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Enemy Insights: Inspire Reinspired after Assassinations of its Editorial Leadership
CCS Analysts, 6/1/2012

In May 2012, more than six months after the killing by US drones of its founding editorial leaders, Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Kahn, AQAP published simultaneously Issue 8 and Issue 9 of its glossy magazine Inspire. Much of the content of Issue 8 was in the can at the time of the killings, having been authored by al-Awlaki, but due to the disruption, it would be several months before these completed articles would be edited and formatted for publication. Issue 9, largely composed of new materials including moving tributes to the slain editors, was produced at the same time.

Below, we present a reformatted version of the magazine designed for easy and rapid web scrolling, to foster wider and more inclusive discussion among students of counterterrorism and professionals involved in the ongoing war against terrorism and extremist violence, and to stimulate further insight into the mind of our opponent as the war on terror, by whatever name it is now known, continues. We hope this web-friendly edition of the magazine is of use as a teaching and learning tool, and as a catalyst for discussion, analysis and debate on how to win the terror war.


Page 1

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula | Issue 9

WINTER 1433 | 2012 | ISSUE 9


Does the assassination of senior jihadi figures have any significance in validating Obama's claims? After a decade of ferocious war, who is more entitled to security?

The AQ Chef: It is of your freedom to ignite a firebomb | Spilling out the beans: Al Awlaki revealing his side of the story



Page 2 and 3:

MEDIA ADVICE: Throw the magazine onto forums. Muslim and non-Muslim forums alike. The FBI might be trying to bring down sites that host the magazine so mailing lists are an important way to get the magazine across.

50. HIGHLIGHT: Was Al Awlaki justified in his dislike of America? Hear his side of the story as he uncovers the other face of America. Find out as well why he was perceived as a threat. All of that and more in: Spilling out the beans.

54. Cover Story: While the American drone aircrafts are occupied in pursuing their list of wanted individuals, the mujahideen have been winning the hearts and minds of people through establishing the Sharia of Allah in Abyan as well as wining the ground battle. Yahya Ibrahim opens a dire quest on the reality of America's claimed victory in its war against the mujahdideen.

The Latest & Opinion

4 Letter from the Editor

5 Hear the world

6 Inspire continues to inspire | Shaykh Ibrahim Al-Rubaish

7 Opinion: Build bridges with the right wing

7 The Corner: Where are the people of al-Sham?

7 Questions we should be asking


9. My story with Al Awlaki | Shaykh Harith Al Nadari

14. Samir Khan: The Face of Joy | Abu Yazeed

20 They killed father, they killed son | Um Ahmed

22 This is how we win and this is how you lose | Shaykh Abu Hurairah as-Sana'ani

26. OSJ Special: You will find new and easy to follow instructions that will wreak havoc on the enemy Insha’Allah. Few of these attacks will cost the enemy greatly.

28. The convoy of martyrs

30. It is of your freedom to ignite a firebomb | The AQ Chef

37. Qualities of an Urban Assassin | Uthman Ibn Al-Ightiyal

41 Do Christian terrorists and the mujahideen have similar goals? | Mujahid Aziz

59 Unremorseful Mujahid | Abu Muhhamad

History & Strategy

23 The Jihadi Experiences:The most important enemy targets aimed at by the individual jihad | Abu Mus’ab al-Suri

Manhaj Review

42 Why did I choose al Qaeda? [Part 5] | Shaykh Abu Mus’ab al-Awlaki

45 The ruling of burning the forests in the land of the kuffar enemies | Shaykh Harith Al Nadari

49 Cowardliness will always be cowardliness even if you consider it to be using wisdom | Shaykh Abu Yahya al-Libi

53 Imbeciles who justify sitting | Abu Sideeq

Art & Misc.

60 Draw an impossible smile

61 Contact us

Voluntary Contributions: The editor welcomes correspondence, contributions, photographs and illustrations.


Page 4:

al-Malahem Media: Letter from the Editor

Yahya Ibrahim

Winter 2012

To the disappointment of our enemies, issue 9 of Inspire magazine is out against all odds al-Hamdolillah. The Zionists and the crusaders thought that the magazine was gone with the martyrdom of Shaykh Anwar and brother Samir, may Allah have mercy upon their souls. Yet again, they have failed to come to terms with the fact that the Muslim ummah is the most fertile and most generous mother that gives birth to thousands and thousands of the likes of Shaykh Anwar and brother Samir. They will be displeased to know that we have been inundated with emails and requests by young inspired Muslims who are persistently offering their help, not just intellectually, but with whatever the mujahideen need in the West. The Americans cannot be accused of having thought through any operation on the mujahideen . Their pride is saving us a lot of time and effort in convincing the Muslims of West of the justice and fairness of our cause.

As for this blessed magazine, it is here to stay because it was not found to end with the end of its founders. Rather, with their end, it would only become deep-rooted and its objectives would become clearer. This magazine was set up to fulfill two objectives. The first one is to call for and inspire to jihad in the English speaking world and second one is to deliver to every inspired Muslim anywhere around the world the operational know-how of carrying out attacks from within the West. Inspire is and will be an effective tool regardless of who is in charge of it, as long as it aims at fulfilling those mentioned objectives. Hence, we are still spreading the word and we are still publishing America’s worst nightmare.

When looking at the global scene we are now witnessing the fruits of the evil trees that were planted by secularism and man-made laws alike, democracy in particular. Indeed, the chickens are now coming back home to roost. Corruption is deeply rooted in all segments of governments in majority of the world’s countries especially in Middle East and the Third world countries. Killings, arrest and detentions without any valid reason are wide spread. Massive demonstrations are taking place at almost every continent despite the variety of reasons that are mobilizing the masses. We can’t escape the fact that all current governments do not have the capacity to deal justly with these masses. Moreover, it clearly exposes the fragility of man-made laws and makes that fact undisputable. No wonder we are seeing repression and crushing as the only way applied. In the Arab world we are witnessing such crimes and we are familiar with them. Islam is free from the tyranny of the current ruling regimes and those who do not rule by Allah’s law just like the wolf was free from the blood of Joseph. America’s administration emphasized to their hireling Arab governments the need for people to freely exercise their rights of freedom through democracy while praising the peaceful process of change, however, all these positions disappeared when that occurred in their backyard. They have turned their backs to their ‘’democratic values’’ which they have been lecturing and forcing down the throats of Muslims. We indeed witnessed the arrests and crackdowns of peaceful protestors across the States and similarly around Europe. The American administration did another thing which is seizing the opportunity of regional disorder to escape the battle scene leaving ruined Iraq for the Shi'a Rafidah to regain control. Now, with the increasing tension between Persian Iran and the Sunni's majorities in the region a possible war might not need more than a spark which will inflame the whole region, advancing an unavoidable clash with the Shi'a Rafiddh. The Western regimes of course will portray that they care about saving the region from the danger that Iran presents when in reality it is all connected with the Zionist entity of Israel. They will save the region just like they are now trying to ''save'' the rebellions from their own installed tyrants. In Syria, they would have take a similar action to that of Libya, but this time it seems they are thinking twice as Russia and China entered into the line. The American administration needs to understand that countries' allegiances and loyalties have changed. It is not anymore the way they want it. It would be better if they would mind their own internal affairs.They have to realize that America isn't what it used to be a decade ago, thanks to the mujahideen's war of attrition. Now, the masses are coming together with the mujahideen and lifting the black banner of la ilah ila Allah, recognizing the sovereign authority of the divine law of Sharia that was revealed by Allah to Muhammad. They came out not only to demand their basic freedoms and rights, but to establish the Sharia that will give them their rights in this world and more in the hereafter. Have not the West seen that clearly in Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and lately in Syria?!

While all of these happenings are taking place in the international scene we want to assure the Muslims that their mujahideen brothers in the Arabian Peninsula are continuing their expansion of areas under Sharia law. Abyan, where march will start which will biidhnillah liberate the Ummah from the oppression of the tyranny and man- made laws and bring it real freedom under the shades of Islam.

* Page 5:

Jihad Talk


A collection of quotes from friend and foe:

Osama Abu Rasheed - Editor of al Mizan newspaper (From Washington):

"When it comes to the [American] foreign policy, they [democratic candidates] want to appear more on the right [more extreme] than Obama who is now more on the right than Bush. As to using unmanned drones, the number of those killed by Obama’s administration is more than Bush’s. When it comes to the issue of escalating the so called war on terror, Obama is more on the right than Bush even though he was quoted saying :‘’ We are not in a war with Islam’’. However, it is clear now that Bush’s strategies are continuing and that Obama wants to say ‘’ I am on the right more than Bush with regard to this issue’’. They [democratic candidates] also want to say: "We are more on the right than Obama.''


Dr. Zhang Wei Wei - Professor and Author (Talk to Al jazeera):

''Sometime I joke with my American friend, I said: with this system already in place [Chinese system]. It is highly unlikely we will elect a guy like George W. Bush. He is way too below the bar [Laughter]. It is unlikely. [...] Sometimes I joke with my American friends, i said: my goodness, you fought many wars, you won these wars tactically but you are losing strategically. And this ''strategically'', that is about wisdom. Seeing with this the Arab revolution etc. Where the western interests are?! Where the American interests are?''


Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri - Leader of al Qaeda organization (Go forward, O lions of al-Sham):

''O our people in Syria, do not depend on the West or America. Do not depend on the [current] Arabs regimes or Turkey as you are more aware of what they plot against you. O our people in Syria, do not depend on the Arab League Council and its corrupted governments, because the one who lacks something, cannot give it [to others]. Do not depend on America or Turkey who cooperated, had (mutual) understanding and entered into partnership with this [Syrian] regime for decades, but they started now abandoning it when they saw it wobbling. Depend on Allah alone, then on your sacrifices, resistance and firmness. All of those [Perviously mentioned ] do not want Syria to be a free Muslim independent and forceful state, battling against Israel. But, they want Syria to be subservient, weak, detached from its religion, its heritage, its history and its glories. They want a Syria that recognizes the entity of Israel, compatible with and subjected to the international oppression which they call ‘’ international law’’. […] I call upon every Muslim and every honorable freeman in Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon to rush in order to support their brothers and sisters in Syria


Slavoj Zizek - Philosopher (Talk to Al jazeera):

''We live in a very strange era where at least in the West. People think they are outside ideology, like…take average people today. What is the implicit injection that you get from society, in education and whatever? It is not ‘’Sacrifice yourself for a big cause’’. It is something like ‘’be true to yourself’’,

‘’Have a full life’’, ‘’Realize your potentials’’. It is kind of what I call spiritualized hedonism, no? So people do not experience it as ideology but I think we are in ideology. Precisely, because ideology is for me, the way you see things and you don’t see things so that you can function in our daily life. For example, the fact that we cannot imagine a change means ideology.''


Muhammad Al Awlaki- Reseacher of Al Qaeda case in Yemen (al-arabiya):

''It is extermely hard to find an individual that would have both ideas, the idea of.. or the high quality technique and the ideological fullness of al Qaeda organastion as well as the willingness to sacrifice for that.''


Page 6


Shaykh Ibrahim Al-Rubaish

Many inquiries have been brought forward regarding the fate of Inspire. Some assumed the magazine won’t be issued anymore. Mistakenly, a lot consider the magazine to be Shaykh Anwar’s. Hence, they thought that the Shaykh is the magazine and vice versa. Accordingly, they assumed that the magazine will be buried along with him. As a matter of fact, Shaykh Anwar was the guest writer and the most active one was brother Samir Khan who exploited all of his energy and effort for this sake. In other words, the Shaykh was the spirit of Inspire where Samir was its tongue. Their martyrdom means that their written work will be transformed into reality because their writing with the ink is replaced now with writing with their blood. And this is what will have a greater impact - insha’Allah. Those who thought that Inspire was over can’t be blamed since they, as usual, have weighed the reality of jihad with worldly scales. Usually when an inventor invents something, he conceals its secrets and he bans imitation of his work, so does the author. Even cooks and chefs, conceal their recipes especially when they have a secret ingredients.As for the mujahideen, the situation is completely different because every individual works for the interest of the group. They exhaust themselves for the sake of the group’s goal. Furthermore, they sacrifice their soul, blood and their wealth for it. Therefore, the trainer among them, delivers all of his experience to the trainees. The leader strives to habilitate the leaders under his power and the authors publish their books free of charge. You will even see the chefs striving to train their partners to be better than themselves. All of them work in that way so that the group doesn’t have gap in their absence. None of them live for themselves only. Instead, the entire group’s interest is given preference over ones self’s interest.

