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Who's Cited YOU

You can use Web of Science to find out where your published work has been cited

Note: Web of Science provides citations within iSi publications.

Web of Science is accessed through the library's proxy at

  1. Choose Web of Science [Go]
  2. Select General Search.
  3. Enter the following information:
  • Author.  Important: use author’s last name and first initial followed by an asterisk, just as indicated.
    Example: BERRY I*
    You can use OR, but not AND.
    Example: BERRY I* OR OHARE S*

OPTIONAL FEATURES(Note: Many searchers find adding other information works less effectively than simply using author name and initial.)

  • Source Title (Journal name) Many searchers find this works less effectively than simply using author name and first initial as indicted. For best results follow the abbreviation conventions used by iSi in their full source titles list (a link is provided).
  • Address. If you'd like to limit your search to documents originating on this campus, you can. For NPS try using the following abbreviations:

USN Postgrad Sch, OR NPS OR Navy OR Postgrad OR Monterey

For other institutional names, check the “abbreviations help” link.

  1. Click Search

  1.  Browse the results to find the article you want. Click on the title to see the citation.
    Cited References = bibliography. Times cited = How often others have cited this article.

Web of Science Search Rules:

  • Searches are not case sensitive
  • Enter words and phrases without quotation marks
  • Use wildcard symbols to retrieve plurals and variant spellings:

            * truncation symbol
            zero to many characters
            ? 1 character
            ?? two characters, etc.
            $ 1 or no characters

  • Separate two or more terms by search operators:
  • AND, OR, NOT, SAME (to place terms near each other)

To make a list, return to the Search Results – Summary Screen.

Fill in the checkbox next to each article you are interested in. Click submit to compile a Mark list.

On this screen, look to the right, under "Sort by" for a blue link to your marked articles.

Click that link to customize the way your list will look. Fill the checkbox next to the kinds of information you want to receive in your list. Note that you must check "times cited" to receive this important information as part of your list.

You can print, save or email up to 500 records.

Click SUBMIT to receive your list.

Please log out when you are finished using Web of Science by using the red button at the top of the page.


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