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  Theses Directed

The title links to the thesis.

124. Automating Identification of Roads and Trails Under Canopy Using LiDAR
Charles F. Harmon III, Space Systems Operations and Remote Sensing Intelligence
September 2011

123. Evaluation of LiDAR for Automatic Recognition of Roads and Trails Beneath Forest Canopy
Steven L. Muha, Space Systems Operations
September 2011

122. Coastal Bathymetry Using Satellite Observation in Support of Intelligence Preparations of the Environment
Kenneth B. Myrick II, Space Systems Operations
September 2011

121. Joshua R. Nagtzaam, (Classified), September 2011

120. Cory N. Scott, (Classified), September 2011

119. Disturbance Detection in Snow Using Polarimetric Imagery of the Visible Spectrum
David C. West, Applied Physics
December 2010

118. High Spatial Resoltion Bidirectional Reflectance Retrieval Using Satellite Data
Cecelia L. McConnon, Space Systems Operations
December 2010

117. Predicting Soil Strength With Remote Sensing Data
Jon T. Wende, Space Systems Operations
September 2010

116. N. Marciano, (Classified), September 2010

115. Coastal Bathymetry Using 8-Color Multispectral Satellite Observation of Wave Motion (with movie)
Coastal Bathymetry Using 8-Color Multispectral Satellite Observation of Wave Motion (without movie)
Bradley L. McCarthy, Remote Sensing Intelligence
September 2010

114. Utility of Satellite LiDAR Waveform Data in Shallow Water
Neal Battaglia, Applied Physics
June 2010

113. NDVI and Panchromatic Image Correlation Using Texture Analysis
David A. Jablonski, Space Systems Operations
March 2010

112. Simulating Full-Waveform LiDAR
Angela M. Kim, Applied Mathematics
September 2009
Co-Advisor with Carlos F. Borges

111. Littoral Trafficability Prediction by Hyperspectral Imagers
Christopher A. Jones, Space Systems Operations
September 2009

110. The Use of Commercial Remote Sensing Systems in Predicting Helicopter Brownout Conditions
Christine Kay Rabaja, Space Systems Operations
September 2009

109. Point Density Effects on Digital Elevation Models Generated from LiDAR Data
Richard L. Duldulao, Applied Physics
June 2009

108. Polarimetric Imaging for the Detection of Disturbed Surfaces
Michael E. Eyler, Applied Physics
June 2009

107. Depth Derivation from the WorldView-2 Satellite Using Hyperspectral Imagery
Michael J. Loomis, Jr., Meteorology and Physical Oceanography
March 2009
Co-Advisor with Philip A. Durkee

106. Investigating the Effects of Higher Spatial Resolution on Benthic Classification Accuracy at Midway Atoll
Richard K. Arledge, Space Systems Operations
Ervin B. Hatcher, Space Systems Operations and Information Technology Management
September 2008
Co-Advisor with Daria Siciliano

105. Assessing Accuracy in Varying LiDAR Data Point Densities in Digital Elevation Maps
Brian C. Anderson, Space Systems Operations and Applied Physics
September 2008

104. The Uses of a Polarimetric Camera
Phillip Smith, Space Systems Operations
September 2008

103. Extracting Hidden Trails and Roads Under Canopy Using LiDAR
Apostolos Karatolios, Applied Physics
Prokopios Krougios, Applied Physics and Electronic Warfare Systems Engineering
December 2008

102. The Use of Commercial Remote Sensing in Predicting Helicopter Brownout Conditions
Anthony Davis, Space Systems Operations
September 2007

101. Identifying Roads and Trails Hidden Under Canopy Using LiDAR
Fermin Espinoza, Space Systems Operations
Robb E. Owens, Space Systems Operations
September 2007

100. Assessing The Potential Of Hyperspectral Imagery To Detect and Map Lyngbya Spp.: A Biological Indicator for Presence of Metal Objects in the Littoral Environment
James R. Blankenship, Space Systems Operations
December 2006
Co-Advisor with Daria Siciliano

99. Depth Analysis of Midway Atoll Using QuickBird Multi-Spectral Imaging Over Variable Substrates
Mark A. Camacho, Space Systems Operations
September 2006
Co-Advisor with Daria Siciliano

98. A Commercial Architecture for Satellite Imagery
Christopher J. Didier, Space Systems Operations
September 2006

97. Hyperspectral Imaging Using Ultraviolet Light
Michael A. Porter, Astronautical Engineering
December 2005

96. Analysis Of Foveon Multi-Spectral Images For Counter-Camouflage, Concealment and Deception Applications
Devon C. Nugent, Applied Physics
December 2005

