanced Weapon Concepts (Missiles)
SE4022 Combat Systems Capabilities (US Only)