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Inbound Students

Naturally, you will have many questions to ask about NPS, your curriculum, housing, and the local area.  Most of your questions can be answered simply by navigating around the NPS websitesincluding this one.  The rest of your questions can be answered by your sponsor, or through the normal check-in process upon arrival.


Once you have received your Welcome Aboard Message, please go to and follow the directions listed under web in processing (resident students). Complete all pre-registration prior to your arrival. Use the user-id and password found in the e-mail.


Sponsors are assigned by the Dean of Students when the school receives a copy of your orders.  If you have orders to NPS and within a reasonable amount of time have not had anyone contact you as a sponsor, send e-mail to the NPS Student Services Officers at:, the SSOs try to assign a student sponsor from the same branch of service, in the same curriculum, and of the same rank as the inbound student; in that order of priority.

The primary purpose of the Sponsor program, as stated by OPNAV INST 1740.3A, is to facilitate the adaptation of the service member and family members to a new working and living environment, reduce some of the anxiety associated with any PCS move, and to expedite the newcomer’s ability to become a productive member of the receiving command.

Required Duties and Responsibilities:

  • All sponsors will contact their incoming student as soon as appropriate following their assignment as a sponsor. Initial contact may be via e-mail, telephone, personal letter or Navy Message.
  • Sponsors will answer any questions and act as a liaison for the new student with Naval Postgraduate School.

Further information, recommendations and guidelines are available in OPNAVINST 1740.3A.

Academic Information

Curriculum and academic calendar information is available on the following web site, or by calling one of the listed phone numbers:

Checking In

  • Date
    • DO NOT check-in before the “No Earlier Than Date” on your orders without Prior Approval from Director of Student Services.
  • Hours
    • Report between the hours of 0730-1600 (Monday through Thursday) and 0730-1400 (Friday) to get your orders stamped and begin the check-in process.
  • Location
    • Student Services is located in room HE-039 in the basement of Herrmann Hall.
  • Uniform
    • When you are checking in to NPS and DLI for the first time, report in Service Alphas. 
    • After you have received guidance from Student Services, you will be able to change in to appropriate seasonal uniform for the remainder of the check-in process. Uniform is required AT ALL TIMES during the checking in process. 
  • Check-In Sheet 
    • You can download a copy of the NPS Check-In sheet by clicking here
    • You must complete and return the check-in sheet to the Student Services office within one week after your initial attachment to NPS.

New Student Orientation

A student orientation is mandatory for all new students. Dates for the orientation will be promulgated when you check-in.


All Military personnel reporting to Naval Postgraduate School, are required to contact and in-process with the Housing Services Office (HSO) prior to renting, leasing or buying a home.

Monterey Bay Housing Services Office
Building 4250
General Jim Moore Blvd.
Seaside, CA 93955
Hours: Mon-Fri 0745-1645
DSN: 768-7979
Commercial: (831) 242-7979




You are encouraged to visit NPS while on house Hunting/TAD orders. Military Housing does not exist on the Monterey Peninsula in the same fashion as most bases.   The Parks at Monterey Bay, is privately managed housing in La Mesa and Ord Military Community that offers priority for military personnel at the cost of BAH.  There is no waiting list for housing, it is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The Parks at Monterey Bay will accept applications, proof of dependents and orders in advance and will send you information about homes you qualify for in your rank even before arriving to Monterey.


Service members that are students assigned to NPS have an entitlement to non temporary storage at origin (i.e. last duty station) as part of their PCS move.  Students are encouraged to use this entitlement.  However, household goods brought to Monterey to be subsequently put into storage at government expense must be approved by the NPS Supply Officer or they can be stored at owners’ expense.

Local School Information

The Monterey Peninsula Unified School District (MPUSD) serves all military housing areas plus the local cities of Monterey, Del Rey Oaks, Seaside, Sand City and Marina. Some schools serving the military housing areas experience over-enrollment at various times during the school year making coordination between the local military installations and MPUSD key to ensuring the District is informed on the number of incoming military school age children.

The following explains the procedure for addressing larger or smaller than projected student enrollment at an individual site. As the school year begins:

  • Larger than projected student numbers at the beginning of the school year often requires hiring additional teachers, locating additional classroom space, moving students and possibly establishing combination classrooms.
  • Lower than projected student enrollment at an individual site may require losing classroom teachers, moving students and establishing combination classrooms


Visit the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District website.

For further information on school district information, any school related issue/special need or if you are arriving in the middle of the school year, please contact the School Liaison Office:  

Tina Wekell
NSA Monterey School Liaison Officer
Tel (831)656-1008
Cell (831)656-2010 
Fax (831)656-7430

Fleet and Family Support Center
Phone # 831-656-3060
To get started enter the above web site and click on "Programs and Services," then "Relocation Information," then "Sites."  FFSC provides employment assistance for spouses, Tricare information and Monterey County Unified School District information.
Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLE)
Ten (10) days of TLE is authorized for transferring students.  Hard copy orders are required for check-in to the Herrmann Hall BOQ.  Ensure you get a non-availability of government quarters, if required, to ensure reimbursement.

Important Phone Numbers

Navy Lodge 1-800-628-9466
Household Goods756-2151831-656-2151

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