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The following links are provided for research and information purposes only to be used by students, faculty and staff.

Congressional Research Service Reports

Dudley Knox Library's Guide to Finding CRS Reports
This newly created guide will eventually replace the links below.

Find Congressional Research Service Reports (
Searchable Database

CRS Reports
Stephen Young

Air War College - Selected Congressional Research Reports

Congressional Research Service WWW Accessible Reports
Gary Price

CRS Reports available from  

CRS Reports available from Federation of American Scientists
Federation of American Scientists
    Secrecy and Information Policy
    Intelligence and Related Topics
    Homeland Security
    Nuclear Weapons and Related Topics
    Conventional Weapons Systems
    General National Security Topics
    Middle East
    Foreign Policy and Regional Affairs
    Space Policy
    Miscellaneous Topics
    Nuclear, Chemical and Missile Weapons and Proliferation Documents

Intellectual Property, Cyberlaw and Electronic Commerce CRS Reports
IP Mall (Franklin Pierce Law Center)

Gateway Japan
Collection of US-ASIA relations CRS reports

The Memory Hole
Over 300 Congressional Research Service Reports That Were Pulled from the Web.

National Council for Science and the Environment
Searchable Database

National Library for the Environment CRS reports
Searchable Database of over 800 reports for a wide variety of topics, not all of which are environmental in nature

Open CRS
Center for Democracy & Technology
Searchable Database

United States Diplomatic Mission to Italy

University of California

University of Maryland School of Law - Thurgood Marshall Law Library

University of North Texas
Searchable Database

U.S. Dept. of State Foreign Press Centers
    Abstracts of New CRS Reports
    Full text of Selected CRS Reports

U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Rules
   CRS Reports
   Browsable list of CRS reports on "How Congress Works," including the legislative and budget processes.

Other Titles of Interest

Almanac of American Politics  
Profiles every senator, representative and governor, as well as the people and politics of every state and congressional district. The Almanac also provides interest group ratings, Census data, key votes, campaign expenditures, election results and much more.

Electronic Statistics Textbook

Hoover Institution Weekly Essays
Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace
    Hoover Essays in Public Policy

Human Factor Issues in Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals for Aircraft Maintenance

A List of Factorial Math Constants

Sun Tzu On the Art of War

Collections of Electronic Texts

Alex: A Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet

Books on the Internet (University of Texas Library)
University of Texas Library

Brookings Institution Press
    Online Library Catalog
    Subjects include: defense, economics, government affairs, international affairs, international economics and more

Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory Publications
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    Coastal Engineering Manual
    Coastal Engineering Technical Notes
    Hydraulic Engineering Technical Notes

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)

Cornell University Library Historical Math Monographs

Cornell University Library Historical Monographs

University of North Texas
Provides permanent public access to the electronic Web sites and publications of defunct U.S. government agencies and commissions.

Access the full-text of over 43,000 books. Create a personal bookshelf and highlight and take notes in the books. Coverage includes the subject areas of: Business & Economics, Computers & IT, Education, Engineering & Technology, History & Political Science, Humanities, Interdisciplinary & Area Studies, Language, Literature & Linguistics, Law, International Relations & Public Policy, Life Sciences, Medical, Nursing & Allied Health, Physical Sciences, Psychology & Social Work, Religion, Philosophy & Classics, Sociology & Anthropology.

ENGnetBASE : Engineering Handbooks Online  
ENGnetBASE provides online access to the full text of the CRC Press Engineering Handbook series. Subject areas include civil engineering, telecommunications, electronic engineering, materials science, chemical technology, computer science, avionics, manufacturing, signal processing, and mechanical engineering.

Federal Employee Handbooks

Foreign Relations of the United States
U.S. State Department
The Foreign Relations of the United States series presents the official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions and significant diplomatic activity.

Foreign Relations of the United States
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Geographic Information Center Report Collections
National Archives

Knovel offers interactive access to the full-text content of over 500 engineering and scientific handbooks and databases, and the ability to manipulate and search across this entire collection. Knovel currently has 16 subject areas: Adhesives, Coatings, Sealants & Inks; Aerospace & Radar Technology; Biochemistry, Biology & Biotechnology; Ceramics & Ceramic Engineering; Chemistry & Chemical Engineering; Construction Materials & Engineering; Electrical & Power Engineering; Environment & Environmental Engineering; Food Science; General Engineering References; Mechanics & Mechanical Engineering; Metals & Metallurgy; Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics & Toiletries; Plastics & Rubbers; Safety, Health & Hygiene; Semiconductors & Electronics

National Academy Press
    Computer Science
    Environmental Issues
    General Interest
    Industry and Economics
    Math & Statistics
    Physical Sciences
    Research Issues
    Space Science
    Science & Ethics
    Terrorism and Security Collection

National Bureau of Economic Research  
    Working Papers  
    NBER Digest  
    NBER Reporter  

National Security Agency

Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations  
Digital Library of ETDs (Electronic Theses and Dissertations)

The On-Line Books Page
University of Pennsylvania
This site provides access to more than 14,000 full-text English works in various formats that are freely readable over the Internet.
    Search Listings by Author and Title
    Browse New Listings
    Browse by Author
    Browse by Title
    Browse by Subject
    Browse serial archives

OAIster Search Interface
The OAIster search interface allows users the opportunity to freely access and search a wide variety of digital resources from various institutions.

