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Printing at the Library

Instructions to install and configure Library Printers on Personal Laptops

The following documents are hosted on the NPS Intranet. Accessibility is only available from the NPS network or through a NPS VPN connection. You may also obtain paper copies of the instructions at our General Information Desk. 

Find out more information from ITACS on Remote Access.

Printer Install Instructions

How to Print from:

How to Reset your Passcode

Questions, assistance, and on site help:

If you are having any print issues while in the library, you can request assistance from the DKL Information Systems department by talking to staff at the General Information desk. IT Specialists are available Monday - Friday from 0800-1700.


  • I noticed that print jobs come out double sided.  Can I print single sided and in color?

Yes, you can change the print options such as single sided, in color, stapled, hole punched, etc. before sending to the printer.

  • What happens to the print job after it is sent from the computer?

Print jobs are sent to a queue on the default printer (or the one you selected), where they will stay for 5 hours until released.

  • How can I tell which print job is mine?

Look for your NPS user name.  If you used a Public workstation, look for the workstation name.  Example: pillar4a.

  • How long does my print job stay in the queue?

For 5 hours or until released by the user. Print jobs older than 5 hours are automatically purged from the queue.

  • Why does my print job not appear on the printer screen?

Check that you’re at the printer where you sent the job.  For the Public computers, if you sent it to the default printer, make sure the passcode card matches the computer station.

For the NPS login computers, there may be an issue with your Secure Print Passcode, and you may have to reset it.

  • Can I delete print jobs I sent to the queue accidentally?

Yes, print jobs can be deleted from the printer. Print jobs not released will be automatically purged in 5 hours.

  • I sent my print job to LibraryPrinter1 but it seems busy. Can I send it to another printer?

Yes, you can resend the job to another printer.  Printers 1-4 are on the 1st floor.  Printers 6 and 7 are on the 2nd floor.

  • Can I reprint my job and/or ask for more than 1 copy of the job?

No. Once a job has been sent to the printer, it is deleted from the server. Select the number of copies in the Print Options before sending to the printer.

  • What happens if the printer jams or runs out of the paper or toner – will my job continue to print once the printer is fully operational?

You may have to resend a job should the printing be interrupted in some way.  Ask staff at the General Information Desk to clear print jams.  Please don’t try to clear them yourself.

Revised: 04/26/2013

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