America wanted to deceive its nation by portraying its war as a war against particular individuals so with death of individuals war will ended. In that way America’s administration feel some sort of victory by killing certain individuals. Just like what happened when they killed Shaykh Usama Bin Laden. Those miserable people haven’t yet realized that their war is waged against a nation that has principles and fundamentals. These principles gain life in the Muslims’ heart when their supporters are martyred for their sake.

The clearest of evidence is the long list of the martyred mujahideen that hasn’t weaken jihad. Instead, jihad operations often increase. Shaykh Osama Bin Laden was killed, but did the war against America cease? Did jihad in the Muslim world come to an end? Is killing Shaykh Anwar going to stop the individual jihadi operation in the West knowing his role in those operations wasn’t executing one rather his role was to motivate, encourage and inspire Muslims in the West. Indeed, the killing of a preacher only means the spreading of his message. It also means that people will have faith in his call as he made himself a tangible example and living role model to be followed. In a way, his mission is accomplished. This means - by the will of Allah – more of Nidal Hassan and Umar al-Faruq al- Nigiri.

Undoubtedly, these words disturb the crusaders very much. These bitter facts which they seem to ignore. Even if they understood them, they don’t intend to reveal them to their people. Because they will notice that their war against Islam will be more closer to defeat. < And Allah will perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it. [8:61]. >

“…Those miserable people haven’t yet realized that their war is waged against a nation that has principles and fundamentals … Shaykh Osama Bin Laden was killed, but did the war against America cease?


Page 7:


Where are the people of al-Sham?

ABU SUHAIL, YEMEN - The unfortunate events taking place in Syria makes me wonder: Where are the people of al-Sham? The virtues of al- Sham found in the ahâdîth are full of wonder. Ahâdîth like, “The foundation of the state of the believers is in al-Sham,” and, “When the great trials occur, Allah will send from Damascus helpers, from the most noble knights of the Arabs, and the best of them in weaponry. Allah will assist the religion by way of them,” are enough to make you think as to when the people of this region will show what they’re made of.

Al-Assad’s attack on the sons of al-Sham will continue to be a massacre if the people don’t start doing something to seriously counteract the military. Reliance on the Gulf States and Western powers has proven futile in this event since neither of them have much interest in Syria to begin with. Their endless talks and threats show that they've clearly slapped the gear into turtle speed. I mean, the West’s hypocrisy lays bare for all to see when it comes to comparing Libya vs. Syria. In Libya's case, it is becoming all the more apparent that the question on the mind of their leaders was not “should we invade for the sake of the innocent?” but “should we invade to guarantee oil preservation?” Cornel West said it all in his interview with Riz Khan, "Two and a half years ago, we had precious Palestinians who were being massacred by the hundreds. Barack Obama didn't say a mumbling word."

With that said, I must admit, it is quite humorous to pick the peels off the foreshadowing actions of the West. It's a can of worms waiting to be opened; and they have little option but to open it. If they were to start military operations in Syria, then the world would cry (thanks to media giants like al-Jazeera) for intervention in Bahrain. If they went into Bahrain, they would be pushed to do something about invading Iran. Then the world would complain about the crushing of protester freedom in Saudi Arabia, some of the Gulf States and so on. And if the West holds back, everyone hates them. For us, that’s good; they put themselves in that position and deserve to remain in such a dilemma.


Page 7:

Build bridges with the right wing?


One of the outstanding challenges facing the Muslims in the West is the phenomenon of the right wing party as they continue to prop up in political systems across the spectrum. Their blasphemy towards Rasûlullâh, banning of niqâb, burning of Qur’an, insulting of Islam, destruction of mosques, support of wars against Muslims, protests against Muslim establishments and common anti-Islamic behavior have caused a headache in the efforts of ‘moderate’ Muslims to reconcile the faiths through interfaith dialogue. The right wing carries with it a blatant statement to such apologetic Muslims reiterating, “For you is your religion, and for me is my religion.”

In view of the fact that the creed of the ‘moderate’ Muslims can be bartered and put up for sale, the right-wingers have been able to debase these Muslims due to taking public allegiance and disavowal more seriously. Their no-compromise attitude has led them to where they stand today leaving the Muslims scratching their heads, baffled on how to tackle the problem.

As long as the Muslims pursue the “building of bridges” with the kuffâr – a secular move on their part – they are bound to be disappointed as they will come to see that many are willing to burn those very bridges. In other words, it should be a wake-up call that we don’t live in a make-believe world where we all hold hands and hope to one day sing praises of the bridge’s completion. Rasûlullâh knew that from the beginning and his words reflect that: “Islam dominates and is not dominated over.”


Page 7:

QUESTIONS | we should be asking

• Are the majority of Syrian protestors awaiting UN intervention or for al-Assad to throw in the towel?

• Have the Egyptian protestors realized their mistake of trusting the Egyptian army?

• Will the Muslims in Libya give up their weaponry after it was one of the main reasons for the fall down of Gadafi's tyrannical regime?

• Will the so called ''democratic elections'' in Yemen change the political climate and do the Yemenis actually know that those elections are just an extension of Ali Saleh's regime? Do they really believe something will change?

• Why only the disgraced incidents like the burning of the Qur’an that took place in the American army base in Afghanistan will show the Afghan Muslims that their real enemy is the disbelieving Americans and not the Taliban?


Page 8:

"Nobody who enters Paradise likes to go back to the world

even if he got everything on the earth, except a Mujahid

who wishes to return to the world so that he may be martyred

ten times because of the dignity he receives (from Allah)."

- Prophet Muhammad


Pages 9 to 13:

My story with Al Awlaki

Shaykh Harith Al Nadari

The Ignorant ones think that you have deceased … while your boat sailed for Allah’s sake and reached

It is sufficient that when you are mentioned … all the praiseworthy actions and loftiness are also mentioned

Several years before blessed raid of 911, I had met for the first time Shaykh Anwar Bin Nasser Al Awlaki – may Allah have mercy on him. It was an Islamic conference that brought together a group of preachers, educators and youth of the Islamic awakening. The Shaykh’s words were about the importance and methods of calling to the Almighty Allah. The Shaykh wasn’t speaking in a theorist academic way, but in a manner of someone who lived the da'awah and experienced its methods through practicing and wisdom. Hence, this is what had an impact on the audience and made them admire his personality.

He traveled and returned years later when my relationship with him strengthened more than before. We were neighbors and prayed in the same masjid [al-Ansar masjid]. He would sometimes deliver al-Jumua’ah sermon and sometimes I would do it. Later, al-mumineen masjid was built next to his house so he used to pray there and offer al-Jumua’ah sermon. He also invited me to give lectures and speeches at that masjid.

Solid knowledge

Shaykh Anwar was aware of the fact that the authenticity of understanding[1] is in the Qur’an and the Sunnah, so he adhered to the Quran and its learning. In that regard, he received ijazah[2] in the recitation of the Noble Qur’an of the high level. He read tafseer al-Qur'an al-Adeem by Ibn Kathir, fi dilal al-Qur'an by Sayyid Qutb. He was pursuing for the knowledge of the noble Hadith and one of his many travelling’s was to listen to Sahih al-Bukhari. He was given ijazah[3] in giving reference to the source. He received the jurisprudence at the hands of Shara'ai[4] scholars and he was given ijazah in al-Shafi’i jurisprudence. So the Shaykh’s knowledge was connected through authentic sources to the great scholars. I have also been involved with him in the seeking of knowledge from some scholars, especially the knowledge of jurisprudence. He loved reading and he liked reading books of knowledge of purifying the self, in particular, Madarig al-Salikeen and Zaad al- Ma’ad by Ibn al-Qayyim and kept contemplating in them.

He read Magmoa’a al-Fatawa by Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah, he was often looking into Sharah al-Siyar by al-Sarkhasi and Mashari al-Ushwaq by Ibn al-Nuhas.

The Shaykh was infatuated with reading and looking at history. He read al-bidaya wa Nihaya by Ibn Kathir, the written history by Ibn al- Atheer and benefited from a-Tareek al-Islami by Mahmoud Shaker. Also he read most of the books of history by al-Salabi and had some observations on those books. He read a lot of English writings regarding history especially about the Crusaders. He was comparing narratives from both the Islamic and European history concerning the events of the battles, the number of soldiers, the killed, the names of leaders and the outcome.

He was a voracious reader. He would read to the extent that he would hardly leave his office except for praying or relieving himself. He even told me that he had read al- A'amdah in one day. The Shaykh took knowledge by its right. He knew that knowledge is for acting upon. Hence, the Almighty Allah raised him above a lot of those who carry knowledge, whom their knowledge do not exceed their collarbones[5]. Through knowledge and faith, Allah raises His slaves by degrees, the Almighty said:

This was a summary of some of what I knew about the Shaykh’s seeking of knowledge and Islamic readings. What I did not mention though is more than what I did mention, and what I do not know is much more than what I know. This is indicated by his vast education in various knowledge.

Da'awah and wisdom

Shaykh Anwar was a public speaker. He was in English more oratorical than in Arabic and his speeches and lectures in Arabic were more for prominent people rather than to the public. He had a great focus on scholars, students of knowledge and preachers considering that he had confidence in them to make the change as they are seen as the leaders of thought and opinion. With the correctness of one of them the whole nation can be corrected. For that reason, most of his da'awah was in the form of personal meetings with scholars, preachers and leading personalities or collective gatherings with the students of knowledge. The Shaykh had a weekly lecture attended by dozens of knowledge seekers. In many cases, their attendance exceeds the hundred. We cannot even compare his da’awah to the English speaking Muslims in the West with that one in the Arabian Peninsula. Shaykh Anwar, may Allah have mercy on him, was of the best Islamic preachers in English language.

Call of duty

After the blessed raid of Sept.11. There were lot of debates about who carried out these events. How those effects will reflect in the Muslim world and on the legality of those acts? I liked how Shaykh Anwar was dealing with this controversy and his answers to the questioners’ inquiries about the legal ruling. I remember that I had a dialogue with him at that time about it. I mentioned here what I remembered from his words : '' These events have already took place and the United States has already identified its enemies. Aggression against the Muslims have occurred and the legitimate duty now is to look at the Islamic ruling today. Disbelievers occupied Muslim lands, they are killing Muslim masses and their leading personalities, they hunt and displace Muslims and their families, they capture the mujahideen, the preachers and the scholars, they freezing funds of the traders and people of wealth of the Muslims. This is what is happening today so what is the Islamic ruling on it? The Islamic ruling which is not disputed by anyone of the Muslims is the need of Jihad in the way of the Almighty Allah and this ruling isn’t agreed upon weather the mujahideen did the right thing in targeting America or made a mistake. The matter of the Muslims affairs today should be in working not in debating. Working to fulfill the legitimate duty of jihad and defending Muslims against the people of injustice and godlessness and repelling the infidels’ fierce war against the Messenger of Allah.

The Almighty Allah says: [9:38,39] ...

Severe trial and steadfastness Declaring the truth and the fulfillment of Sharia has a price in life. This price is sacrifice. And every holder of the da'awah must have a trial and a test to prove the authenticity of his claim. The Almighty says:

Imprisonment is of the trials that every holder of the da'awah faces. I remember that I asked the Shaykh, why the Muslim preachers are more likely to be in prison than other owners of Islamic projects? He replied by saying that it is so because their work is public or semi-public as they speak out what tyrants hate and don’t accept. And prison is of Allah’s decree and regardless of the precautions security measures someone has. That won't rescue them from Allah’s decree and if that occurred, the Muslim should resort to the Almighty Allah. The prophet said to his cousin Abdullah bin Abbas: ''O boy, I shall teach you some words [of advice] be mindful of Allah and Allah will protect you, be mindful of Allah, and you will find Him in front of you, if you ask, ask of Allah. If you seek help, seek help of Allah. Know that if the nation were to gather together to benefit you with anything, it would benefit you only with something that Allah had already prescribed for you, and that if they gather together to harm you with anything, they would harm you only with something Allah had already prescribed for you. The pens have been lifted and the pages have dried.] Tirmidhi. Allah’s decree came upon the Shaykh to fall in captivity as the prophets before him and the righteous were. And Allah decreed that as well as I came together with him upon da'awah that I come togather with him in captivity. Months after the Shaykh’s imprisonment I was captured by the intelligence agents who took me to the darkness of the prison. There, in the prison of intelligence service in Sana’a I was connected with the Shaykh again but the Shaykh spent the period of his imprisonment in the solitary confinement.