The Online Books Page
University of Pennsylvania    

Online Digital Special Collections
U.S. Department of Transportation
The Department of Transportation (DOT) offers this Website giving access to digitized versions of a number of their special collections, such as Civil Aeronautic Manuals, Civil Air Regulations, Superseded Advisory Circulars, Historical Aircraft Accident Reports (1934-1965), FAA and CAA Research Reports, and more
    Civil Aeronautic Manuals (full-text version)
    Civil Aeronautic Manuals (image only version)
    Civil Air Regulations
    Superseded Advisory Circulars
    Historical Aircraft Accident Reports (1934-1965)
    FAA and CAA Research Reports

Online Electronic Publishing Collection

Online Rand Reports
    New Studies
    Gulf War Studies
    Information Technology
    International Policy
    Military Manpower
    Military Strategy and Tactics
    R&D and Systems Acquisitions

Online Texts Collection
Internet Public Library

Our Documents
Full text of milestone documents of American history
Educational study aids, including texts of classic works, literature notes, etc.

Project Gutenberg

Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States
Federal Digital System
Coverage begins with 1992

Royal Institute of International Affairs Publications

Safari Tech Books Online  
Only Two users at a time. If the database is busy please try again later Safari is an "electronic reference library for programmers, IT professionals and knowledge workers." It allows you to search across the full text of hundreds of computer and technical books from O'Reilly, Que, New Riders, Addison-Wesley, and more.

SpringerLink is an integrated full-text database of books and journals published by Springer. The Library has access to books and journals in: Business & Economics; Computer Science; Earth & Environmental Sciences; Engineering; Humanities, Social Science & Law; Mathematics & Statistics.

Telecommunications Handbooks Online  
TelecommunicationsnetBASE provides online access to the full text of the CRC Press Telecommunications Handbooks.

UNESCO Translations Database

University of California Press
Free full text access to selected University of California Press books on a range of topics in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.

Technical Reports

Aerospace Corporation Scientific and Technical Reports

Argonne National Laboratory Mathematics and Computer Science Division Publications
Compressed files on FTP server e-Print archive
Technical papers in physics, mathematics, and nonlinear sciences

Center for Research on Parallel Computation On-line Technical Reports

CORA : Computer Science Research Paper Search Engine

DoE Information Bridge  
Access to full-text reports produced by the Department of Energy. Coverage begins in 1995

DoE OpenNet
References to Department of Energy documents declassified and made publicly available after October 1, 1994.

DoE Reports Bibliographic Database
Citations to energy reports dating January 1, 1994 to present

DoE's FETC Publications  
Federal Energy Technology Center

DoE's LLNL Documents On-Line 
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory full-text from 1994 forward

DTIC's STINET Documents On-Line Home Page - Scientific & Technical Information Network
Citations to reports from DTIC, a clearinghouse for a variety of defense-related scientific and technical publications. Through the STINET (Scientific and Technical Information Network) database, DTIC indexes and abstracts these reports, providing full-text to some reports. The STINET database has coverage from 1975. The library owns the print version of some of the DTIC reports, and has nearly complete coverage in microfiche
    Search DTIC's Technical Report Collection
    Search Help

Energy Files : Virtual Library of Energy Science and Technology

Federal R&D Project Summaries
Full-text technical reports

ISR - Institute for Systems Research (University of Maryland)
University of Maryland
Full-text technical reports

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Library Documents Online
Laboratory authored unclassified and unlimited technical reports.

Los Alamos National Laboratory Research Library
    Report Resources
    Preprints and Eprints

MITRE Technical Papers

NASA Report Servers
    Ames Research Center
    Astrophysics Data System
    Aerospace Information
    Dryden Flight Research Center
    Glenn Research Center
    Goddard Institute for Space Studies
    Goddard Space Flight Center
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Johnson Space Center
    Kennedy Space Center
    Langley Research Center
    Marshall Space Flight Center
    National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) Technical Report Server
    Stennis Space Center

Networked Computer Science Technical Reports Library

PrePRINT Network

TRAIL - Technical Report Archive and Image Library
TRIAL is a collaborative project to digitize, archive, and provide persistent and unrestricted access to federal technical reports issued prior to 1975. This pilot currently contains the NBS Monograph Series.

Virtual Technical Reports Center
Redstone Scientific Information Center

Virtual Technical Reports Center
University of Maryland
The Institutions listed here provide either full-text reports, or searchable extended abstracts of their technical reports, preprints, reprints, dissertations, theses, and research reports of all kinds.

Wright Air Development Center Digital Collection
Illinois Institute of Technology
Digital Repository for technical reports issued by the Wright Air Development Center/Wright Air Development Division.

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