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Dudley Knox Library Food and Drink Policy

The Dudley Knox Library is committed to providing information in a learning environment that meets the intellectual and physical needs of library users.  This commitment includes preserving the Library’s collections and equipment, maintaining a pest-free building and damage-free furnishings, and ensuring a clean environment for studying and working when limited janitorial service is available, while acknowledging that consuming a beverage and eating a light snack might make your library visit more pleasant and productive.

Effective January 24, 2007 food and beverage items permitted in the Library are limited to light snacks (such as those individually wrapped items available in the Library vending machine) and non-alcoholic beverages in covered/secure containers (water bottles, sports bottles, thermal-style mugs, coffee cups with lids, as well as soda cans).  Styrofoam food containers are not permitted.

The consumption of light snacks and covered/secure non-alcoholic beverages is restricted to:

  • First floor lobby area
  • Group study rooms & study carrels
  • Large group study areas
  • Media/Reading room
Snacks and beverages are not permitted in the following areas:
  • Book and Periodicals stacks
  • Computer terminal areas and when using Library-owned laptop computers
  • Copy Center
  • Training rooms

We ask our Library users to:

  • Be responsible with the light snacks you bring into the Library (e.g., light snacks do not include pizza, sandwiches, fruits, vegetables or other meals).
  • Leave no trace - please clean up after yourself, discarding all trash in appropriate containers.
  • Report drink spills and other problems to the Library staff so we can arrange for appropriate cleanup.

We will continue to evaluate and modify our policy as needed. Those who disregard the policy will be asked to leave the Library.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Revised: 05/11/2010

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