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FAQ Library Facilities


  When can I use the Library?

The Library is open seven days a week, except for Federal holidays. Hours are limited during NPS vacation periods and are extended during finals. For details (including hours for specific services such as Reference, Access Services, Restricted Resources and Interlibrary Loan), see our Hours and Phone Numbers page.

The library's website (including the library catalog) is available 24/7. You can access online resources and make certain requests (ask reference questions, request documents from Interlibrary Loan, suggest book purchases, etc.) at your convenience.


  Where can I find a floor plan of the Library?

Floor plans of the Library are on the Library Maps page.

  Where is the Circulation Desk? Where do I go to pick up materials on Reserve? Where do I go to pick up other materials that the Library is holding for me?

The circulation desk is front and center as you enter the Library. Come here to check out materials (including those on reserve) or to pick up items that are being held for you. For more information on circulation policies see the Circulation Policy page.

  Where is the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) office?

At the Information Desk. ILL staff process requests for materials not owned by the library. Normally, requests for ILL documents are made at the Ask a Librarian desk or by using the Request Article or Book form. However, should you need to check on the status of a request, you may wish to consult directly with ILL staff.

  Where is the Ask a Librarian Desk (for research assistance)?

The Ask a Librarian Desk is located toward the rear of the Library lobby. It is staffed by trained reference librarians who are able to help you with both quick and in-depth research questions. Service hours are posted on the Library Hours and Phone Numbers page.

  Where are the Federal Documents (Fed Docs) kept?

The Fed Docs collection is directly to your right as you enter the Library. This area houses print documents produced by the federal government, such as GAO reports, Senate and Congressional Documents, DoD and federal budget documents, and more. Documents housed in this area are listed in BOSUN (the Library catalog) as FEDDOCS. Many other federal publications are housed elsewhere in the Library, in areas that include Periodicals, Reference, and the General Collection.

  Where are the print periodicals (journals, magazine and newspapers) kept?

Print periodicals published after 1975 are housed on the first floor of the Library in an area to the right of the lobby. The library's print periodicals include newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals on topics relevant to NPS curricula and research as well as general interest titles. Those published prior to 1975 are housed in the basement. Periodicals are listed in BOSUN (the Library catalog) as PERIODICAL.


Which books can I check out?

Most books that you can check out are located on the second floor. In addition to the regular collection (which is listed as GENERAL in the library catalog), we also have a few special collections, such as the Buckley collection (military and nautical history) and the leisure collection.


  Where are the print copies of NPS theses located?

Virtually all our NPS unclassified, unlimited theses are listed in the NPS Archive: Calhoun. Limited and classified (through SECRET) theses are housed in Restricted Resources and Services (RRS), which is located in the rear of the first floor of the Library.

  Where are the Reference books?

Reference books are located on the first floor of the Library behind the Ask a Librarian Desk. These are materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, Jane's blue books, print indexing and abstracting sources, and other titles that are generally of a quick reference nature. These titles can not normally be checked out. If you have an urgent need to remove such an item from the Library, ask the librarian, and your request will be considered. Reference and Indexes/Abstracts are listed in the catalog as REFERENCE or ABSTRACTS.

  Where is the Intelligence Collection?

The Intelligence (Intell) collection is a non-circulating collection of books on intelligence-related topics. There are second copies of most titles in the General book collection which can be checked out. The Intelligence collection is located towards the rear of the first floor.

  Where is the Buckley Collection?

The Buckley Collection is a separate collection of books on military and maritime history. It is located on the second floor near the administrative offices and the thesis collection.

  Where are the maps?

The map collection is located at the rear of the first floor. It includes a wide variety of print and digital (CD) maps and charts. Links to maps on the Web.

  Where are the Library computers for student use?

There are a variety of computers and printers on the first and second floors of the Library. On the first floor, most are scattered around 4 pillars to the right of the Lobby.  Most computers require an NPS network login, but a few non-network computers are available for public use. Two computers located near the stairs are reserved for searching the library catalog. Other than these, most computers have the Microsoft Office software suite installed.

  What kinds of software products are available on the Library’s computers?

Most of the Library’s computers have Microsoft Office installed. In addition, mathematics (MAPLE) and statistical (SPSS) software packages are available on many of the Library computers.

  What kinds of network connections are available?

Wireless network access is available in selected locations on both the first and second floors of the Library. A map of access points is available at the Information Desk.

Some of the group study rooms provide wired network access. Ask for a handout at the Information Desk.


  Where are the printers for student use?

There are printers on the first and second floors.  

  Where are the copy machines and the microform reader/printers?

Microform reader/printers for use by NPS students, faculty and staff for mission-related work are located on the first floor.


  What phone services are available?

The Library provides a campus/local area/DSN phone on the second floor.


  What spaces are available to work in? What are their usage policies?

The study tables and study carrels located throughout the Library are available to all Library users. Some of the carrels have lockers which are available for use by students, with preference given to those with a signed thesis or project proposal. For more details on the locker policy, see the Carrels With Lockers policy page.

Group study rooms on the Second Floor are available to NPS students on a first-come, first-serve basis, with a minimum of three students per room. Many of the group study rooms provide network access points. For more information ask at the Circulation or Research Assistance Desk.

A large group study area is located at the rear of the first floor of the Library. It’s a popular place because there are large tables for groups to gather.


  Where is Restricted Resources and Services (RRS)? Where are limited and classified documents kept?

Restricted Resources and Services (RRS) is located in the rear of the first floor of the Library. It houses print, electronic and microfiche documents that are either Limited or Classified (Confidential or Secret), including NPS theses. For more information about the RRS collection, services and hours, see the Restricted Resources page.


  How Do I Reach the Center for Educational Design, Development and Distribution (CED3)?

The Center for Educational Design, Development and Distribution (CED3) is housed on the first floor of the Library. The CED3 supports faculty delivering instruction at a distance, and is not a Library activity. For more information about the CED3, see their home page


  Where are the offices of the Library Director and other Library administrators?

The Library Administration (University Librarian and staff) offices are located in Rooms 101-104.


  Where is the Library’s group study rooms and conference rooms?

For locations and a description of the policy for using these rooms, see the Library Services - Facilties page.


  Where in the Library can I get something to eat or drink?

There are vending machines near the  Periodical Reading Room.  The "Del Monte Cafe"  is located just to the left of the library as you exit the building.


  Where are the restrooms?

Restrooms are available on both the first and second floors. Consult the Library Floor Maps for details.

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