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NPS 2007 Technical Reports

Report Number Author(s) Title
NPS-97-07-002 Gabriel, Bartel, Dorrough, Paiz, Peters, Savage, Nordgran Joint Fire Support in 2020: Development of a Future Joint Fire Systems Architecture for Immediate, Unplanned Targets
NPS-97-07-003 Ames, Cole, Lim, Liu, Marsh, Nguyen, Okruhlik, Torian, Chan, Chng, Johnson, Kwai, Koh, Lim, McRoberts, Ng, Ng, Ng, Oh, Ong, Peh, Soh, Tan, Toh, Wong Port Security Strategy 2012
NPS-97-07-004 Galli, Kiat, Pond, Turner, Seng, Sundram, Olson, Leong, Leng, Mortensen, Meng, Moh, Wharton, Leong, Hon, Williams, Hwee, Poh, Schmitz, Yen, Shan, Mangaran, Sim, Nachmani, Min Riverine Sustainment 2012
NPS-CS-07-001 Clark, Irvine, Levin, Nguyen, Vidas SecureCore Software Architecture: Trusted Path Application (TPA) Requirements
NPS-CS-07-005 Auguston, Cook, Drusinsky, Michael, Otani, Shing Experiments with Sun Java Real-Time Systems - Part II
NPS-CS-07-007 Auguston, Drusinsky, Hutchins, Knorr, Michael, Otani, Pace, Shing, Tummala, Cook, Katopodis, Walker, Chen, Katsis, Sampson, Tummala, Waddell System Requirements Analysis and Technological Support for the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) FY07 Progress Report
NPS-CS-07-008 Drusinsky, Michael, Shing The Three Dimensions of Formal Validation and Verification of Reactive System Behaviors
NPS-CS-07-010 Drusinsky, Michael, Shing A Framework for Computer-aided Validation
NPS-CS-07-012 Levin, Bhaskara, Nguyen, Clark, Benzel, Irvine, SecureCore Security Architecture: Authority Mode and Emergency Management
NPS-CS-07-014 Levin, Irvine, Benzel, Bhaskara, Clark, Nguyen Design Principles and Guidlines for Security
NPS-CS-07-016 Huffmire,Levin, Irvine,Nguyen High-Assurance System Support through 3-D Integration
NPS-CS-07-021 Shifflet, Clark, Irvine, Nguyen, Vidas Levin, SecureCore Software Architecture: Trusted Management Layer (TML) Kernel Extension Module Interface Specification
NPS-CS-07-022 Shifflet, Clark, Irvine, Nguyen, Vidas Levin, SecureCore Software Architecture: Trusted Management Layer (TML) Kernel Extension Module Integration Guide
NPS-EC-07-002 Vincent, Munsch, Adler, Parker The Migration of Radio Noise from External Sources at Radio Receiving Sites - 6th Edition
NPS-GSBPP-07-001 Uchytil, Housel, Hom, Mun, Tarantino AEGIS and Ship Self-Defense System (SSDS) Platforms: Using KVA Analysis, Risk Simulation and Strategic Real Options to Assess Operational Effectiveness
NPS-GSBPP-07-007 Lewis, Apte The Logistics Impact of Evolutionary Acquisition
NPS-GSBPP-07-011 Summers, San Miguel Budget Scoring: An Impediment to Alternative Financing
NPS-GSBPP-07-012 Naegle, Petross Software Architecture: Managing Design for Achieving Warfighter Capability
NPS-IS-07-002 Schacher F.I.R.E. Experiment Planning and Reporting Structure
NPS-MA-07-001 Dea, Giraldo, Neta High-Order Higdon Non-Reflecting Boundary Conditions for the Linearized Euler Equations
NPS-MA-07-002 Canright Masking a Compact AES S-box
NPS-MAE-07-002 Dendis, Papoulias Oscillations of a Multi-String Pendulum
NPS-MAE-07-003 Ryou, Gordis Identification of Stiffness Properties of Orthotropic Lamina using the Experimental Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes
NPS-MR-07-001 Guest, Davidson, Jordan, Lind TNT06-4 MIO San Francisco Bay, Atmospheric Effects - After Action Report
NPS-MV-07-001 Gassier, Rebollo, Dumontiel Implementing A Low-Cost Long-Range Unmanned Underwater Vehicle: The SeaDiver Glider
NPS-MV-07-003 Brutzman, Sadagic, Norbraten Extensible 3D (X3D) Earth Technical Requirements Workshop Summary Report
NPS-NS-07-002 Twomey, Shelor U.S.-China Strategic Dialogue, phase II Conference Report
NPS-OC-07-001 Rago, Michisaki, Marinovic, Blum, Whitaker Physical, Nutrient, and Biological Measurements of Coastal Water off Central California in June/July 2006
NPS-OC-07-002 Rago, Michisaki, Marinovic, Blum, Whitaker Physical, Nutrient, and Biological Measurements of Coastal Water off Central California in October 2006
NPS-OC-07-003 Oleson, Hildebrand, Calambokidis, Schorr, Falcone 2006 Progress Report on Acoustic and Visual Monitoring for Cetaceans along the Outer Wasington Coast
NPS-OC-07-004 Read, Hazen Investigation of the impact of sonar transmission on fisheries and habitat in the U.S. Navy's USWTR: Summary of Stakeholder Concerns and appropriate Research Areas
NPS-OC-07-005 Read, E. Hazen, L. Hazen, Thorne Research Required to understand the impact ot tactical mid-frequesncy sonar transmission on fish, fisheries and fisheries habitat: Summary of Stakeholder Concerns and Prioritized Research Plan from the Workshop on Mid-Frequesncy Sonar Marine Fishes
NPS-OC-07-006 Best, Halpin, Read Final Report for Continued Develoment of SEAMAP Data Archive
NPS-OC-07-007 Mellinger Datasets of Odontocete Sounds Annotated for Developing Automatic Detection Methods
NPS-OC-07-008 Rago, Michisaki, Marinovic, Blum, Whitaker Physical, Nutrient, and Biological Measurements of Coastal Waters off Central California in June 2007
NPS-OC-07-009 Hildebrand Beaked Whale Anatomy, Field Studies and Habitat Modeling
NPS-OR-07-002 Buttrey The "Smarter Regression" Add-In for Linear and Logistic Regression in Excel
NPS-OR-07-003 Gaver, Jacobs System Availability
NPS-PH-07-001 Smith, Wolfson, Leijen Correction to Attenuation Treatment in the Monterey-Miami Parabolic Equation Model
NPS-SE-07-001 Emis, Huang, Jones, Li, Tumbocon Integrating the Non-Line of Sight Launching System (NLOS-LS) in the United States Navy
NPS-SE-07-M01 Catalano, Didoszak Workforce Modelibg & Simulation Education and Training for Lifelong Learning: Modeling & Simulation Education Catalog
NPS-SE-07-004 Camacho, Guest, Hernandez, Johnson, Kang, Le, MacGillivary, Ngo, Norman, Tomei Open Architecture as an Enabler for FORCEnet Cruise Missile Defense
NPS-SE-07-006 Acosta, Hoesly, Medina, Huseth, Krider, Lamb, Martin, Medina, Nguyen, Patel, Rangi, Schoen, Trinh, Willis Architecting Joint Command and Control System of Systems Capability Certifications
NPS-SE-07-007 Clarks, Chang, Roderick, Reel, Alvarez, Kennedy, Ritchey, Le Extending Comprehensive Maritime Awareness to Disconnected Vessels & Users