They did not allow him to meet us but by using a trick I was able to meet Shaykh from time to time without the guard’s awareness. When I met him and I found him more steadfast than he was outside the prison. I wasn’t able to notice distress or boredom on him. He was the same man I knew from before. A man with a kind smile, with tranquil self that is confident in Allah and His decree - this is how I saw him. Bravery was drawn on his features. Expressing in words that he would not back down and would not give up even if imprisonment lasted long. Determination was his driving motto. He refused to soften his position when others did through taking the excuse of being under coercion. In the seclusion room, he divided his time between worship and reading. That allowed him to sail in a sea of folders of Tafseer and jurisprudence, fatwa and history.

No charge

The U.S. government wanted to investigate Shaykh Anwar so they sent an investigations team. However, he stated as a condition that the investigation should be in the Arabic language and before that demanded a medical examination. Responding to that, the Yemeni intelligence asked him to conduct the first sessions of the investigations and then the prison administration would be committed to offer him a medical examination. Shaykh Anwar rejected and insisted on the doctor’s attendance, so the Americans could not do anything but delay the investigations until the Shaykh was medically examined. Later he told me that the reason for his request was because he had a toothache and al- hamdolillah the result of this delaying was positive. When investigations began, he was summoned to an office and as he entered upon the Americans, he didn’t put himself into accused position, rather he entered the office acted like a boss. He chose to sit on the most appropriate seat, ate from the fruits prepared by the Yemenis to host the Americans and poured a cup of tea for himself. I had asked him about the nature of the investigation. He told me that the whole thing was to find any tiny violation that would permit them to prosecute him back in an American court. It was an interrogation, he said. Nevertheless, they didn’t find what they were searching after and they returned frustrated.

A blessing and a grant

Only by kindness and mercy of Allah subhanne we te’ alla Shaykh Anwar was easily released from the prison. My release preceded the one of the Shaykh’s by the will and mercy of Allah subhanne we te’alla. I met Shaykh Anwar in the day following his release and we talked about continuation of da’awah, about the mechanisms of work under our new circumstances and about the work's field. He was the same as I knew him before the prison. Nothing has changed of his principles and creed. In fact, he was more sacrificing, he had more courage, more determination and more firmness.

Shaykh Anwar continued to give lectures for the students of knowledge and the preachers. He had a numerous meetings with leading personalities and scholars. One day he brought me some papers containing seventeen questions and misconceptions created by “democratic Muslims” which they use in averting people from the path of Allah subhanne we te’alla. He invited me to write the answers to those questions. In response to these misconceptions and suspicions, I depend on Allah and I answered on question in a book called “Disavowal from Yemen’s tyrant and his democratic system”. Later I gave a copy to the Shaykh and he approved it.

With difficulties comes ease

We were under intensified surveillance and harassment become more frequent than ever before. Sana'a was no longer a suitable place for us to stay and carry on the da'awah. Shaykh Anwar then decided to move to a place that is less risky than the capital Sanaa. He told me that he would leave and may return later if conditions improved. I was then left alone and it was only few months before I was arrested by counter-terrorism squad to find my name on a wanted list and at the top of that list was Shaykh Anwar. They did not have any specific charge against us and the main focus of the interrogation with me was about Shaykh Anwar. By Allah’s favor upon me, I was released but stopped from any of da'awah activities. A few weeks later and after all arrangements were done I was able to meet him. After talking with him my desire to move out of Sana’a increased rapidly and I wanted to move to a safe haven for da’awah and working for Islam. I told that to the Shaykh. After few months, time was suitable for me and I began with preparations to move out of Sana’a and during that time I was arrested again and put in the political prison. In the same time a pursuit for Shaykh Anwar was very intense. News channels spoke about him and he came on the U.S. “capture or kill” list. After the intensity of the prison, relief came from Allah subhanne we te’alla and I was finally free and joined Shaykh Anwar.

Shaykh Anwar, fee sabeelillah

After an adventurous journey and disguise I finally met with Shaykh Anwar. We settled in a place that I can only describe as a land of goodness. Its people are so generous that sometimes I thought they were better to us than our families was. A great happiness overwhelmed me. I praised Allah for what He bestowed of his kindness as He has fed us, given us to drink, sufficed us and provided a lodging for us. To Him alone are all praises. I didn’t notice that Shaykh Anwar changed a bit. In fact, I was amazed by his ability to adapt in different environments and conditions with calm mood and balanced frame of mind. I did not see him once in a state of panic even when situations intensified and I am about to mention one of those situations.

The failed assassination attempt

One quiet night while I was in my bad I heard the sound of explosions and despite the distance I felt the ground shaking. Later I will find out that U.S. drones had launched a strike. When the time of dawn approached and as the light began to spread, it brought about with it Shaykh Anwar. He entered upon us with a cheerful smile so we all knew that he was the one targeted. He mentioned some of the details of that failed attempt. He said: “While we were travelling on the way, we felt the wave of explosion near the car that shattered the windows. We even saw a flash of light, so we thought that we were ambushed and underfire. We thought a rocket was fired on us. I said to the brother who was driving to speed up to pass the danger zone and I quickly inspected the brothers and saw nobody was hurt.I thanked Allah for their safety but I wondered how we were affected with such a strong wave which actually broke the glass and shaped a smoky cloud around us. No harm has befallen us, even though we were carrying barrels of gasoline. All this happenings increased my certainty that no human being will die until they complete their livelihood and appointed time.” He said to me: '' We tried to find the cause of this explosion and when we looked up, we saw the flying of U.S. drones.

I asked the brother who was driving not to pass near houses in order to preserve the lives of the Muslims. The brother then turned into a valley with few trees in it. We came out of the car and went into different directions. The aircrafts drones continued to fly over our heads and then targeted our car which exploded. Air strikes continued in the different areas, but I was directed by one of the brothers to one of the numerous cliffs in a mountains. I slept the rest of the night until the morning dawn, I prayed Fajr and then the brothers brought me to you.”

I asked the Shaykh how did he sleep while bombing was going on above their heads?! He responded he doesn’t know how but he was drowsed and he fell asleep. We wanted to know how many rockets were fired on them and he said that there were about ten or eleven rockets. He also mentioned that he wasn’t sure are anyone of the brothers’ wounded or killed. Hours later we will find out two brothers are martyred and the third brother was injured. I asked the Shaykh privately how he felt during the bombing since he experienced it for the first time. He said: “I found it much easier than we think of it. Something of fear befalls you, but the Almighty Allah sends down tranquility.” He also told me: “This time eleven missiles missed its target but the next time, the first rocket may hit it.” Shaykh Anwar stayed with us several days and then left. I wished him safe journey while I was saying to myself: I do not know which one of us is parting!

The Shaykh’s intuition about the next drone attack proved to be true. In the following attempt, the missile hit its target. I wish I had been with them so I could have attained a great attainment.


1. Understanding of religion, Self, life and the universe.

2. A testimony to his proficiency in the Qur'an that gives him a scholarly authorization to teach it

3. A scholarly authorization to narrate from al-Shafi'i school of thought.

4. A legitimate scholar of Islamic studies.

5. They do not act upon it.


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Samir Khan: The Face of Joy

Abu Yazeed

Have you ever met a wanted man of high stature in akhlaq and bravery? Have your eyes ever gazed upon a warrior who brought happiness with his shining face of joy? A lion who didn’t have cowardliness in his vocabulary? This is the life of one of my closest friends in jihad, Samir Khan, may Allah have mercy upon him.

He was Samir Bin Zafar Khan, better known as Al Qaqa Alamiriki. He had unstoppable determination to serve the Muslim ummah. No wonder as his origins were from Pakistan. A land that produced many great men that lifted the banner of jihad. He was born in the land of the two sanctuarie. He was brought up in the U.S. since his childhood. He was a friend that you could relate to no matter what condition you were in. His experience in jihad and ribat made him humble with his brothers. His knowledge of the religion was solid and extensive. He proved that knowledge is for acting upon. He gave blood, sweat and tears for the sake of Allah. I ask Allah to accept him among the martyrs and make him a role model to our brothers in the west.

I clearly remember the time I met him; he greeted me with a joyous laugh and sincere hug as if we knew each other for years. I could not make out that if he was a brother from the west as he completely adapted the local customs. We introduced ourselves to each other. He told me how ecstatic he was when have heard about my arrival. Later, I realized that he traveled very long distance under very difficult circumstances, not to mention the fact that he was being wanted and hunted by the CIA. His friendliness and cheerfulness helped me settle in quickly. During his company, he taught me everything he knew about presentation of certain material, special designing for the magazines, how to work in certain visual design programs. He taught me how to use the best from my skills. His generosity was unmatched. He was considered one of the best Muhajreen in AQAP. I ask Allah to gift him with the best of the akhira.

His poems spoke the reality of the ummah and also detailed the needed cure for it. He also sang many beautiful Anasheed. His contemporary tool of da'awah [Inspire] proved very effective; it was alone a massive front in confronting the intellectual war against Islam. His weapons to defend Islam were very simple; a laptop and a camera. However, he was loaded with ammunition. That ammunition was the creed of jihad in Allah’s path.

We had spent a lot of time together discussing stories about jihad. One of the stories he told me was his. After arriving to Sana’a, Yemen’s capital he was in touch with a brother who - by Allah’s will - had facilitated his connection with the mujahideen. However, after informing the brother that he arrived he was faced with the first test when he lost his phone. He was heartbroken as this was the only mean of communication between him and the mujahideen. Despite that, he never thought about turning back. He was at this point, asking Allah sincerely for a way out. After a period of time and when he was making dua’a after the ish'a prayer in one of Sana’a’s masajid, someone tapped his shoulder and asked if he was Samir. At this point, he told Samir that he was the brother who was communicating with him. Later, he backed his luggage and was on his way to join the mujahideen. He explained to me how he was in the U.S. under heavy surveillance by the C.I.A but by Allah’s will he was able to escape their wicked plots.

I was excited to know his story, knowing that he emigrated from America, ‘’ the land of dreams’’. The land that people of dunya rush into and wish to be there. In America - being the young man he was- he had everything that young men needed and required. Despite all of it, he left life of comfort and ease and moved in a country where people of dunya run away out of it. Only the mentioning of its name disturbs them. He came because his faith brought him. He came because he knew he had a religiously required duty.

I asked him once, why did he choose the name ''Abu Shidah'' which was among his nicknames. He explained he chose it because it comes from the noun Shidah, meaning harshness. Emphasizing that it is aimed at the disbelievers. He - as I understood- wanted to choose the toughest of nicknames in order to terrorize the enemies of Islam. This is not just a mere nickname. His actions were a confirmation for this harshness against the Kuffar. I knew that when I watched an interview that were taken with him back in America. He said in it: ‘’ The American occupiers, they are disbelievers and every disbeliever will go to hell fire according to the book of Allah’’. After being asked how does he feel living in an American community that is sending troops to Iraq, he replied: ‘’ Well, whatever happens to their families, whatever happens to their sons and daughters is not of my concern, because originally, they are disbelievers, and they are disbelievers if they do not accept Islam, and if they die upon that especially when they are in the army, then, they are the people of hell fire and I have no concern for them. And... you know, if they moan, groan and cry that is not going to change anything''. This is an excellent example of Bara [disavowal from the disbelievers] and this is how it is practiced. His another attribute I admire was his dislike of deviated sects; here, I have to clarify what I mean by deviated sects. This does not mean different Islamic groups that are serving the same purpose. This means sects that have separated on fixed principle of Sharia. Meaning that, they have made up for themselves foundations that are different from the fixed foundations of Islam. Because these things are consensus, they are issues of Aqeedah, Faith, Creed. However, he did advice sincerely those who took other than the path of jihad.

