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Research at NPS

One of the major goals of the NPS Research Program is provide cost-effective research and unique laboratory facilities that permit students and faculty to support Navy/DoD needs. NPS provides independent assessments of proposed solutions to military issues, pre-deployment evaluation of new technologies, and combined student-faculty expertise for current research and development programs.

Research is conducted in every academic department within the graduate schools and in the research and education institutes.

School of International Graduate Studies
National Security Affairs
Center for Civil Military Relations
Defense Resource Management Institute

Graduate School of Business and Public Policy

Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Science
Applied Mathematics
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Space Systems
Systems Engineering
Undersea Warfare

Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences
Computer Science
Defense Analysis
Information Sciences
Operations Research

Jeffrey D. Paduan
Dean of Research
Office of the Dean of Research
Monterey, CA 93943