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Databases - C

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Database - C

Cabell's Directories ( )
Includes journal's submission process, manuscript guidelines, acceptance rates, review process, where the journal is indexed, and more. Accounting, Economics & Finance, Management, and Marketing.

Canada Defence Research and Development Research Reports (Government of Canada)
Scientific and technical research produced for Canada’s Department of National Defence.

Chicago Manual of Style Online (University of Chicago)
Fully searchable online version of the Chicago Manual of Style

Choice Reviews Online (American Library Association)
Reviews of academic books, media and online resources.

ciao (Columbia International Affairs Online)
International affairs: policy briefs, case studies, maps, country data.

Civil Engineering Database (American Society of Civil Engineers)
Civil engineering abstracts.

Civil War: Antebellum Period to Reconstruction (NewsBank)

Searchable historical American newspapers. Part of World Newspaper Archive.

Compendex (Engineering Village)
Engineering, computers, electronics and communications, applied physics, aerospace.

Compustat ( )
Financial, statistical and market information on active and inactive companies worldwide, for qualitative analysis.

Computer and Information Systems Abstracts (ProQuest)

Computer science and information systems technology.

Computer science.

Computing Reviews (Computing Reviews)
Computer and information systems, hardware, software, computing mathematics reviews.

Conference Board Business Knowledge Research (The Conference Board)
Business and economics research reports United States Legislative Information (Library of Congress)
Access to summary, status and text of bills, Public Laws, roll call votes, Committee reports, Congressional Record and much more legislative information.

CQ Almanac (Congressional Quarterly)
People, elections, legislation, and controversies in the U.S. Congress (1945-present)

CQ Budget Tracker (Congressional Quarterly)
Current and historical federal budget legislation and other budget-related documents

CQ Global Researcher (Congressional Quarterly)
This full-text database provides information on international issues and crises. Each report includes in-depth coverage of newsworthy global affairs from a multitude of international viewpoints. Coverage begins in 1923.

CQ Homeland Security (Congressional Quarterly)
News and analysis on homeland security bills, regs, spending, and policy issues.

CQ Press Electronic Library (Congressional Quarterly)
Access the full-text of these CQ Press publications: CQ Global Researcher Plus Archive, CQ Researcher Plus Archive, CQ Weekly, CQ Almanac. You can search across all publications.

CQ Researcher (Congressional Quarterly)
This full-text database provides information on current and controversial issues in areas such as economic, social, political and international affairs. Each report includes historical background, milestones, the current situation and outlook and the pros and cons of each issue. Coverage begins in 1923.

CQ Today (Congressional Quarterly)
Daily briefing of congressional activity: floor actions, hearings, markups, and behind-the-scenes developments.

CQ Weekly (Congressional Quarterly)
Weekly briefing of congressional activity: bill status, committee and floor activity, debates, roll-call votes, behind-the-scenes developments.


Computer science, engineering, information security, computer-based information systems, telecommunications.

Credo Reference (Credo Reference)
Credo Reference is a source that reference librarians and others use that compiles essential, factual information from specialized encyclopedias, dictionaries and other reference sources.  Credo Reference is written for the interested researcher, not the specialist. It's a great place to start your research.

Criminal Justice Abstracts (EBSCO)
Criminology, criminal law, corrections & prisons, policing, substance abuse

Criminology: A SAGE Full-Text Collection (SAGE)

Adult & juvenile criminal justice, corrections, policing, substance abuse

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