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Procedures For International Student Leave
  1. Read Section 123 “Leave and Liberty” in the NPS Student Handbook.

  2. If traveling out of the United States, or if you will miss more than three academic days (Monday-Friday) as dictated by the NPS Academic Calendar, you shall have your own country’s embassy authorization printed and attached to your leave request form prior to routing your leave request.

  3. If you are missing classes, you shall gain permission from your instructors and then annotate the proper remarks in the comment section.  In order to have leave approved in timely manner, permission must be granted from the Program Officer and all professors/instructors of classes that are to be missed.  Program Officer recommendation is required on all leave requests.

  4. Click on Leave Form to open and print.  Fill out all applicable blocks and route through professors (if applicable) and Program Officer.  

  5. Drop off your leave request form in Student Services Office (Herrmann Hall, Basement, Room 039) in the black tray marked “IN”.  Student Services will double check leave request, sign and then place in black tray marked “OUT” within working days.

  6. Go to Student Services and retrieve your approved Leave request and deliver it to the International Program Office.

  7. One you have received your approved leave, submit a Request to Miss Muster (password required).  Once your Request to Miss Muster has been approved, you will receive an automatically generated email.  If you do not receive an email within 3 days of submitting your request (with approved Leave), please contact Student Services.

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