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Library Shredder Policy

The Library has a heavy-duty document shredder that it makes available for destruction of NPS classified documents. Due to equipment and staff availability we are only able to accept limited quantities of classified materials for destruction. We do not process unclassified documents containing restricted, sensitive or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for other organizations. The quantity of non-Library materials we will accept will vary, depending on our overall shredding load at that time.

We ask that you observe the following guidelines when requesting that we shred materials for you:

  • We will require a written assurance that all materials have been cleared from the Security Manager’s document tracking system. We cannot destroy items that the Security Manager is still tracking and under your custody.
  • All shredding should be brought in copier paper size boxes, burn bags, or similar.
  • Items should, as much as possible, be in loose leaf. Please do not bring items in binders, folders, plastic covers, notebook covers, file holders, etc. as we will not accept them. The only exception is paper bound NPS documents (thesis, reports, etc.).
  • All large, heavy-duty staples, binder clips, paper clips and other hardware need to be removed from papers.
  • Please ensure that you have included only material that must be destroyed and have removed all unclassified material that may be disposed of by other means. If we find excessive amounts of unclassified materials we will ask you to return and pick up your items.
  • All shredding must be dropped off to a staff member of the Library’s Restricted Resources and Services area. Please do not leave shredding unattended outside of RRS. You are strongly encouraged to contact RRS (x2061) prior to bringing any shredding.
Revised: 12/11/2013

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