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Web Pre-Registration

Web Pre-Registration Info and Checklist

Listed below are the essential items that must be completed prior to your arrival. If at anytime you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact Student Services via email to:

  1. Get your NPS username and password from your welcome aboard package. Please contact Student Services at to request your welcome aboard package if you have not done so already.
  2. Read the NPS Appropriate Use of IT policy.
  3. You can use webmail to access your NPS email account from anywhere. The webmail application is located at
  4. To access PYTHON, the NPS Student Management System, from off-campus you will need to use Citrix.The link for starting Python, as well as the link for downloading the Citrix client is available on this page:
  5. Once in PYTHON, click on My Profile in the left hand navigation frame.
  6. Enter or update the following under the Personal Information Tab:

    a. Nickname (this is the name that will appear when you send email. For example: Thomas (as per orders) Tom as a nickname.
    b. Sex
    c. Marital Status
    d. Race
    e. Country
    f. Birth date
    g. Estimated Departure Date (from orders)
    h. Click on Apply Changes at the top of the Tab
    i. Service
    j. Service Status
    k. Pay grade
    l. Click on Apply Changes at the bottom of the Tab

  7. Click on Edit More US Military Information in the Employee Category

    a. Enter Designator/MOS
    b. Enter Date of Rank
    c. Enter Year Group
    d. Enter Planned Rotation Date (Graduation Date from NPS)
    e. Enter Commission Date
    f. Enter Detachment Date from previous command (current command)
    g. Enter Prior Command (current command)
    h. Click on Update
    i. Click on Close

  8. Click on the Family and Misc Info Tab.
  9. Click on Add Address (you are going to add your current home or command address here.)
  10. Enter the following information:

    a. Type: Choose Home (Monterey) even though it may not be your home in Monterey.
    b. Housing Area: Other
    c. Address Line 1
    d. City
    e. State
    f. Zip
    g. Country
    h. Current Phone Number
    i. Current E-mail (either home or command e-mail address)

  11. Click Submit
  12. Click Close/Cancel
  13. Click Apply Changes
  14. If you have dependents click on Add Member under Family Members
  15. Enter the following for each dependent (this information is used by local schools and the Family Support Center)

    a. Type
    b. Last Name
    c. First Name
    d. Birth date
    e. Gender

  16. Click Submit
  17. Click Close/Cancel
  18. Click on Apply Changes

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