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Financial Management

Financial Management – Energy Specialty

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Brief Overview

The objective of the Financial Management – Energy Specialty Curriculum is to prepare officers for business, financial, and analysis positions within the DoN and DoD and also to provide an advanced education in energy-related problem solving. Financial Managers assist the DoN's decision-making processes at all levels by providing accurate, timely and relevant information and analysis. They are concerned with the optimal allocation of human, physical, financial, and energy resources to achieve the DoN's goals and objectives while assuring efficient and effective expenditure of public funds. Graduates of the Financial Management – Energy Specialty curriculum will be prepared for assignment to positions in strategic planning, business analysis, financial analysis, budgeting, accounting, business and financial management, and internal control systems and auditing.

Graduate courses cover topics such as energy economics, energy strategy and policy, financial reporting standards, cost standards, cost analysis, budgeting and financial management, internal control, auditing, management planning and control systems, strategic resource management, quantitative techniques used in planning and control, system acquisition and program management, and the Planning Programming, Budgeting Execution System (PPBES) used within the Department of Defense.

Requirements for Entry

A baccalaureate degree with above-average grades is required. Completion of at least two semesters of college algebra or trigonometry is considered to be the minimum mathematical preparation. An APC of 345 is required for entry. International students should refer to the Admissions section for current TOEFL and entrance requirements.

Entry Dates

January and July

Program Length

Six Quarters


Requirements for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree are met en route to satisfying the Educational Skills Requirements.

Financial Management (Energy) Subspecialty

Completion of this curriculum qualifies a U.S. Navy officer as a Financial Management Subspecialist, subspecialty code 3113P. Completion qualifies a U.S. Marine Corps officer for MOS 9644.

Curriculum Sponsors

N-82, Director, Office of Budget and Fiscal Management Division and Navy Energy Coordination Office.

Typical Course of Study: Financial Management – Energy Specialty:

Quarter 1

GB3013(0-2)Probability Analysis and Ethical Dilemmas
GB3010(4-0)Managing for Organizational Effectiveness
GB3020(4-0)Fundamentals of Information Technology
GB3050(4-0)Financial Reporting and Analysis
PH3700(4-0)Fundamentals of Defense Energy
EN3000(2-0)Defense Energy Seminar

Quarter 2

GB3040(4-0)Business Statistics & Data Analysis
GB3051(3-0)Cost Management
GB4052(3-0)Managerial Finance
NW3230(4-2)Strategy & Policy**
GB4070(4-0)Energy Economics
EN3000(2-0)Defense Energy Seminar

Quarter 3

GB3012(3-0)Communication for Managers
OS3007(4-0)Operations research for Energy Systems Analysis
GB4053(4-0)Defense Budget and Financial Management Policy
GB4550(4-0)Advanced Financial Reporting
EN3000(2-0)Defense Energy Seminar

Quarter 4

GB4014(4-0)Strategic Management
GB4071(4-0)Economic Analysis & Defense Resource Allocation
GB3510(3-0)Defense Financial Management Practice
EN4XXX(4-0)Energy Security: History, Politics, & Policy
EN3000(2-0)Defense Energy Seminar

Quarter 5

GB4510(4-0)Strategic Resource Management
GB4520(2-0)Internal Control and Auditing
OA470X(4-0)Energy Cost Estimation
GB4440(4-0)Energy Technology Simulation
GB4090(0-6)Application Project ***
EN3000(2-0)Defense Energy Seminar

Quarter 6

GB4480(4-0)Energy Supply Chain Management
MN3301(4-0)Systems Acquisition *
GB4530(4-0)Management Control Systems
GB4090(0-6)Application Project ***
EN3000(2-0)Defense Energy Seminar

* Equivalent to DAU courses ACQ101 & ACQ102. May be replaced by MN3331. May be replaced by GB3031 for international students.
** Not required for International students, US Army or USAF. International students take American Life and Institutions (IT1500) and Communication Skills for International Officers (IT1600) in quarters 1 and 2
*** Students may elect to complete a thesis.

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