95. Vegetation Identification with LiDAR
Michael F. Helt, Space Systems Operations
September 2005

94. Detection and Characterization of Temporal Phenomena with High Resolution Satellite Imagery
Brian A. Young
September 2005

93. Satellite Bathymetry: A Performance Assessment
Roland E Clark, Meteorology and Physical Oceanography
June 2005
Co-Advisor with Philip A. Durkee
(distribution restricted)

92. Remote Sensing Of Sulfur Dioxide (So2) Using The Lineate Imaging Near-Ultraviolet Spectrometer (LINUS)
Sing Soong Khoo, Systems Engineering (EW)
March 2005
Co-Advisor with Richard M. Harkins

91. Multi Angle Imaging with Spectral Remote Sensing for Scene Classification
Sunyaruk Prasert, Information Technology Management
March 2005

90. Detecting Near-UV And Near-IR Wavelengths with the Foveon Image Sensor
Cheak Seck Fai, Combat Systems Technology
December 2004
Co-Advisor with Gamani Karunasiri

89. Principal Components Based Techniques for Hyperspectral Image Data
Leonidas Fountanas, Applied Physics
December 2004

88. Single-Pass Detection and Measurement of Cyclic Rotational Phenomena with High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
Andrew Riter, Space Systems Operations
September 2004

87. Utilizing Synthetic Aperture Radar to Predict Helicopter Brownout
Mitchell Rios, Space Systems Operations
September 2004

86. Investigation of Outer Length Scale in Optical Turbulence Using an Acoustic Sounder
Jeffrey T. Douds, Space Systems Operations
Septemeber 2004
Co-Advisor with D. L. Walters

85. Detecting and Measuring Temporal Phenomenon with High Resolution Satellite Imagery
Andrew J. Hittner, Space Systems Operations
September 2003

84. Texture Analysis of High Resolution Panchromatic Imagery for Terrain Classification
Matthew Humphrey, Applied Physics
June 2003

83. Passive Detection of Gases in the Atmosphere. Case Study: Remote Sensing of SO2 in the UV Using LINUS
Anastasios G. Halvatzis, Physics
December 2002

82. Design and First Operations of the Lineate Imaging Near-Ultraviolet Spectrometer (LINUS)
Jean Gray, Applied Physics
December 2002

81. 3D Visualization of an Invariant Display Strategy for Hyperspectral Imagery
Kang Suk Kim, Applied Physics and Computer Science
December 2002

80. Spectral Polarimetric LWIR Analysis
G. M. Bonitz, Space Systems Operations
December 2002

79. Target Detection in LWIR Spectral Imagery
K. L. Olson, Applied Physics (Space Systems Enginnering)
December 2002

78. Remotely Sensed Density Measurements Of Volcanic Sulfur Dioxide Plumes Using A Spectral Long Wave Infrared Imager
A. G. Mares, Space Systems Operations
Sept 2002

77. Scene Classification Using High Spatial Resolution Multispectral Data
Jamada J. Garner, Applied Physics
June 2002

76. A. Faust, (Classified), June 2002

75. H. Dantzler, (Classified), June 2002

74. Terrain Categorization Using Multitemporal Infrared Imagery
Julie M. Alfieri, Space Systems Operations
June 2001

73. Terrain Categorization Using Multitemporal Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
James G. Reese, Space Systems Operations
June 2001

72. Design and development of the image scanner for Lineate Imaging Near Ultraviolet Spectrometer (LINUS)
Richardo C. Kompatzki, Applied Physics
December 2000
Co-Advisor with D. Scott Davis

71. Evaluation of the Statistics of Target Spectra in Hyperspectral Imagery
Joel C. Robertson, Systems Engineering
September 2000
Co-Advisor with Scott Tyo

70. Feasibility Study on the Utilization of Satellite Infrared Imagery in the Detection of Submarine Generated Signals
Scott R. Diaz, Space Systems Operations
September 2000
Co-Advisor with Alan Ross

69. Non-Imaging Detection and Tracking of Mobile Targets
Nathan E. Sukols, Space Systems Operations
September 2000

68. Visual and Near-Infrared Imagery Using NVIS
David R. Perry, Space Systems Operations
September 2000

67. Applications of Thermal Hyperspectral Imagery for Specific Material Identification
Kyle P. Higgins, Space Systems Operations
September 2000

