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All students need to submit their leave requests 5 days in advance. Student Services process leave requests in a timely manner but events come up and sometimes it can take a day or two. If you must take leave on short notice even though it may not necessarily be "Emergency Leave" but you have to go right away, please call Student Services at X3815 for prompt service. After hours leave requests can be processed by the quarterdeck.

If leave is requested on days of scheduled classes, a Program Officer's permission is required before leave will be approved. If you will not be missing any classes during the requested time, please annotate that on both leave forms. For the leave/Liberty/TAD form please include this in the location block.

For peak leave periods (Thanksgiving, the Winter and Summer breaks) your requests should be submitted 30 days in advance. With Graduation, trying to get the old students transferred out and the new students transferred in, it is nearly impossible to process hundreds of requests in the middle of December. Thanksgiving leave requests should be submitted by November 1st, Christmas break by November 15th.

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