His love for the mujahideen was obvious. He was so eager to communicate with the mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula to the extent that he spent a lot of time, learning the Arabic language. I cannot remember a time that we met except that he asked me something related to Arabic vocabulary. Every time I met him, I would realize an improvement in his Arabic. Over the time he stayed, he progressed a lot in the Arabic language to the point that you couldn’t easily tell if he was an English speaking brother. One brother told me that he found in Samir’s presence a chance to practice his Engliah, so he once sent him a message in English but the brother was surprised when Samir replied in Arabic.

He enjoyed staying outdoors, just to be around the mujahideen. He had many funny moments with them. I remember this particular one that came from a bedouin brother. When this brother was told the news of the coming of Samir from America, he said: masha’Allah, even some of the Nasara [Christians] are performing jihad with us! Another brother would ask him to laugh in English! The mujahideen exchanged that love with him. They even considered him a motivation and an inspiration for them since he crossed the ocean to support Islam’s cause. Some of them realized that this cause is greater than what they used to think. One brother said: ‘’Indeed, it is an international cause’’. He was in other words a da'awah to the mujahideen. Likewise are the brothers in the west who engage in jihad through their action. They give the mujahideen in the fighting-front happiness when the mujahideen hear that their enemy is being stabbed in the back.

Even though Arabic wasn’t his mother tongue he memorized a lot of the Holy Qur'an. His recitation of the Qur’an was so beautiful that one could listen to his recitations for hours. I remember that whenever he led a prayer, he would recite a Surah that is related to the mujahideen situation. Chapters that pertain to fighting in Allah’s cause, martyrdom in Allah’s cause. His recitiation of Suraht Alanfal was the most repeated one.

When we talked about the plight of the Muslims in America, he would often tell me how he wished that every brother coming from the West, especially America, had partaken in jihad inside that country. He explained that attacking the enemy in their backyard is one of the best ways to help the jihad. It would therefore help the cause of Islam greatly which he had known from his personal experience.

He was highly trustworthy and was selected by the Shuyukh to play important roles in the media sector. He played multiple roles such as being a designer, an editor, a translator and a fighter. Samir was known by all for his great optimism which seeped through his great smile. I saw his smile as his way to keep the spirits high. He was always a helping hand amongst the brothers as one would always find him hospitable. He also enjoyed competing with his brothers in military trainings, racing and in wrestling. There was a time when I was staying at another house with him. We would take turns watching television programs. Samir would usually watch documentaries, news items and such whereas we would always find another immigrating brother glued to the television, setting and watching camels in a desert surrounded by white SUV’s and in the background the sound of bedouin poetry would echo. When Samir saw that he joked with him, saying “Man, why do you always watch badawi (Bedouin) channels? Why can’t you return to civilization like the rest of us?” the brother looked at him and laughed. Samir thought it was a joke until he later realized that that brother recorded hours of that stuff and would store it on his hard drive. One time, Samir gave this brother an assignment to record English news since none of the English speaking brothers were around a television at a certain point in time. When the brother sent back the flash full of recordings, most of it was the desert Bedouin stuff. We all looked at each other and laughed. We later got from him the proper recordings; Samir guessed that the brother had sent the first one as a joke.

Samir’s love for Martyrdom in Allah’s sake was extraordinary. He sang its praises. He would often sing beautiful Anasheed that later became my favorites such as the one entitled '' I am a shaheed '', meaning I am a martyr. The first time I listened to it, it brought me an overwhelming feeling. I was really amazed at how he was expressing himself through it. It was as if he already went through that stage of being martyred. Now when he was martyred by Allah’s willing, I realized that his faith in a promise of Allah was extremely firm. Listening now to this particular nasheed is a motivation itself. It is like Samir is conveying us a message what he has of pleasures. I remember that after having a discussion on what is better victory or martyrdom, he sent me a message which words will always be ringing in the ears of any sincere mujahid. He wrote: “Martyrdom is why we came here my brother. We won’t leave until weget what we came for.” This statement is fairly true because victory does not depend on us nor our organization. It will not come overnight nor over a period of a few months. Rather it is something which comes from Allah. Plus, we came to jihad to find success in the hereafter, did we not? When reading that, it changed every moment of fear and worry into happiness because I might be on my way to meeting Allah, the Most Merciful! So, smile in the face of panic and hope for that meeting.

Lastly, we chose to leave you with Samir's last will which was found in his hard-drive. It included an address to the ummah as well as the mujahideen in the cause of Allah.

Samir’s message:

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Ever Merciful, Indeed all praises and thanks belong to Allah alone, the Lord of the Worlds. May the peace and blessings be upon His final Messenger.

I address the ummah first since it is the reason why I came out in the cause of Allah. I have watched your sufferings in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Algeria and elsewhere. I watched you suffer in Israel’s aggressive behavior in the Gaza invasion. I watched our mothers in Baghdad cry because of being raped. I watched our families die in Helmand because of the ruthless missiles dropped from the sky. I watched our sisters in Islamabad die because of the enemy’s animosity towards Islam. I watched the people of Mogadishu cry because they witnessed the intentional killing of their family members by the invaders. I watched thousands of Muslims killed in Algeria because they wanted to establish Allah’s law. I watched and continue to watch the pain and suffering. It is there that we find the most despicable hypocrisy taking place; people who profess the Islamic faith that kill, torture, rape, beat, plunder and humiliate Muslims who love their religion, all for the sake of their master that sits in Washington. How could anyone claim sanity and remain sitting on their hands? For me, it wasn’t possible. My guilty conscious became my mode of thinking; I could never imagine myself as one who left the opportunity of a lifetime, to save the Islamic nation from its plight.

Our scholars – that is, the ones who are not afraid to speak the truth in the face of these aggressing tyrants – have clearly spelled out the legitimate Islamic response to this madness that is occurring to our nation. It is jihad in the path of Allah. I am not going to give explanations and quotations on how jihad becomes fard `ayn on every able bodied Muslim. Our scholars, such as Shaykh `Abdullah `Azzam have explained this clearly.

What I do want to talk about though is death. It is a topic that is not of normal conversation amongst people since its implications make one question the direction their life is going, even for the most religious Muslim. Amongst the most vibrant Muslim communities of today, death is not something that is discussed since life has become a more attractive alternative. In death do we find our function as human beings. Death is the end of a test. The Qur’an repeatedly tells us that the life of this world is a mere test in order to remind us to obey Allah in all of our actions no matter the consequences. The key word here is consequences. In the post-September world, the most honorable of deaths has been looked down upon in the Muslim public as it is now linked with the enemy’s charge of terrorism. We must be reminiscent of the fact that the sunnah of Allah never changes, no matter what time one is in. When one thinks more about death, the more he will think about dying in the most noblest of ways since the chances of entering the hell-fire are much less than dying a normal death. The Prophet said : <''The shaheed will be granted seven rewards: he will be forgiven of his sins with the first drop of his blood, he will see his place in paradise, he will be saved from the punishment of the grave, he will be saved from the great terror on the day of Judgment, a crown will be placed on his head with jewels that are more beautiful than the earth and everything in it, he will be wedded to 72 from the hoor al-`ayn, and he will be able to intercede on behalf of 70 members of his family.> This hadith is graded between Hassan and Saheeh and can be found in Ahmad, Ibn Majah and at-Tirmidhi.

Muslims also tend to forget the love that our Messenger had towards martyrdom in Allah’s path. He had been reported as saying that he wishes to be killed in Allah’s path, brought back to life, and then killed again for His sake. He repeated this three times in one statement. This is because our Messenger recognized the importance of dying a death that can potentially save one from the hell-fire. One can be a good Muslim all their life. They can be charitable, kind, generous, a public speaker, an active da`ee, a social worker, a scholar and so on. But the thing is, every one of these types of individuals will have less of a guarantee of entering paradise than the mujahid who exerts himself in the path of Allah, killing and being killed for the sake of Allah. Just open the chapters of jihad and merits of martyrdom in the books of ahadith and see for yourself the rewards awaiting the mujahid.

When a Muslim becomes a mujahid, the only thing standing between him and entering Paradise is a sincere intention. He must protect his intention constantly, and do all acts of services for Allah’s sake, whether big or small. That’s it. That’s all it takes to become victorious after death. As for the Muslim who is not a mujahid nor has the intention to become one, he is bombarded with sins, temptations and such. In America for example – the land in which I grew up in – sins are everywhere, even in the most unintentional circumstances. There is the sin of seeing women who don’t cover properly; in the workplace, college campuses, supermarkets and whatnot, one will see them everywhere. In many instances, one will have to work with them directly, forcing the glance upon them repeatedly. In a hadith, our Prophet told us that we are allowed only one glance; after that, it becomes a sin. In the West, if you don’t look at the person you are dealing with, it’s considered of utmost disrespect. That in turn forces one to make compromises in their religion because of the nature of their work, for example. Additionally, there is the sin of living amongst the disbelievers. The Prophet said he disavowed himself from the Muslim who resides amongst the polytheists. In the politics of warfare, when the Muslims are fighting the disbelieving enemies and there are Muslims residing amongst the enemy, this causes unintentional deaths amongst the Muslim population. For instance, the 9/11 operation in New York City killed around 500 Muslims as some reports suggested. Is that the fault of the mujahideen? They were merely targeting the economic infrastructure and symbol of America as they are the ones who use their economists as an advantage to build a global empire where the world becomes subservient to them. So for Muslims to live in America, it is dangerous since America and the Western world are lands of war, giving Muslims the ability to freely attack them in whatever methods they choose.

As for those who charge us with killing innocent civilians, they have not carefully studied the subject. In short, if there is no `ahd or covenant between the Muslims and a non- Muslim nation, then the Muslim can kill as many disbelievers as he wishes in the non-Muslim land. The shar`iah evidence for this has been established by numerous scholars such as Shaykh `Abdullah ibn Nasir ar-Rasheed, Shaykh Abu `Abdillah al-Muhajir and others.

In today’s world where America has launched an aggressive crusader campaign against the Muslim world – both on the battlefield and in the war for the minds and hearts of the Muslims – the Americans need to be taught a lesson that they need to mind their own business and butt out of our internal affairs. As long as they continue to kill our people, occupy our lands, support Israel, fund the tyrannical puppets in the Muslim lands and try to re-interpret Islam, we will punish them and their nation severely. The message we send to them is: we are not a people that you can kick around, expecting us to be humble. Rather, we follow the sahaba and are therefore harsh against the disbelievers. Beware of a people that take the sahaba as their role models, for walahi, we will tear apart your flimsy empire just as they [the sahaba] tore apart Rome and Persia. We will bombard your land with attacks just as they bombarded their enemy’s with their swords and spears.

I also would like to address my mujahideen brothers all throughout the world generally and in Yemen particularly. May Allah preserve you all and continue to give you the will power, strength, determination and faith to carry on the fight to His enemies. Today, we are fighting a battle that will reap the fruits of the global khilafah’s return, Insha’ Allah. Our fight today requires our utmost effort in all types of expertise since we are fighting to establish a government for mankind. So my first advice to you is to not turn down beneficial knowledge; knowledge which can be used to further our goals in this world. My second advice is to fear Allah in your akhlaq or behavior. Refrain from excessive joking and laughing. The more one laughs, the less dignity he will possess. It is recorded in Sifatus Sihwah that `Umar ibn al-Khattab said to al-Ahnaf bin Qais: “Oh Ahnaf, the more one laughs, the less dignity will he possess. Whoever jokes excessively is a person who will be taken lightly. Whoever does something frequently will known by that thing. Whoever speaks often, errs often; the more often one errs, the less modesty he will possess; Whomever has a low level of modesty will also have a low level of piety; and when one has a low level of piety, then his heart dies.” These are the words of `Umar. The Prophet once entered upon the sahaba in the masjid and saw them laughing. He said to them:“If you knew what I knew, you would laugh little and weep much.” This is not to say that the character of Rasoolullah was one of a weeping person. Rather, he was always smiling. What we can learn from this statement of his is that one should be a serious person as opposed to a lighthearted individual that doesn’t take things seriously. The less one jokes and laughs, the harder it is for his heart to weaken and sway from the remembrance of Allah. And how often do we find that the ones who joke and laugh the most are the furthest from Allah’s remembrance?

