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Electronic Systems Engineering

Electronic Systems Engineering – Energy Specialty

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Brief Overview

This curriculum is designed to educate officers in current electronics and power systems technology and its application to modern naval warfare, particularly as it applies to energy consumption and production. It establishes a broad background of basic engineering knowledge, leading to selected advanced studies in electronic systems and ship power control systems. It will enhance individual performance in all duties throughout a naval career, including operational billets, technical management assignments, and policy making positions, thereby preparing Naval officers for progressively increasing responsibility, including command, both ashore and afloat. U. S. Naval officer students are required to complete the requirements for the MSEE degree as well as certain additional requirements specified by the program sponsor for award of a Navy P-code. Other students are not required to satisfy these additional requirements.

Requirements for Entry

A baccalaureate degree in electrical engineering or closely related field is desired. Differential and integral calculus, one year of calculus-based college physics are required. The Engineering Science Program within the ESE curriculum is available for candidates who do not meet all admission requirements. The time required will vary with the candidate's background. Prior to undertaking the program, or as a part of the program, each officer will earn/have earned the equivalent of an accredited BSEE. An APC of 323 is required for direct entry.

Entry Date

Electronic Systems Engineering – Energy Specialty is typically an eight-quarter course of study with entry dates in the fall quarter. If further information is needed, contact the Academic Associate or the Program Officer.


Requirements for the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering degree are met en route to satisfying the educational skill requirements.


Completion of this curriculum qualifies an officer as an Engineering Electronics Subspecialist with a subspecialty code 5311P. The curriculum sponsors are the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command and the Navy Energy Coordination Office.

Typical Course of Study – Energy Specialty Option:

Quarter 1

MA1113(4-0)Single Variable Calculus
MA1114(4-0)Single Variable Calculus II
AE2440(3-2)Introduction to Digital Computation
EC2500(3-2)Communications Systems
EN3000(2-0)Defense Energy Seminar

Quarter 2

PH3700(4-0)Fundamentals of Defense Energy
EC2100(3-2)Circuit Analysis I
EC2300(3-2)Control Systems
EN3000(2-0)Defense Energy Seminar

Quarter 3

EC3730(4-2)Cyber Networks and Physical Infrastructures
EC2110(3-2)Circuit Analysis II
EC4010(3-1)Principles of Systems Engineering
EN3000(2-0)Defense Energy Seminar

Quarter 4

EC3150(3-2)Solid State Power Conversion
EC2200(3-3)Introduction to Electronics Engineering
EC3XXX(V-V)Electrical Energy: Present and Emerging Technologies
EN3000(2-0)Defense Energy Seminar

Quarter 5

EC4150(4-1)Advanced Solid State Power Conversion
EC3220(3-2)Semiconductor Device Technologies
EC0810(0-8)Energy Thesis Research
EN3000(2-0)Defense Energy Seminar

Quarter 6

EC3130(4-2)Electrical Machinery Theory
EC4230(3-1)Reliability Issues for Military Electronics
EC49XX(3-2)Advanced Energy Topics
EC0810(0-8)Energy Thesis Research
EN3000(2-0)Defense Energy Seminar

Quarter 7

EC4130(4-2)Advanced Electrical Machinery Systems
EC3200(3-2)Advanced Electronics Engineering
EC3XXX(0-8)Control Systems in Renewable Energy
EC0810(0-8)Energy Thesis Research
EN3000(2-0)Defense Energy Seminar

Quarter 8

EC4950(V-V)Emerging Nanotechnologies
OS3007(3-0)Operations Research for Energy Systems Analysts
EC0810(0-8)Energy Thesis Research
EC0810(0-8)Energy Thesis Research
EN3000(2-0)Defense Energy Seminar

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