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Procedures For US Air Force Leave
  1. Read Section 123 “Leave and Liberty” in the NPS Student Handbook.

  2. If traveling OCONUS, you shall go to Security Manager’s office in the basement of Glasgow and report your intended travel itinerary.  In addition, you shall complete all request ATFP, security and country clearance requirements prior to submitting your leave request.  Any leave request without requirement completion shall be recycled back to the member.

  3. If you are missing classes, you shall gain permission from your instructors and then annotate the proper remarks in the comment section.  In order to have leave approved in timely manner, permission must be granted from the Program Officer and all professors/instructors of classes that are to be missed.  Program Officer recommendation is required on all leave requests.

  4. Log on to AF Portal, Click the LeaveWeb link.  Upon initial registration, select AETC, Goodfellow, AFIT.  Select approving authority (see last NOTE).   Input leave request data and submit to leave authority.  If you get this error message: “Leave cannot be created for a member assigned to the @@ Unit”, please contact the POM Finance personnel. Contact info here:

  5. Enter Approving Official*. If not approved w/in 2 duty days, send him/her an e-mail, since the automated notifications occasionally do not work.  When approved, you will receive an automated notification.  Annotate your Leave Authorization Number.

  6. One you have received your approved leave, submit a Request to Miss Muster (password required).  Include your Leave Authorization Number in your Request to Miss Muster.  Once your Request to Miss Muster has been approved, you will receive an automatically generated email.  If you do not receive an email within 3 days of submitting your request (with approved Leave), please contact Student Services.

  7. When you return, complete the LeaveWeb request Part III (Return From Leave).

  8. NOTE: Commander, AFIT Force Support, NPS is the leave approval authority for Air Force Students at Naval Postgraduate School. Phone: 656-2873, DSN prefix: 756-XXXX. If traveling overseas, you need to contact NPS Security Office and review material for the travel location. Phone: (831) 656-2450.   


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