The other point I would like to make in regards to akhlaq is the issue of annoying others. My brothers, take advantage of your free time, because you may never have it again. Instead of annoying your fellow brothers and laughing about it, pass your time in the dhikr of Allah, exercise, books, and worldly knowledge. The Prophet said, “Annoying the Muslims is Haram [prohibited].” You also would never like to be the one that is being annoyed. The Prophet said to treat your brother the way you would like to be treated. Following the sunnah should be your lifestyle and you will find refuge, peace and joy in it no matter what your situation is. As long as you leave the sunnah, you will be susceptible to boredom and bad manners. Just because you are living in jihad doesn’t mean that you have the guarantee of Paradise; you still have to work for it. The only thing standing between you and Paradise is your heart and the condition of it when you die. I advise you all to keep yourselves busy in any activity that will protect you from the whispers of shaytan.

This was Samir's Wasiya. Samir who will always be remembered for his euphoric smile that came with his warm greeting. Whenever I would advise the brothers, I would cite examples of Samir. His optimism, kindness, generosity, humility, and bravery were what set him apart from many others. He was a role model for the mujahideen and will forever reside in our hearts as such.


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They Killed Father, They Killed Son

Um Ahmed

American administration led by Obama proved yet again it is without any moral code of warfare. It is not the first time U.S. drones are killing children all over the Muslims lands. But it is the first time that a child was killed intentionally. The only thing why Abdur-Rahmaan Bin Anwar Al Awlaki was “guilty”was the fact he was a son of Shaykh Anwar Al Awlaki. But can we blame somebody because of being somebody’s son? What will next America do, will they kill Shaykh’s Anwar parents only because they are his parents. Will they kill all Shaykh’s children only because they are his children? America showed again its hypocrisy accusing Muslims for killing women and children in “suicide attacks” but in reality who is the one who targets children? One should wonder what Obama will do, what Obama would feel if Muslims kill his daughters only for being his daughters? We are sure that not only the Americans but the whole world would condemn such murder. But Muslims would never intentionally killed children no matter who their parents are. No matter if they are the worst enemy of Islam, if they are children it is prohibited to target them intentionally.

We are asking Obama, even if Shaykh Anwar is guilty according to your man-made laws, even if he was on you capture or kill list without any trial, we are asking you what guilt his son have?

How can you allow yourself to be judge without jury, to make decision not respecting any moral code and International laws, while in the same time you accuse Muslims who are defending themselves of being terrorists? We really fail to understand how defending ourselves from your occupation can be a terrorism. We do not see al Qaeda planes above the U.S. but we see U.S. drones killing women and children of Yemen.

This horrible act of murder showed us again how much respecting the human rights and justice are not something which America’s administration takes into consideration when Muslim individuals are targeted. They will find millions of lame excuses to justify themselves and the world will swallow it. Only the believers, only the followers of the Book which brings light, justice and truth and open one’s eyes know how much innocent blood America has on its hands,the blood of the children whose guilt was only being Muslims.

In the end we are asking Allah subhanne we te’alla to give steadfastness and patience to the mother of the martyred child Abdur-Rahmaan. We ask Allah subhanne we te’alla to raise Abdur-Rahmaan Al Awlaki to the highest status of shuhada, grant him Jannah Firdews and joins him with his father in the never ending abode of perfectness, happiness and tranquility.


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Shaykh Abu Hurairah as-Sana’ani

Our call will not flow in the veins of whom we call except by the killing of our leaders and callers. That is why, Al Awlaki won and we won with him through the living of his call when he confirmed it with his blood and torn-off remains. Hence, the authenticity of our call is through the martyrdom of our leaders. We are – all praises is to Allah- like the sea if thrown with a stone, it swallows it and its circle expands and extends. The more you kill of us, the more our circle expands and extends.

Al Awlaki was one, but you will soon see unlimited number of Awlakis. They say about themselves that they are a spark of fire whoever enters it, they are burnt. There was only one mullah Awlaki, today we are receiving many Mullahs who were motivated by the killing of this mullah. Al Awlaki was inspiring individuals among his students. Today, all of his students will follow his steps and this is how we win. Hence, this is how you lose. Al Awlaki was accepted, listened to and heard in your land but it was only him. Today, every sincere Muslim hears, accepts and even carries out what Al Qaeda organization expresses in words. Also, adopts the organization’s ideology and then draws their way by themselves.

Al Awlaki was killed and this was an end he wanted and was searching for. This is indeed the end of the lofty ones and nobles. He was telling us about it, saying that the Prophet wished to be killed as a martyr. In Islam, the one killed by the people of the book has the reward of two martyrs.


“Today, every sincere Muslim hears, accepts and even carries out what Al Qaeda organization expresses in words. Also adopts the organization’s ideology and then draws their way by themselves.”


O [Kuffar] Americans, we view our battle with you with this divine view:

So contemplate and stand with yourselves an honest stand, perhaps you are guided to Islam, recognizing it as sovereign over you and give the jizyah[1] willingly while you are humbled.

The mujahideen are in expansion and their popularity is rising while you are inretraction and decline. As for the mujahideen’s security and trust, they have increased enormously while you are increasing in fear and terror. The mujahideen’s resources have increased. They already made progress in helping the people with their affairs while you reached to a stage where you turn to and beg for help in each country. The mujahideen on the other hand are gaining new allies while you are losing your allies. The mujahideen are racing towards death for the sake of their cause while your soldiers commit suicide out of distress even before our swords reach them. The mujahideen’s moral is getting higher while your soldiers’ and mercenaries’ moral is in the lowest level. Last but not the least, we are proud of our killed ones. Hence, we glory in the killing of our Shaykh, our hero, Anwar Al Awlaki. As for you, you conceal your killed ones and bury them in the dump out of fear of the bitter reality.

Today, every sincere Muslim hears, accepts and even carries out what Al Qaeda organization expresses in words. Also adopts the organization’s ideology and then draws their way by themselves.


1. A tax required of non-Muslims exempting them from military service and entitling them to the protection of the Islamic state. Concurrently, zakah is not taken from them, being an obligation only upon Muslims.


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The Jihadi Experiences

The Most Important Enemy Targets Aimed at by the Individual Jihad

Abu Mus’ab al-Suri

The goal of the operations of the Resistance and the Individual Terrorism Jihad is to inflict as many human and material losses as possible upon the interests of America and her allies, and to make them feel that the Resistance has transformed into a phenomenon of popular uprising against them, because of their hostility that stretches from Central and South Asia, the Philippine Islands and Indonesia in the East, to the shores of the Atlantic in the West, and from the Caucasus, the countries of the Crimea, the Balkans and North Africa in the North, to India and Central Africa in the South, all along the Islamic world, in addition to places populated with Muslims.

The fundament for the operational activity is that the mujahid, the member of the Resistance, practices individual jihad on his land, where he lives and resides, without the jihad costing him the hardship of traveling, migrating, and moving to where direct jihad is possible. The enemy today is one, and he is spread everywhere, alhamdullilah.

Targets in the basic arena inside the West:

A) Striking the Invaders in the country, in the heart of America and on the territory of the countries allied to her militarily.

When it comes to striking America or any of her allies on their own territory, and targeting a state or leaving another, or targeting it, and then ceasing to target it, or turning away from it and then targeting it a second time… This is not the place to research this, rather, [the place is] in the first and second sections, which were devoted to the legal and ideological dimension, and also to the political dimension, of the principles of the Global Islamic Resistance Call. Here, however, we study the matter from a military perspective, in a situation where it actually is in the political interest [of the Resistance] to target a state. Whenever the targeting of any state is legitimate according to Islamic law, and in the political interest of the Resistance, then the most important targets are as follows.

The most important targets in America and in Western countries allied to her militarily:

1. Main political figures who lead the campaign against the Muslims such as the heads of states, ministers, military and security leaders.

2. Large strategic economic targets, such as: The Stock Exchange, power and oil installations, airports, harbors, railroad systems, bridges and highway intersections, tunnels on the highways, metro systems, tourist targets… and so on, [targeting] resources and sources for the economy.

3. Military bases and barracks where the armies are concentrated, especially the American military bases in Europe.

4. Media personalities and media centers that are leading the war against the Muslims and justifying the attacks on them, coming from the Zionist and Zionist- friendly Crusader media institutions.

5. Centralized information and computer centers that are in control of connecting the different institutions within the state, because this will completely paralyze the activity within that state.

6. Places where Jews are gathered, their leading personalities and institutions in Europe, avoiding places of worship and synagogues.

7. Official offices of the governmental institutions of those countries that are waging war, both on the state level and on the level of unions and political and military alliances, in the case where they participate in the aggression. Such as the offices of the NATO and the European Union… this requires decisions that have been studied carefully from a political perspective.

8. Buildings of the security services and the central intelligence in the capitals of America and allied Western states.

9. Striking civilians in general, to deter them or for retaliation (avoiding women and children when separated from men in places especially designed for them, like schools and the similar).

This for example… is when responding to a brutal practice carried out by America and her allied forces. The type of attack, which repels states and topples governments, is mass slaughter of the population. This is done by targeting human crowds in order to inflict maximum human losses. This is very easy since there are numerous such targets such as crowded sports arenas, annual social events, large international exhibitions, crowded market- places, sky-scrapers, crowded buildings… etc.

Here it is necessary to remind you of the comments we made about targeting civilians in the second section on the political theory, and also of the general legal rules presented in the third section, in the paragraph about the jihadi Islamic laws… In the case [where such an attack is legal and beneficial], there are a large number of easy targets. It is possible for ordinary Resistance fighters among the Muslims residing in America and the allied Western countries to target them, in order to participate in the jihad and the Resistance, and to stretch out a helping hand to the mujahidun. This can be done as part of popular resistance action… such as destroying economic targets and burning forests during hot periods in the summer… and also as part of civilian resistance action. Here, we must turn our attention to the difference in the confrontation with America and with Europe, as I mentioned above when dealing with the political theory. The confrontation with America is fundamental, while the confrontation with Europe is secondary, [aimed at] making her leave the alliance by putting pressure on her.

This is a wide area with many opportunities for participation, but one must pay attention to the rules of Islamic law, political benefits and security complexities. We will return to the details later, Allah willing.

A final remark, related to the issue of targeting goals in the heart of the hostile countries, America and the Western allies, is that one should avoid targeting places of worship for any religion or faith, regardless whether they are Christian, Jewish, or other. One should also avoid harming civilians who are citizens of countries that have no relation with the conflict, even if they are non-Muslim. This must be done in order to maintain the reputation of the Resistance in the different spheres of public opinion.


Page 25:

Stinking Rottenyahu!

When this devil from among mankind speaks, I cannot help but think that if we were to hear Iblees [The proper name of Satan ] speaks, then, I think that his voice's tone would not be a lot different than this devil. I watched his long boring speech in the UN, and I am now going to expose his lies.

Allah, the Al-mighty appointed for each of mankind and destined that each one is accompanied by a Qareen [a companion in this world among the evil jinn and men] who make attractive to them what is before them and what is behind them [of sin]. There is however among men those who do not need these whispers to commit evil, they are themselves evil. This is what would be like between Rottenyahu and his Qareen during that speech:



Rottenyahu’s Qareen


- ''I didn’t come here to win applause,  I came here to speak the truth''.


That was a good start, so wicked, you alway amaze me with your deception.


- ''Israel wants peace, I want peace''.


Lol, are you kidding me?!


- ''The Palestinians then launched a terror attack that claimed thousands Israeli lives''.


Oops, when was that? I think, it was the other way around, oh man, this is way too high number, now, look down quick, this was a massive one.

- ''Thousands of missiles have already rained down on our cities''.


I don't know about that but you are perhaps feeling it coming in the soon future.


- ''Yet, it [‘’Militant Islam’’ ] murders Jews, Christians  and Muslims alike!''.


No, no, don’t say that, I have already told you that this is not going to work with you, remember you are a Zionist, come on.


- ''Abbas said that Israel has been occupying Palestinian land for 63 years; he did not say from 1967! he said from 1948, I hope somebody bothers to ask him this question''.


Honestly, he is right, occupying more lands beyond 1967 does not make the previously occupied lands yours.


