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Reserve Collection: Policies and Procedures FAQ

Placing items on Reserve is limited to NPS faculty and staff who are teaching courses.

How do I place items on Course Reserve?

You may fill out our Course Reserve Request form or come to the Information Desk to complete the form.

What if the item is in our library and you would like to place it on Reserve?

Have you checked the library catalog, to see whether we own the item?  If it is available and you would like to place it on Reserve, please use one of the methods listed above to notify us. If an item is checked out, please inform us and we will place a recall on it. If it is missing from the shelves, please let us know so that we can search for it.

Can I place my own personal materials on Reserve?

Yes, you may place your own items on Reserve. If you plan to place items on Reserve that are not bound (such as various articles and book chapters), we ask that you create a 3-ring course binder in which to house them.  This not only helps with the wear and tear of the items, but also makes staff processing much quicker.  Be sure to take a moment to read the Copyright Notice.  Please also see the section below called "Special notes concerning instructor produced course readers and binders."  

Is there a limit to the number of items I can place on Reserve?

No, not at this time.


After I have submitted my request, how long will it take for the items I have selected to be placed on Reserve?

Once we have received your items, it may take up to three working days for the items to be processed. The earlier we receive items before the start of a new quarter, the sooner we can process them.


How will I know when an item is on Reserve?

You can search the Course Reserves list to see whether your reserve item is available.


What are your hours?

The Reserve Collection is open during regular Information Desk Hours.

If I have questions, whom should I contact?
Please contact the Information Desk staff at (831) 656-2947 or

What loan periods can I assign for my items?

  • 2 hours
  • Overnight
  • 2 days
  • 3 days
  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks
But if you anticipate heavy usage, we recommend the 2-hour check out period, which will allow tighter control over the items should students fail to return them on time.

Special notes concerning instructor produced course readers and binders:

If you are copying from books or journals for the inclusion of materials in a course reader or binder, please alter the margin settings on your copier so copy jobs will have a minimal of black in margin areas where there is no text. Library staff have discovered that if pages with heavy black margins are run through our copiers, severe machine malfunctions can occur. In addition, pages with heavy black margins waste toner.

If you are creating Reserve binders, experience has shown that it is best to divide large amounts of material into separate binder volumes instead of placing all the materials into one large binder. When students copy from large binders, the contents tend to become out of order, and it becomes difficult to add or subtract materials to and from the binders throughout the quarter.

Revised: 07/30/2014

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