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Robo-Ethics: Rhetoric vs Reality - A Symposium for the warfighter
25-26 January 2012
Pentagon Conference Center - Room B6
(DoD Only)

Panel One - Robot Rhetoric: Revolution or Evolution?

Wednesday, 25 January 2012, 1100 - 1300

The first panel will consider aspects of defense robotic technologies that are a part of all weapons development, and aspects that may be unique. It will examine whether, when, and where robotic technologies are augmenting human capabilities and where they may represent a substitute - even a better substitute, according to some - and what this may mean. Panelists will discuss where caution is warranted as well as where potential opportunities should be seized upon and exploited.

Professor Brad Bishop, PhD - Professor and Technical Director on the faculty of Weapons and Systems Engineering at the U.S. Naval Academy. Professor Bishop introduced the first honors program in engineering at the Naval Academy, where he conducts research on unmanned surface vessels and robot cooperation through swarming.

Professor Mark R. Hagerott
, PhD, Captain, USN, is Professor of History and Technology and Military/Naval History at the U.S. Naval Academy and Senior Director of the Forum on Emerging and Irregular Warfare Studies. CAPT Hagerott is a Surface Warfare Officer and Nuclear Engineer.

Dean Robert "Barney" Rubel, Captain, USN (Ret) is Dean of the Center for Naval Warfare Studies at the Naval War College and prior chairman of the War Gaming Department. A 30-year Navy veteran, Dean Rubel qualified as a Naval Aviator, flying the A-7 "Corsair II" and F/A-18 "Hornet" during his active duty career.

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