If someone wonders why Netanyahu would be called Rottenyahu then it is because that’s a direct translation of his name in Arabic language. The pronunciation of the word NETAN means ROTTEN which describes and fits him very well, in my opinion. And since they [the Jews] have the audacity to distort the word of Allah, in relation to that, they translated the name of His prophesied Prophet in the Torah and in the Gospel from the name Muhammad to “The praised one’’ for fear that he is recognized by the believers. I think it is fair enough to start calling this malignant by this suitable name.



Page 26:


Page 27:


Page 28:

The Convoy of Martyrs

Rise up and board with us

The objective of this workshop is to communicate with those seekmartyrdom operations or those who want to execute a slaughter to the enemies of Islam, those who have no means of contacting their Mujahideen brothers whatever the reasons, the aim is to activate them in the midst of the enemy weather the enemy was the Jews, the Christians or the apostates.

It is becoming obvious to many that the concept of individual jihad which features have begun to appear recently has been called for by the leaders of jihad. it is briefly that one individual only carries out the entire jihadi operation. For more information about the concept of individual jihad, watch the film entitled “You are not held responsible except for yourself” produced by al-Sahab jihadi foundation. The classical jihadi operations usually require to go through three stage:

- Selecting the target and gathering the information

- Preparing for the operation

- Executing the operation

We notice from this diagram that there is not any meeting or interrelation between these three groups but the interrelation is through the leadership and each group on its own; by that means, if one of the groups was discovered by the enemy, it won’t affect the other groups. This is because the techniques which our enemies adopt in questioning and in interrogation exceed the endurance of any human being except those whom the Almighty Allah keeps firm. The planning for jihadi operation is constructed on this basis in order to prevent leaking of all information’s connected to the operation. Usually, disclosing the information from one group member is followed by the stream of confessions.

But if the body which is gathering information consist of one individual, he or she themselves are the ones who are preparing and executing the operation. In order to that, the possibility of detecting the operation will be very feeble. Only one person will be in control of the information because only one person has them.

So this particular individual, solely the one mujahid will gather the information, he alone will prepare the operation and only he will be carrying out the operation.

The only connection that mujahid has is with the group leadership. In this case it will be our military committee. So, the remaining functions like directing, selecting the target, instructing, training and adopting the operation will be held by our group’s military committee and leadership. Also, the group is responsible for media coverage of the operation.

Work field: planet Earth

- Required information that must be known about the mujahideen who will contact us.

1- Nickname 2- Country of residence 3- Possessed passports 4- Educational attainments 5- Languages in command 6- Experiences 7- Age 8- Personal status 9- Health condition 10- Security condition

Joining terms:

1- Islam 2- Maturity 3- Ability 4- Full dedication 5- Complete readiness to execute the mission 6- Listening and obeying


1- Personalities who are at war with Islam and Muslims

2- Economic targets belonging to the enemy

3- Military targets belonging to the enemy

4- Media targets belonging to the enemy

Targets according to priority:

- American targets - Israeli targets - French targets - British targets - Apostate regimes targets in the Muslims’ lands.


Page 29:  

Method of selecting the targets:

Selecting the targets is done through two ways:

First way: the mujahid selects a target and present a detailed explanation about the target. The military committee studies the target and then deicide in that matter.

Second way: on the basis of the provided information, the prospects of the mujahid and his location in the world, the target is then selected by the military committee.

Ways of contact:

1- All forms of contact will be through Asrar al-Mujahideen2 program. For more information, check the first issue of the magazine.

2- Internet related security measures should be learnt and using disguising programmes must be essential.

3- Those seeking the individual jihad will be using 2 newly made emails, the first one will be used to send the requested information, including: your Asrar key and the second email will be attached with your sent information. Second email is used to exit out of the circle of possible infiltrated emails.

4- Your sent message should be encrypted with the convoy of martyrs’ key using Asrar al- Mujahideen2 and then sent using one of the emails you made to one of the following emails:

- convoyofmartyrs@gmail.com

- convoyofmartyrs@yahoo.com

- convoyofmartyrs@hotmail.com

5- You can visit the following jihadi websites, like:

- www.alfidaa.org

- www.shamikh1.info


Page 30:  

It is of your freedom to ignite a firebomb

The AQ Chef

On December 2002 and in the south of Australia, flames of fire caused the eruption of 79 conflagrations in New South Wales, it spread to its environs. There were more than 4500 firefighters struggling to stop fires burning. Those crews were even backed up with helicopters' support. It is considered the worst event of wild fires during 30 years. 19 houses were damaged at first and then, the fire went towards Sydney city where a firestorm erupted. It burnt down more than 500 houses. In that horrifying day, this firestorm released a heat energy equal to that of 23 nuclear bombs.

In America, there are more houses built in the country sides than in the cities. It is difficult to choose a better place other than in the valleys of Montana where the population increases rapidly. In the year 2000, a fire that is considered to be the biggest in the American history flared up in one of those valleys. It spread in a space equal to that of London. The fire burnt down 70 houses as well as a hundred car. On July of the same year and in the same place, a thunderstorm lighted 78 massive blazes in just one day, most of them were deadly firestorms.

On August 6th, wild fires extended on the sides of a valley, south of Darby town. Six separated fires started and then met to form a massive fire that burnt down tens of houses. Winds caused by the fire generated a fiery circles whose diameter was more than 150 m. Winds' speed reached 64 km/h.

In the year 1983, a fire in the south of Australia, caused by ferocious windstorm, burnt an area equal in size to four-fold of Hong Kong in only two days. This was one of the biggest firestorms in the last century. It raged over more than 2,600 square miles of bush, farms, and forests. At least 70 people died, as flames driven by 50-mile-per-hour winds trapped victims in cars and engulfed thousands of homes.

These fires were destructive in the full sense of the word. All of them were not human-caused fires. These fires ruined the dry before the green, exhausted lives and properties, wiped out a lot of farms and houses, destroyed thousands of trees that are used in manufacturing and created an atmosphere of terror and panic.

We mention such examples only to show the magnitude of the destructive impact that fires or firebombs make, to then ask the question: Is it possible for us to cause a similar destructive impact using a similar weapon?

The answer is: Yes, it is possible. Even in a shorter time and with much bigger destructive impact.

How is that possible?

Here is the answer to that question. We are mentioning here three points in details and they are as follows:

1- Ask for the assistance of Allah - glorified is He above all- and depend on Him.

2- Choose the right time and suitable circumstances.

3- Use the ember bomb.


Page 31:

( Ask for the assistance of Allah )

It is the most important step of all in the operation of jihad as Allah is the one who facilitates the suitable circumstances and times. He - glorified is He above all- is the one who orders the fire to burn and to spread and also to stop. Depending on Allah is the foundation and then invoking Him in prayer before, during and after the operation.

Q: What is the best time and circumstances to ignite destructive fires?

The most important environmental and atmospherical conditions that add to the fires’ devastation and speed of spreading - making it difficult to handle - are often general conditions in most forests and specific conditions in others.

- General conditions:

1. Dryness: when the percentage of dryness increases in a forest, the percentage of combustible woods also increase significantly. Dryness in most cases increase with the increment of heat temperature and the deficiency of rains. There exists a percentage of dryness and humidity where the forest becomes prepared for conflagration. This percentage differ from one forest to another according to the time of the season which differ from one place to another. In Australia for instance, spring time is the most suitable for conflagration in the north while the worst fires in the south erupt in the dry summertime. In Queensland and New South Wales, the hazards of fires come to a climax in the summer season.

2. Winds: it is considered to be the second element in importance as it multiplies the speed of spreading for fires to four times as much. That makes the mission of firefighters practically impossible. Winds also cast burning embers to far distances that might cause another fire somewhere else.

Those are the most important of general conditions that cause fires and help its spreading. Therefore, a mujahid should choose the appropriate season which has two elements in it, dryness and winds.

- Specific conditions of certain forests:

1. Pinewood : it has two characteristics that set it apart from other forests. It produces substances that are combustible when heat temperature rises which means the increment and the acceleration of spreading for the fire. These types of forests are found in large number in Australia as well as America.

2. Crown fires [advance through the tops of trees]: there are some types of forests that have its trees close together and its branches concentrated and touching each other. This type starts the spinning fires as fire becomes concentrated on the top of one tree, moving to the top of the other tree. This type of fires are extremely hot as temperature reach to more than 1000 degree celsius, swallowing whole trees in seconds.

3. Steep slope fires [climbing fires]: combustible slopes are considered more rapid in terms of fire spreading than other environments. The ascension of fire from bottom to top is faster than from a level horizontal point because it is known that the head of the fire is the highest in temperature so when the combustible trees are in a high sloping angle, the head of the blaze becomes in a place of direct contact with other trees so it lights them up and fire runs up the slope in a short time.That guarantees a faster spread of burning.

A climbing fire is five times faster than the usual one.


Page 32:

• Needed materials:

- Quick Inflammable material [gasoline], 1/3 litre.

- A material with slow and long-lasting inflammation [foam] 50g.

• Preparation of the ember bomb:

A- Put the foam inside the gasoline [ leave it to dissolve ] in an open container [ half cut plastic water bottle] similar to that in the picture. This is in order to allow Oxygen to enter intensively during the burning.

B- Preparation of the ignition lamp:

1-Heat the head of the lamp until it becomes black.

2. Place the lamp immediately in water while still hot.

3. Strike the tip of the lamp and it would break.

4- Pour some of the inflammable substance [The substance found in heads of matches and Sugar] into the lamp.

C- Wrap up the ignition lamp with a Nylon bag. Before that, add more of the inflammable substance inside the Nylon bag in order to increase the flame’s size.

Note: Do not let the Nylon touches the bomb’s mixture so that burning is not put out when the mixture [ liquid ] penetrate into the ignition lamp. Avoid that by making at least 2cm and not more than 5cm between the ignition lamp and the mixture.

When electricity is supplied to the lamp, it ignites and the mixture start burning.

D- The mixture continues to burn a period no less than 10 minutes.


Page 33:

• Ignition method:

First: using electricity:

When electricity passes from the battery through the wires to the lamp, the filament inside the lamp glows and ignites the inflammable substance which itself inflames the bomb. However, always disconnect this electrical circuit through cutting the “+” wire and putting a key [clock or else] to control when and how the electrical circuit is connected.

• We will introduce several types of keys [partitions], each one is connected in a specific way:

1- Setting the clock:

We use the ‘’+’’ wire as a key partition. Connect one of its ends to one of the clock arms. The other end attach to the nail that is in the clock face. So when the arm of the clock moves it will touch the nail, the electrical circuit connects and the lamp lights up. This technique is very clear and simple. If this summary is not clear to some, they can refer to our first issue. There will be more details on the subject.

2- Using a washing machine timer:


1. Screw a nail into the timer.

2. One end of the ‘’+’’ wire is connected to the nail and the other is connected the metal rod protruding from the knob.

- When the spinning metal rod touches the nail, the electrical circuit is connected.

- These ends of the wire should be connected to the positive (+) side of the electrical circuit. Period of time varies from 5 minutes up to 30 minutes or more, depending on the timer’s type. For more details, refer to our eighth issue.

3- Using the IV fluids bottle:

The needed material are: 1. A bottle of water 2. Foam 3. IV fluids bottle with dripping connection

Tools to make an electrical circuit: a- 9v battery b- wires c- ignition lamp.

- Method:

1- Wrap up the coverless end of the ‘’+’’ wire around the foam.

2- Wrap the other coverless end on the top of the bottle of water which is cut from in half.

3- Insert the foam to the bottom of the bottle and then connect both ends to the battery.

4- Hang the IV fluids bottle and open its dripping connection to fill the bottle so that the foam is lifted.

5- When the wire’s end wrapped around to the foam touches the other end on the top of the bottle, the electrical circuit connects and the lamp ignites.


Page 34:

Second: Simple timing:

a- Using Acid:

1. Take out the substance found inside a capsule, replace it with concentrated sulfuric acid and then close the capsule.

2. Grind matchsticks into powder, put it in a piece of Nylon and then put the capsule inside it.

3. Gather all and tie them using a tape.

4. Wait a period of time between 15 to 25 minutes until the acid pierces through the capsule.

5. When the acid touches the inflammable substance [Matches], it ignites.

b- Using a cigarette:

When the cigarette is lighted, it isn’t often stubbed easily. Especially if there exists much air around it, it consequently take a period of time until it reaches to the end of the cigarette.

