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Graduation FAQs

When will I receive my diploma?

Your nomination will go before the Academic Council, which meets approximately one month after graduation.  If your nomination is approved by the Academic Council, you will receive your diploma/certificate within two months of the approval. Your diploma or certificate, along with your official transcripts, will be mailed to the address you have listed in Python. Please note that the Registrar’s office will only mail diplomas or certificates to the address type listed under “Transcripts/Diploma/Certificate Mailing.” The Registrar’s office will not mail your official documents to the address types listed under “Dependents, DL-Home, DL-Work, Home (AfterGrad), Home (Monterey), Permanent Residence, or Work (AfterGrad)”

Thesis Processing Questions

Thesis Processing Questions can be found at:

How can I order Graduation Photos?

NPS does not print graduation photos, but does produce high resolution photos on their website. Please go to to download photos.

Graduate in Absentia

Students who have operations or other commitments that require them to miss graduation, shall forward a request* to Graduate in Absentia to the Dean of Students for adjudication. Requests for graduating in absentia will be originated by the student and forwarded via:

(1) their Program Officer to 
(2) the Associate Military Dean; to 
(3) the respective Military Service Representative (if other than USN) and ultimately to the 
(4) the Dean of Students for adjudication. Positive command endorsement will be granted on a case-by-case basis.


* It will be necessary to use VPN to access these links if you are not on base as they are internal only. Please go to the following link for instructions on how to use VPN:

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