66. Prototype Design of NPSAT Visible Imager
Michael J. Robison, Astronautical Engineering
June 2000

65. Terrain Categorization Using Multispectral and Multitemporal Imagery
Michael T. Lisa, Applied Physics
June 2000

64. The Potential Impact of Hyperspectral Imagery on Amphibious Warfare Planning
Keith W. Maly, Scientific and Technical Intelligence
December 1999
Co-Advisor with William K. Krebs

63. Operation and Calibration of the NPS Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer (NUVIS) in the Detection of Sulfur Dioxide Plumes
Stephen A. Marino, Applied Physics
December 1999
Co-Advisor with David S. Davis

62. Sensor Fusion for Terrain Categorization
Peter N. Shepard, Systems Technology (Scientific and Technical Intelligence)
December 1999

61. Shallow Water Bathymetry at Lake Tahoe from AVIRIS Data
Thomas M. Fisher, Air-Ocean Sciences
December 1999

60. The Short Wave Infrared Signature of Volcanic Ash: Remote Detection and Characterization
Stephen A. Finney, Ph. D, Physics
September 1999

59. J. Keane, (Classified), September 1999

58. Oceanographic De-Glinting Techniques for Hyperspectral ASW
James A. Novak, Physical Oceanography
September 1999

57. Remote Sensing support of Tomahawk Land Attack Missile Strike Combat Assessment
James R. Ronka, Space systems Operations
September 1999

56. Sensor Fusion with National Technical Means (tentative title)
C. S. Seitz, Space Systems Engineering/Aeronautical Engineering
December 1998

55. Target Detection and Classification at Kernel Blitz 1997 Using Spectral Imagery
Jeffrey D. Sanders, Applied Physics
December 1998

54. M. Stubblefield, (Classified), December 1998

53. Change Detection Analysis with Spectral Thermal Imagery
Richard J. Behrens, Space Systems Operations
September 1998

52. The Exploitation of Overhead Surveillance and Reconnaissance in Support of Naval Special Warfare
Christopher A. Dunbar, Space Systems Operations
June 1998

51. R. Robson, (Classified), June 1998

50. Naval Infrared Imagery Exploitation
Karl D. Deans, Space Systems Operations
September 1997

49. A Signal Processing Perspective of Hyperspectral Imagery Analysis Techniques
Marcus Stavros Stefanou, Electrical Engineering
June 1997

48. The Utility of Hyperspectral Data to Detect and Discriminate Actual and Decoy Target Vehicles
Steven M. Bergman, Systems Technology (Scientific and Technical Intelligence)
December 1996

47. Bathymetry from Hyperspectral Imagery
L. Douglas Stuffle, Physics
December 1996

46. Analysis of Hyperspectral Data Using Polarimetric Characteristics
David Scott Petri, Systems Technology (Space Systems Operations)
December 1996

45. Thermal Imagery Spectral Analysis
Brian H. Collins, Systems Technology (Space Systems Operations)
September 1996

44. Airborne Laser Mine Detection Systems
Charles J. Cassidy, Engineering Acoustics
September 1995

43. Survey of PDP Data from PMG Delta III
Chia-Hwa Chi, Applied Physics
June 1995

42. Fusion of Synthetic Aperture Radar Data and Visible Imagery from SIR-C
Andrew G. Hartigan, Applied Physics
June 1995

41. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Applications in Littoral Regions
Jean-Pierre Bolat, Space Systems Engineering
June 1995

40. Synthetic Exploitation of Remote Sensing Data in Support of Littoral Warfare
Julie M. LaPoint, Space Systems Engineering
June 1995

39. Hyperspectral Imagery Analysis Using Neural Network Techniques
Mark M. Gautreaux, Applied Physics
June 1995

38. Global Evaluation of Special Sensor Microwave/Imager Ocean Surface Wind Speed Retrieval Algorithms for the Period September 1991 - April 1992
Willam A Hesser, Applied Physics
June 1995
Co-Advisor with M. C. Colton

37. An Analysis of Hyperspectral Imagery Data Collected During Operation Desert Radiance
Matthew E. Fay, Systems Technology (Space Systems Operations)
June 1995

36. Spectral Mixing of Camouflaged Targets
John W. Chandler, Applied Physics
Suzanne E. Lyon, Applied Physics
December 1994

35. Three-Dimensional Computer Graphics Visualization of Target Detection
Mehmet Gorgulu, Applied Physics
Mustafa Yilmaz, Applied Physics
December 1994

