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Research Centers

Several Research Centers of Excellence have been established at NPS under the auspices of the Associate Provost and Dean of Research.  A Research Center is a group of faculty/staff with a significant concentration of expertise in a particular area normally with an emphasis on applications.  Every Center supports the NPS educational mission and displays a clear benefit to NPS, the Navy and/or DoD.

Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Center Professor Oleg Yakimenko, Director
Center for Asymmetric Warfare Alan Jaeger, Director
Center for Autonomous Vehicle Research (CAVR) Research Associate Professor Doug Horner, Director
Center for Civil Military Relations Senior Lecturer Rich Hoffman, Director
Center for Cyber Warfare

Professor Professor John McEachen, Director

Center for Decision, Risk, Controls and Signals Intelligence Research Professor Sivaguru Sritharan, Director
Center for Defense Management Reform Professor Doug Brook, Director
Center for Edge Power Professor Mark Nissen, Director
Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS) Glen Woodbury, Director
Center for Information Systems Security Studies and Research Professor Cynthia Irvine, Director
Center for Infrastructure Defense Associate Professor Dave Alderson, Director
Center for Interdisciplinary Remotely Piloted Aircraft Studies (CIRPAS) Research Associate Robert Bluth, Director
Center for Joint Services Electronic Warfare Professor Phillip Pace, Director
Center for Materials Research Distinguished Professor Young Kwon, Director
Center for Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT) Research David Trask, MASINT Chair Professor and Director
Center for Multi-INT Studies (CMIS) Associate ProfessorJim Scrofani, Director
Center for Network Innovation and Experimentation (CENETIX) Professor Alex Bordetsky, Director
Center for New Security Economics and Net Assessment Associate Professor Mie Augier
Center for Radiation Hardened Electronics Associate Professor Todd Weatherford, Director
Center for Survivability and Lethality Senior Lecturer CDR Chris Adams, USN (Ret.), Director
Center for the Study of Mobile Devices and Communications Professor Gurminder Singh, Director
Center on Contemporary Conflict Associate Professor Anne Clunan, Director
Assistant Professor Sandra Leavitt, Executive Director
Center on Terrorism and Irregular Warfare Professor David Tucker, Director
Cryptologic Research Center Distinguished Professor Herschel Loomis, Acting Director
Information Dominance Center for Excellence Rear Adm. Andy Singer, USN (Ret.), Director
Information Operations Center for Research Professor John Arquilla, Director and
Steve Iatrou, Deputy Director
Littoral Operations Center (LOC) Professor Kalev Sepp, Director
Remote Sensing Center Professor R. Chris Olsen, Director
SEED Center for Data Farming
(Simulation Experiments & Efficient Designs)
Professor Susan M. Sanchez and Associate Professor Thomas W. Lucas, Co-Directors
Software Engineering Center Professor Luqi, Director
Spacecraft Research and Design Center Distinguished Professor Brij Agrawal, Director
Turbo-Propulsion Laboratory Professor Garth Hobson, Director
Undersea Warfare Center ADM Jerry Ellis, USN (Ret.)