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Staff Directory

Library Staff Contact Information (NPS login required)
  • Eleanor Uhlinger, University Librarian
    (831) 656-2343
  • Valerie Moule, Associate University Librarian
    (831) 656-2975
  • Sam Hornbeck, Resources Assistant
  • Bardomina Lopez, Library Budget & Financial Analyst

 Calhoun: The NPS Institutional Archive
  • Irene Berry, Digital Services Librarian

Outreach & Collection Development
  • Greta Marlatt, Manager
  • Ann Jacobson, Reference & Instruction Librarian
  • Glen Koué, Reference & Instruction Librarian
  • Judit Sedillos, Electronic Resources Coordinator
  • Jason Leyk, Electronic Resources Coordinator

 Restricted Resources
  • George Goncalves, Restricted Resources Librarian
  • Tenly Connor, Library Technician
 Access Services
  • Irma Fink, Manager
  • Daryle Carlson, Library Technician, Reserves Coordinator
  • Zooey Lober, Library Technician, Interlibrary Loan Borrowing
  • Marlon Wilson, Library Techician, Senior Stacks Attendant
  • Hyon Chong, Stacks Attendant
  • Sarah Colton, Library Technician
  • Tenly Connor, Library Technician, Interlibrary Loan Lending

  • Stacy DeMatteo, Manager
  • Sergio Topete, IT Specialist
  • Karen Kerno, Web Services Librarian
  • Kathy Norton, Web Services Librarian

 Metadata Services
  • Tom Doughty, Manager
  • Dorothy Nath, Metadata Specialist
  • Yolanda Kerr, Library Technician
  • Ana Quillopo, Library Technician
  • Amanda McCormick, Library Technician

 Special Collections & Archives
  • John Sanders, Manager
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