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Policy and Analysis

Policy and Analysis

Energy research at the Naval Postgraduate School in the area of Policy and Analysis (P&A) is most often found in the Graduate School of Business & Public Policy (GSBPP) and the Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences (GSOIS). Energy P&A research in GSOIS can be found in several different departments, including Computer Science, Defense Analysis, Information Sciences, and Operations Research. The P&A research projects highlighted on this website illustrate the wide expertise of GSBPP and GSOIS faculty.

Examples of NPS P&A Research Relevant to Energy

  • Steaming on Convex Hulls
    Prof Kline, Prof J. Brown, Prof Rosenthal, Prof Washburn – Operations Research Dept.
  • Cost Benefit-Analysis of Energy Demonstrations
    Prof Nussbaum, Prof Regnier, Prof Franck- Operations Research Dept, Defense Resources Management Institute, Graduate School Of Business And Public Policy & Department Of Systems Engineering.
  • Fully Burdened Cost of Fuel
    Prof Nussbaum – Operations Research Dept.
  • Defending Interdependent Infrastructure Systems
    Prof Baldick (U. Texas at Austin), Prof Alderson, Prof Salmeron, Prof Wood - Operations Research Dept.
  • Real-Time Dispatch of Petroleum Tank Trucks
    Prof G. Brown, Prof G. Graves - Operations Research Dept.
  • Assessing Risk and Identifying How to Improve Resilience of the Energy Supply Chain in the Pacific Theatre
    Prof Alderson, Prof G Brown, Prof Rob Dell, Prof Nussbaum- Operations Research Dept.

Recent NPS Theses and Dissertations Relevant to Energy P&A

In Progress NPS Theses and Dissertations Relevant to Energy P&A

  • Hybrid Renewable and Distributed Power Design
    Harvey, Nussbaum- Operations Research Dept.

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