* The technique:

1. Cut off the cigarette’s end.

2. Put inside the other end of the cigarette a milled match. When the burning tobacco touches the match, it ignites.

Note: if you want to increase the approximate fixed time, attach another cigarette and so on.

c- Using lens:

1. Lens function through gathering the sun’s rays in a point called the focal point where temperature rises considerably. The lens should be in a specific height, depending on the lens’s type. Sun’s rays should be vertically on the lens’s surface.

2. After a short period of time, sun’s rays causes the burning of the subjected materials. In the picture, sun’s rays burns a cardboard.

3. Add standing legs to the lens and adjust the height according to the lens’s focal point.

* Method of using: You can put the lens in a place at nighttime and when the sun’s rays become vertical in daytime, it starts the ignition. You can put it over the combustible grasses such as the grassy forests. You can also put inflammable substance beneath the lens’s focal point, the inflammable substance consequently ignites the ember bomb.


Page 35:

* Practical method for the operation

First: Choosing the targeted country:

This is done according to the basis of weather this country or that is at war with Islam and Muslims. The greatest war that has been waged on Muslims since the passed decades up to now is the so called war on terror. Leading the list of the countries that are waging this war is America, Britain and Israel. Then comes the NATO’s countries and whoever enter into their alliance.

The targeted areas must be in the land of Kuffr but away from Muslims populated areas so that damage is only restricted to the people of Kuffr. Therefore, the lands of Muslims are not targeted at all even if their hireling ruling regimes are participating and are in alliance against the Muslims.

Second: Choosing the suitable season for conflagrations:

In such season, there exists a high percentage of dryness and strong winds. Having knowledge of that could be through the following ways:

1- Watching the weather expectation news broadcast.

2- Keeping update of the daily newspapers. There are also scientific magazines that study the climate of each country.

3- Internet includes a great deal of information that are related to climate.

Third: The method of execution:

a- Choose the best place to position your bomb. The ideal place for that consists of the following:

1- High abundance of trees that cause heat temperature to increase, speeding up the spreading of fire.

2- Areas that are close to buildings in an effort to cause casualties.

3- Ember bombs should be placed in the first third of the targeted forest and also placed on the opposite direction of the winds so that winds move fire quickly to the rest of the forest.

• Important note: it is better to prepare more than 30 bomb to distribute according to separated points.

b- Choosing the appropriate time: take into consideration the time when showing up is not attracting attention, like positioning the bombs at night. It is even better if that is followed by retreating to another city. The bomb should be timed in a way that burning occur after guaranteeing a safe withdrawal.

c- When trees are abundant and close from each other and the wind is strong, it is better to position the bomb on the top of the tree and make sure it is fixed properly in place so that spinning fires are formed.


Page 36:

A closer look at the economic losses:

The burning of hundreds of hectares of wood that is used in wooden commercial products causes significant losses to the factories and companies of wooden products and everything that is linked to this trade. Especially when the cause of fire is deliberate and organized frequently. That means the continuity of loss. It also means more losses for insurance companies. Extra elements in causing other losses are means for different techniques and equipment for fire extinguishing. The economic damage does not stop there because fire eats the dry before the green. It does not differentiate between this and that. It swallows up everything in front of it. Things like homes, cars, farms and private properties. A practical example of that took place in the summer of 2009 in California, where estimated losses exceeded $ 2 billion dollar. All due to severe fires.

Is that it?

No, it goes beyond the economic damage to the loss of life. In the latest devastating fires that occurred in the forests of Chile, fires burnt the bodies of seven firefighters and put an end to their lives. All of that apart from the most important damaging result that is the spreading of terror among the targeted community. That is the most important demand of military operations. Our Prophet mentioned to us that the weapon of fright is among the strongest weapons which the Muslim ummah of Muhammad is distinguished with. He said: '' Allah made me victorious by frightening [my enemies] for a distance of one month’s journey.'' al-bukhari

So fright is of the most important means of obtaining victory over the enemies.

Lastly, we ask: Is it possible to control an organized fire with the modern day tools, such as sensor machines via satellite, helicopters, reconnaissance squads or else?

We answer by saying that fire is one of the soldiers of Allah which He sends upon the disbelievers and controlling it in all cases is impossible, because if the Almighty Allah commanded to destroy, He destroys. Today we are witnessing fires unintentionally started by “people” – as they say and yet difficult to control. Some can’t be controlled except after fire reaps the ground completely. What happened in occupied Palestine of fire burning carried out by al-Masadah jihadi brigades is the best proof for that. The Almighty says: . So there came upon it [i.e., the garden] an affliction from your Lord while they were asleep. And it became as though reaped} [19,20;68] to His saying: . Such is the punishment [of this world]. And the punishment of the Hereafter is greater, if they only knew . [33:68]

The bottom line is that the mujahid isn’t required of anything except taking by the previously mentioned means, then turn to Allah as He is the one sought for help and reliance is on Him alone.


Pages 37 to 39

Qualities of an Urban Assassin

Uthman Ibn Al-Ightiyal

What does it take to be an effective urbanite assassin? This is an inquiry that recurs in the psyche of the personage who apprehends the potency of this policy upon his preys. After the spiritual revitalization, the make up of an assassin is entirely psychological; everything else is a branch of this urbanized kernel. Here, we will strip the assassin of his physical qualities, armaments and gear, and touch upon his most exceptional qualities that qualify him as a tool for the religion’s victory.

1. His will power is one of constants and not variables. The zeal of his Islam is in actuality the spark that creates the fire of motivation. He then makes sure to guard his religious fervor from sins – such as from the tongue and private parts. Not doing so makes him vulnerable to weaknesses of all sorts. A strong heart that remains consistent in its piety is what develops the character of the believing assassin.

2. His ability to select the right targets. He studies the enemy and his weaknesses. He doesn’t limit the concept of his enemy to military personnel or political leaders, but he widens the scope upon anyone that the shari`ah allows him to eliminate. Thus, he is not afraid to study the movements of personalities that openly insult the religion, apostates that play a helping role for the enemy aggressors, and non-combatants in either selective hits – such as to obtain ghanimah for further operations – or mass hits – to destroy an infrastructure of political and/or economic representation.

3. He never shies from advantageous education. The Muslim assassin looks at education with ambitious eyes. He never considers his knowledge to be complete as long as he is alive; thus, he has an attachment to all avenues and channels of beneficial knowledge that can advance him in his role. An expert in the field of economics, for example, can always be found with his nose in the books, newspapers and magazines pertaining to the economy. He doesn’t claim that his expertise has excused him from continuously growing in his renewal of knowledge. Consequently, the true assassin dives into the pool of knowledge pertaining to warfare, assassination techniques, psychology, sociology, religion, history, politics, culture, foreign languages and so forth, turning his mind into an absorbent sponge.

4. He sharpens his skills through practice. Continuing the third point, he puts his knowledge into practice. He is not pleased with being just an idle library; he wants to use his skills to experience the knowledge that was acquired. He puts his mind into constant modes of readiness so that his alertness is always high and his personality as an assassin is kept at a constant. When a person exercises his body, his mind immediately is focused on perfecting his exercise for a better body; similarly, the assassin is focused on his role through constant practices that develop his skills.

5. The art of forensics is his style of thinking. In today’s security-enveloped world, it is vital to erase as many traces as possible so that your identity is not revealed to a soul.

*The first and most important method of doing this is through religious devotion by reciting the adhkar and Qur’anic verses to protect oneself from the evil of men and jinn’s; in addition, making genuine du`a is key to show Allah the sincerity inherent within. Many mujahidun, including this writer, have experienced the miracles of this first hand; so the assassin should never overlook this blessing.

* The second method is for him to pay special attention to all probable avenues the enemy could use in order to trace his fingerprints and identity. This in turn makes him intelligent in his surroundings, always looking for signs that could be used for and against him. He avoids that which can harm him – unless if his plan is to drag the enemy to his position – and goes head forward in those methods that will benefit him. At the same time, he doesn’t make sudden movements that could alert the enemy – such as disconnecting his mobile phone before every operation – but can find alternative methods to safeguard his movements. When he assassinates an enemy with a gun, he makes sure the source of where the bullets were purchased from is not something that can be found in his credit history nor in a gun store that is situated in a locality close to his home. When he travels to assassinate or carry out reconnaissance, he makes it appear as a business trip or vacation travel with his family. His motto is the hadith, ‘war is deception’ since deception is the essence of assassination.

6. His ability to intermingle well into modern society and its culture. In society, he doesn’t appear to be an outcast or ignorant; rather, his aptitude to penetrate the societal ethos doesn’t make the people glance twice at him. He seems to be an ordinary citizen in civilian clothing. This ability comes mostly from experience firstly, and studies of societal customs and colloquial communication secondly. The point here is that it is not to do like everyone else, since avoiding what is haram is still a daily part of his life, but it is to know how to respond and react to situations and people, especially when the spotlight is on him. Instead of appearing ultra-conservative in religion, he can make himself appear as matured through life experiences. If he decides to follow this path, then it would be necessary for him to either shave or trim his beard to an acceptable [societal] level. Sometimes, it’s possible – depending on how he physically looks – to keep the beard as is and even have a little religious appearance in the way he presents himself; most people look at such persons with respect rather than disgust as long as he doesn’t interfere with their own affairs. If he has a job with a company full of disbelievers, he should either take the role of a regular, hard working person or have a managerial type of personality where he appears concerned about the work of other people, getting into jargon conversations with his colleagues. The latter type reduces the likeliness of people suspecting you to be a religious advocate or a mujahid. It is also important not to stay completely mute around people; this is because people develop ideas based on ones behavior. The more one converses with the people, the more it will shape the personality in their minds; so shape your image well. Many people I’ve come across in the African American community say that the more silent one is, the more dangerous he is; and how true of a statement that is!

7. He can find his enemy through every possible means. Since the assassin is aware of his environment, he is also able to see his enemies from perspectives that the enemy cannot see him. So as the assassin blends himself into society, appearing as normal, he can emerge behind his foe with ease. Naturally, this may take some time, especially if he’s planning on assassinating a major public figure, since it requires moving up the ranks within a company, organization or service. In situations where the enemy is not much of a high target and is freely available in public venues, it is important for the assassin to use that to his advantage in order to gain something from his enemy such as a habit or regular movement. From thereon, he will be able to pick the best time to eliminate that individual(s). In addition, his use of technology should be strong so that he can use special devices – which are readily available to the public – to spy on the enemy or locate his position.

These are some of the outstanding qualities of the urbanite assassin. There are different types of assassin roles available, however the role detailed here is meant specifically for those individuals who want to partake in a jihad that they intend to repeat through a series of operations until martyrdom. An individual of any type [of assassin] can benefit from these aforementioned qualities. If the assassin can carry out his operations in this manner, then he will become a Nidal Hassan that is invisible to the public and enemy eye. The operations would be carried out on a consistent basis, shaking up the entire nation and making her deteriorate from within. That is just for one person; how about if ten or twenty Muslims took up this praiseworthy assignment in America alone, each of them not connected to one another?

The terror felt amongst

the people when an assassin

strikes in the enemy’s land

is of much greater

proportion than him striking

the enemy on the battlefield.


Page 40:


Page 41:

Do the Mujahideen and Christian Terrorists Have Similar Goals?

Mujahid Aziz

The difference between the two is enormous and obvious that it does not need mentioning. However, we have noticed many Western analysts fall into this mistake claiming that the terrorism of the two groups is comparable. We reject that claim for the following three reasons:

1) The moral code of war between the two groups is vast. We do not deliberately target women and children whereas they feel free to target them in the name of Christianity. If someone says that our bombings in London and Madrid for example is proof that we target women and children, then we say that we purposely target specialized institutions to not only send political messages, but to damage their economies, and revenge for the Muslims they have massacred over the years by repeating the same to their own citizens so that they may taste what we taste on a near daily basis. In the fiqhî issue of tattarus (shields), this issue of targeting places where women are gathered amongst the enemy is answered. In any case, it’s not like we target daycare centers and children schools or gatherings known to hold only women and children! These places of target tend to be mixed with men and women and usually have some kind of political- economic ramifications; in our eyes, going after women and children is not only forbidden in the shari`ah, but also a useless form of slaughter.


