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Energy & Environment Statistics


Energy Information Administration
The EIA has put together a collection of official energy statistics provided by the U.S. government. Topics of interest include: Petroleum, Natural Gas, Coal, Alternative Fuels, and Nuclear Energy. This resource also provides a monthly and yearly forecasting tool, as well as financial analyses.

Energy Statistics on the Web (University of Michigan)
University of Michigan Documents Center maintains links to a collection of energy-related statistical resources from a variety of government agency websites and more. Find information on alternative fuel sources and data on energy consumption.

National Science Foundation
NSF offers a collection of publications, data, and analyses about the nation's science and engineering resources.

U.S. Department of Energy Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
This database offers an interactive site from which to compare graphs of economic and energy consumption indicators for selected states. See where states rank for energy production from renewable energy resources.


Energy Information Administration
International data that has been collected about different energy topics: Petroleum, Natural Gas, Electricity, Coal, etc. This page includes data about International Short-term and Long-term Energy Outlooks.

International Energy Agency
Search for energy statistics by individual county or topic. Some example topics: coal, electricity, natural gas, oil and renewables. compiles energy consumption information by country (ex. oil, coal, electric power, nuclear energy consumption). This data analyses is also displayed using bar graphs and pie charts.

Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment (SWERA)
The SWERA wind resource data sets provide estimates of how much wind energy is available at potential development sites and the solar data products provide information on the available solar radiation resource at a specific location. Search by individual country.

United Nations Statistical Division (UNSD)
The UNSD collects energy statistics from more than 190 countries and updates and maintains the Energy Statistics Database which contains comprehensive energy statistics on more than 215 countries, regions and areas.

UN Energy Statistics Yearbook
This yearbook provides internationally comparable series of commercial energy statistics summarizing world level and regional energy trends. Annual data for 215 countries and areas for the period 2001 to 2004 are presented on production, trade and consumption of energy: solids, liquids, gases, traditional fuels and electricity in a series of 38 comprehensive tables.

World Resources Institute
Links to publications, working papers and data charts/maps about current energy topics, produced by the top researchers in the field.


Earth Trends (individual account registration required)
The country profiles at Earth Trends present environmental information about key variables for each topic area (coastal and marine ecosystems, climate and atmosphere, energy and resources, biodiversity and protected areas, environmental governance and institutions). View the charts and graphs to find the vital statistics you need for over 220 countries

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
The EPA provides statistical results of the environmental research they perform and investigate.

Environmental Statistics on the Web (University of Michigan)
University of Michigan maintains this website to assist patrons in locating a variety of U.S. and International statistics about environmental issues. Climate change, endangered species, forests and lands, sustainable development are a few of the topics covered.

National Climatic Data Center from NOAA
Climatic data of the world including: access to weather/storm events database, detailed climate maps of the US and comparative data.

National Snow and Ice Data Center
Some of the topics offered in data sets from NSIDC: snow and land ice, agriculture, atmosphere, glaciers/ice sheets, and oceans (bathymetry/topography).

United Nations Statistical Division (UNSD)
Country Snapshots is a tool available from UNSD which provides a selection of national environment statistics, complemented by key social and economic indicators.

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