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NPS Export Control - Sensitive Subjects

What is

The SSL is a compilation of technical subject matter that is intended to aid NPS and its contractors in identifying sensitive information. The list identifies subjects deemed significant to the national security of the United States. The SSL is an internal NPS document and is not used outside the DON and DOD. It is not intended to replace or supercede U.S. export control regulations. It is merely a means to flag potential situations where an export license may be required and an export professional should be consulted.

The SCL is a list of countries that are given particular national security, non-proliferation, anti-terrorism, or economic security. Due to the dynamic nature of attention for reasons of world events, other countries may, at any time, become sensitive. Therefore, caution should be exercised in dealing with citizens of all countries, including countries not listed on the SCL to assure that sensitive information, although unclassified in nature, is not inadvertently disclosed. This would include all proprietary NPS information that would cause economic harm to the U.S. should it be improperly disclosed.

The following is a list of sensitive subjects at NPS compiled by the NPS Research Board. It has been developed in order to segregate possible sensitive subjects’ research at NPS from those that are completely unclassified and can be published freely.