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CRUSER Call for Proposals FY13

About $700,000 dollars are anticipated to be available in FY13 for open research proposals, including participation in the CRUSER field experimentation. In addition, student travel and support is also budgeted, so proposals should include anticipated student travel funding requirements, but not includethat amount in the total requested.

Faculty members who receive CRUSER Research and Experimentation funds are expected to be fully active in supporting CRUSER's goals to include: monthly meeting attendance, presentations, CRUSER News articles, displays at Robots in the Roses, and participation at other CRUSER sponsored events, including presentations to ONR during the ONR CRUSER visit.

Proposed Format: Short (3-6 page) proposals are solicited using the NPS research proposal format. The proposal should use NPS' research proposal signature page, NPS' research Budget Form, and then a document with the following sections. Proposals should be clearly marked as "CRUSER Proposal FY13". Address and send to Director, CRUSER Jeff Kline at jekline@nps.edu and Lisa Trawick at cruser@nps.edu.

The following sections are nominally required:

  1. Name of PIs, NPS Address, e-mail address, ID any security holders clearance
  2. Period ofPerformance, Total Funding required, Student funding required (with names if available)
  3. Description of the Project
  4. Potential FY14 follow on efforts and potential or anticipated external funding
  5. FY13 Budget Details
  6. Self evaluation of proposal criteria above

Click here for the full CRUSER Call for Proposals FY13.

Consortium for Robotics and Unmanned Systems Education and Research (CRUSER)

From Technical to Ethical...from Concept Generation to Experimentation...

The Naval Postgraduate School's Consortium for Robotics and Unmanned Systems Education and Research (CRUSER) provides a collaborative environment and community of interest for the advancement of unmanned systems education and research endeavors across the Navy, Marine Corps and Department of Defense.

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