34. Validation of Special Sensor Microwave/Imager Ocean Surface Wind Retrievals in Equatorial Regionss
Elton G. Sayward, Applied Physics
December 1994

33. Space Tether - Radar Data Processing
Wayne A Brewster, Electrical Engineering and Physics
September 1994

32. Radar Observations of Field-Aligned Plasma Propagations Associated with NASA's PMG Experiment
Darren M. Olson, Systems Technology (Space Systems Operations)
September 1994

31. Electrodynamic Behavior of PMG-Delta
Chung-Jen Chang, Engineering Acoustics
June 1994

30. Meteor Burst Communication with Artificial Trails
Tommy H. Smith, Systems Technology (Command, Control, and Communications)
June 1994

29. First Principles Used in Orbital Prediction and an Atmospheric Model Comparison
Brian E. Bowden, Astronautical Engineering
June 1994

28. Thermospheric Modeling Accuracies Using F10.8 and Ap
John J. Adler, Physics
December 1993
Co-Advisor with I. M. Ross

27. Space Experiments Aboard Rockets: SPEAR III
James H. Morris, Applied Physics (Space Systems Engineering)
March 1994

26. Spectral and Polarimetric Analysis of Hyperspectral Data Collected by an Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter System
Melissa Sturgeon, Space Systems Operations
September 1993

25. Electron Beams at Geosynchronous Orbit
Raymond C. Gaw, Physics
September 1993

24. Ionospheric Photoelectrons Measured at Geosynchronous Orbit
John S. Laszakovits, Physics
June 1993

23. Detailed Analysis Case Studies of Trapped Plasmas at the Earth's Magnetic Equator
Eric S. Lantto, Physics
June 1993

22. Design and Evaluation of Ion Source for Satellite Charge Control
Michael E. Melvin, Physics
June 1992

21. Survey of Spacecraft Charging Behavior for the Geosynchronous Satellite 1989-046
David P. Fiely, Physics
March 1992

20. On the Consequences of Bi-Maxwellian Distributions on Parallel Electric Fields
Lewis J. Scott
December 1991

19. Survey of Trapped Plasmas at the Earth's Magnetic Equator
Peter G. Braccio
December 1991

18. Investigation of Deep Dielectric Charging and Subsequent Currents on Geosynchronous Spacecraft
Donald S. Smith, Physics
December 1991

17. Comparison of Alkalai Ion Emitters
Dean A. Gant, Physics
December 1991

16. Satellite and Electrostatic Surface Discharges
Yan Chun Wong, Systems Technology (Space Systems Operations)
September 1991

15. Arcjet Plume Ionization Effects on Exposed Solar Array Conducting Surfaces
Richard W. Evert, Physics
September 1991

14. Satellite Charge Control with Lithium Ion Source and Electron Emission
Chong Soo Ryu, Physics
December 1990

13. Determination of SPEAR-1 Rocket Body Potential During High-Voltage Experiments
Thurston Van Horn, Physics
June 1990

12. Lithium Ion Source for Satellite Charge Control
Tae Ik Song, Physics
June 1990

11. Dielectric Charging as a Catalyst to the Formation of Potential Barriers on Synchronous Orbit Satellites
Maude E. Young, Physics
March 1990

10. Physical Processes in Hollow Cathode Discharge
Hwang-Jin Han, Physics
December 1989

9. Hollow Cathode Plasma Source Characteristics
Young-chul Park, Physics
December 1989

8. Definition Study and Model for a Tethered Sounding Rocket
Sang Il Yoon, Physics
December 1988

7. Design of an ELF/VLF Satellite for Under the Ice Submarine Communications
Gary C. Thompson, Space SystemsOperations
September 1988

6. Ions Generated on or Near Satellite Surfaces
Christopher W. Norwood, Physics
June 1988

5. Ion Gun Operations at High Altitudes
Paul Werner, Physics
June 1988

4. Ion Gun Generated Electromagnetic Interference on the SCATHA Satellite
Leonard E. Weddle, Physics
December 1987

3. Survey of the Air Force P78-2 (SCATHA) Satellite Plasma Wave Data During Electron Gun Operations
Donald R. Lowery, Physics
December 1987

2. Observations of a Hydromagnetic Wave in the Earth's Magnetosphere
John W. Patterson, Physics
December 1987

1. Project Skylite: A Design Exploration
William J. Welch, System Technology (Space Systems Operations)
Mark F. Landers, System Technology (Space Systems Operations)
September 1987


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