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Restricted Resources

Supporting the NPS community in their classified and unclassified research needs

RRS is a special collection within the Dudley Knox Library supporting restricted and classified research needs at NPS. Materials in the collection support most of the subjects taught in the various curricula at the Naval Postgraduate School, and derive from a spectrum of Federal, DOD, and other contractor agencies, commands, institutions and organizations.

RRS also specializes in providing consulting support to the NPS community on topics such as NPS document lifecycle and archiving, marking / upgrading / downgrading of NPS restricted and classified materials, database and data categorization projects.

Contact us at (831) 656-2061, DSN 878-2061

NPS Theses and Reports
Meeting Facility/Classified Support

Other Restricted and Classified Documents
Storage Lockers
Access & Hours



Our mission is to support the NPS community by providing:

  • Access to limited distribution and classified NPS theses and reports
  • Access to limited distribution and classified documents in hardcopy, electronic formats and microfiche
  • Access to limited distribution and classified databases and CD-ROMs
  • SIPRNet /Classified Data Processing point of access
  • Secure meeting facility with multimedia display
  • Storage lockers for limited distribution and classified documents

NPS Theses and Reports

  • RRS is the official archive for NPS unclassified limited distribution through secret products
  • Over 4,000 limited distribution and classified (through secret level) NPS theses and reports
  • Many documents are available in both hardcopy and electronic format
  • Many can be delivered to your desktop

Other Restricted and Classified Documents

  • 250,000 microform items
  • 30,000 hard copy materials
  • 1,000 + items on CD-ROM and DVD
  • Items may be used in RRS or checked-out of the Library
  • Special document orders from DTIC or other agencies available

Consultation For Restricted and Classified Theses and Projects

  • Support on using proper markings for restricted and classified NPS documents.
  • Support in upgrading / downgrading NPS documents
  • NPS document lifecycle
  • Students looking for documents for theses
  • Class presentations or preparing bibliographic instruction materials
  • Projects where organization and categorization of restricted and classified information is important

Meeting Facility / Classified Support

  • Conference area available to users needing space for classified meetings and discussions
  • SIPRNET point of access for properly credentialed members of the NPS community
  • Word processing, spreadsheet and Matlab capabilities
  • Limited Users have access all the hours when the area is staffed
  • Master Users have access all the hours the Library is open
  • Photocopier for classified and unclassified copying

Storage Lockers

  • Suitable for limited distribution and classified documents
  • Large/spacious lockers
  • Locks provided
  • Long or short term usage

Access Hours

Use of Restricted Resources is generally limited to NPS students and faculty with a clearance as designated by the NPS Security Register. Visitors must possess a clearance as verified by the Security Office before using RRS.

Please read the Library Shredder Policy before requesting the use of the heavy duty shredder located in Restricted Resources and Services (RRS).

For further information on these or other issues, call (831) 656-2061, DSN 878-2061.

The Restricted Resources and Services (RRS) area is generally staffed
    MON - FRI: 0730 - 1600
and users are welcome to knock on the door to request assistance when the OPEN sign is posted

For those who may need assistance or are Limited Users, staff is specifically available
    MON - THURS: 0900 - 1100
   FRI: by appointment 
You may also call or e-mail us to make an appointment outside of these hours

(831) 656-2061, DSN 878-2061

Revised: 05/03/2011

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