“The right wing extremists are the real Crusaders who seek mere bloodshed whereas the mujahidin of the al Qaeda organization seek the establishment of a just socio-economic order throughout the globe: the shari`ah. The difference is like night and day.”


Since the shari`ah permits the destruction of the enemy’s land in the time of war, the twin towers were targeted. Because of that single attack, America is where it is today: unable to pay a trillion dollar debt, exhausted from the useless wars it is fighting, and facing a popular anti-war sentiment back home – just to name a few.

2) The expulsion of the religion’s followers. The right wing extremists apparently can kill their own people for as a ridiculous reason as ‘waking them up.’ This is extremism at its peak. In the al Qaeda organization, the shari`ah draws a perimeter in the expulsion of Muslims from Islam or takfîr. Takfîr is never to be done in a senseless way but rather in a more calculated method that brings forth the clear evidences which are supported by Islam’s primary texts: the Qur’an and Sunnah. During the reign of Caliph Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, may Allah be pleased with him, he expelled a large community of believers that repeated the kalimah shahâda (i.e., there is none worthy of worship except Allah) and did all acts of Islamic obedience except for one thing: they refused to pay the zakat. Due to that, they were expelled and fought by the Sahâba until they returned to Islam.

As for those who may argue that Abu Bakr was in error, we remind them of the statement of the Prophet : “The best generation is my generation, and those who come after them and those who come after them.” [Narrated by Ahmad and others; classified hassan by al-Albani] If someone argues that the Sahâba are not free of mistakes like the Prophet, then we say that for something so huge in Islam – that is, killing another person who professes Islam – to be taken lightly by the Sahâba, especially the likes of Abu

Bakr who was considered the best of them, then this is undermining the Sahâba and rejecting their path of which Allah said regarding them: .They are pleased with Allah, and Allah is pleased with them. [9: 100]. The conclusion Abu Bakr came to was through his proper understanding of the hadith of the Prophet: “I was ordered to fight mankind until they testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah; and they establish the prayer and give zakat.” Frankly, attacking Abu Bakr al-Siddiq’s view on takfîr is more of an attack on the jurisprudence of Islam since he was considered the most scholarly of the Sahâba. Refer to Shaykh Anwar al-Awlaki’s series on the Life of Abu Bakr al-Siddiq for more information on this incident.

3) The end goals of each. The right wing extremists are the real Crusaders who seek mere bloodshed whereas the mujahidin of the al Qaeda organization seek the establishment of a just socio-political order throughout the globe: the shari`ah. The difference is night and day.

Our war with America and the West may appear to some that we are out to kill for the sake of killing since all we do to them is just that. The reason behind it is – as we’ve previously stated – because of the crimes these governments have perpetrated on our lands and continue to perpetrate. Had that not been the case, the entire Western world wouldn’t be living in fear from an al Qaeda attack.

Finally, the terrorism of America has proven to be much more gross than the extreme right wing Crusaders themselves. It is a fact that over the past decade, they have killed over a million Muslims from a combination of Muslim lands.


The right wing extremists are the real Crusaders who seek mere bloodshed whereas the mujahidin of the al Qaeda organization seek the establishment of a just socio-political order throughout the globe: the shari`ah. The difference is like night and day.


Pages 42 and 43:

Why Did I Choose Al Qaeda?

Shaykh Abu Mus’ab al-Awlaki

Today’s Reasons: Because they have revived the terminology: ‘the Sultan’s scholars’.

10. Because they have revived the terminology: '' The Sultan's Scholars''.

This term has been existing since the era of the Salaf [our great predecessors], of the chosen centuries, they passed down warnings regarding the Sultan’s scholars[1], due to their danger in distorting the truth, disguising the truth to be false and vice versa.They give the legitimacy reasons to the rulers for their deviation of actions, covering up of their criminality, furthermore, of their infidelity. Thus goes the saying of our Prophet: ''Whoever approaches the Sultan [king, president, governor] will be subjected to trials''. Abu Daawud

Why don’t we see this term put into practice by some groups? The society as a whole barely hears from their preachers the danger which Sultan’s scholars represent and if there is a preacher that warns people from the tyrannical rulers, he will be pointed at and told that this contradicts the method of the Salaf in dealing with the rulers. It hurts the heart, knowing that when they hear man-made laws are blasphemous, especially if they are on the aqeeda of al- Murijah unaware of its ruling, they might approve them (man-made laws).

Some of them acknowledge the saying of Ahlu-Sunnah with that regard. However, that will cause a disagreement between them. It gets to the extent that when they hear the passing of legitimate judgment upon a specific ruler, they burst out of rage as if Islam is demolished by that judgment. So why would you become furious when the ruler is confronted more than when the fundamentals of Islam are being screwed? Did you get that and have you been directed to the correct way? Is it really possible for this era to be free of the Sultan’s scholars? Is it really the method of the Salaf to be silent and not to warn people off those scholars? All fair-minded students of Islamic knowledge know the answer. This era is full of those scholars, and also it is the way of the Salaf to warn people off them.

* Let’s take some of their sayings:

1. Imam Ad-dhahaby said that Sufyaan At-thawry said:”Whenever you see a reciter abides by the door of the Sultan, know he is a thief and if he resorts the rich, know he is a hypocrite. Beware of being deceived, it might be said to you, by being close to the sultan, you’ll prevent injustice and defend the oppressed, since truly, this is Iblis’s deception which some reciters have taken as a stairway''.[2]

2. Sufyaan bin ‘Abbaad wrote: “Beware from approaching the princes or associating with them in any issue. Also beware from the deceptions that you’ll intercede and that you’ll defend an oppressed or prevent oppression because that is the deception by Iblis that the dissolute reciters have fallen into.”[3]

I ask you by Allah’s name, what would Sufyaan say if he was alive today, what will he say to the scholars who gave fatwa to the American Muslims that they can participate in the US army which occupies Afghanistan? How about those who say that the victims of September 11 are innocent, some even called for donation to be granted to them? And what would he or other scholars of Salaf say about the quiet scholars who have not given fatwa on the obligation of Jihad today, being fard 'ayan? What would they say about the American Military bases in the Muslim lands from which the operations against Muslims advance and then come back to its bases with the protection of the ‘’ Muslims’’? What about the American warships passing through the Arab ports and seas?

What if they were to see millions of Muslims being massacred by the American soldiers who are backed-up by the Arab rulers

with intelligence, fuel and food and also preventing the mujahideen from fighting them. So if they [the Salaf] did not judge them as infidels at worst. Would they give a fatwa to kill the mujahideen or curse them? Would they have been by the side of these leaders?

Sufyaan criticized the rulers’ errors at his time while they ruled by the Sharia and mobilized armies to conquer the lands of the kuffaar. He did so to the extent that he departed secretly away from them to Makkah, some say Yemen. Then he disappeared to Basrah where he reported to the narrators in secret till he died, and his funeral was a surprise to the residents. This is Sufyaan At-thawry whom Imam Ahmad said about: ''Do you know who the imam is? the imam is Sufyaan At-thawry and no one could precede his place in my heart''. Sufyaan who said: “Verily, whenever I see something that I must speak about but do not do so, I then urinate blood.” How would it be if Sufyaan and his examples from the great scholars of Islam were alive nowadays? What would they say to the rulers while they see the lands of the Muslims being occupied by the Jews and Christians in cooperation with the Arab tyrants?

Beloved brother, we witness degrading fatawa made by scholars who are, unfortunately, deemed respected today. And If they were in the time of Sufyaan, the Muslim would not have been cornered labeling them as “ the Sultan’s scholars”. Therefore, Al- Qaeda have preceded others in reviving this term. The dissenters may say : ''al Qaeda slanders the scholars.” So they are answered “God-fearing, true scholars are respected by the mujahideen, as for the Sultan’s scholars, they have no status in eyes of the mujahideen. We are not required to appreciate those whose words are in favor of the Americans and are condemning the mujahideen, accusing them of being the stray party and being Khawarij. Although, truthful scholars may utter inaccurately some words which hurt the mujahideen and favors their enemies, we say, “they have committed a mistake, but they are not scholars of the sultan.”

It is necessary to revive this term, for neglecting it, contradicts with the method of the Salaf and deceives the Muslim nation. Also the Jews, Christians, munafiqeen and other enemies of Islam will benefit from that. Bearing in mind, reviving this term is an exhortation to the ummah, because it is part of the deen, so it is mandatory to carefully know who we are taking our deen from.

Due to the presence of the sultan’s scholars, many benefits are sealed away, among the important ones is jihad, that’s when jihad isn’t in the interest of the ruler. Verily, the matter of jihad is dignified, Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah says: [Whoever has lot of sins, then his greatest medicine is Jihad].[4]

They - the scholars of the sultan - may give a fatwa on the legitimacy of a matter but in reality it is a disobedience to Allah.

Note that in the Holy Quran, The Almighty Allah sets two of the worst examples and they have been given to those who don’t put their knowledge into action:

[62:5] ... and [7:175,176]...

And if he conceals the knowledge, there is a severe menace directed to him:

Do you think the Salaf would warn from the scholars of Sultan if they don’t exist? Or do you assume that Allah may curse someone never exist? Or maybe you think that the scholar with the two worst examples never exists? I swear by Allah, all of them exist in reality, and if they don’t exist in real life, and if they do not exist in your mind, then accuse your intellect and stop disgracing the mujahideen, by saying that they slander the God-fearing scholars of truth. Yes, there might be some individuals who are associated with jihad, who ill-treats the scholars and this exists, as each box of apple might have one or two rotten apples in it.


1. Those who have [carry] the knowledge of Shari'ah, who issue their fatawa according to what is harmonious with the ruler's desires.

2. Alqawl Alnafees fi Atahtheer min Kadeeat Iblis, page 30

3. Al-Hilyah by Abu Nu’aim 376-377/6

4. al-fatawa 421/28


Page 44:


Pages 45 to 48:

The Ruling of Burning the Forests in the Land of the Kuffar Enemies

Shaykh Harith al Nadari

Because jihad fe sabeelillah has rules of conduct and moral codes that the Muslims have to stick to. I insisted on providing our readers with more insight on the legitimacy of this act even though it is agreed upon by the majority of scholars of Islam. I did this for two reasons: First, I was urged to do so because of the lack of English translated evidences. Especially those related to the fiqh of jihad. Second, because of the difficulty of finding and accessing such materials raises many questions regarding this subject.

Alhamedlilallah, I was privileged to meet Shaykh Harith[1] who took on the task of researching and making clear the rule of Allah and His Messenger as well as the scholars of Islam’s sayings with regard to the legality of this action. It goes without saying that America and her allies might not like the following, but do we Muslims really care about what they like and what they don’t like.After all, we are in a state of war with them. We must not be restricted by their rules which they break constantly. The crimes of the U.S. and Britain against the Muslims are countless and aren't concealed. We aren't obliged to their ethics of war; we take our ethics of war from the Sharia of our Lord. Of course, you will be hearing this and that about the dangers of attacking our enemy in certain way, but you won't hear a word about the drones’ attacks that are killing large numbers of Muslim women and children, even the cattle and trees didn't escape their attacks. They have their drone aircrafts and we have the sharia of Allah that allows us to retaliate against the oppressors in the most appropriate way.

Shayke Harith:

All praise be to Allah, the lord of the world. Peace be upon the Messenger of Allah,Muhammad, his family, his companions and those who follow their path.

Indeed, the actions and words of the Muslim are disciplined by Sharia so he or she does not engage or abstain except by the divine teachings which are in the Qur'an and the Sunnah. Therefore, we are obliged in our peace and our war by the divine orders. Hence, the most beloved thing to us is that the rulings of Allah have effect upon us first and then upon the people. For that sake we call to the fight and we fight, so that the word of Allah is the highest. Our war with the enemies of Allah is multifarious, but at the same time it is disciplined according to the Sharia of Islam. We obtain victory only from Allah and as long as we commit ourselves to the laws of the Almighty Allah, we are without a doubt victorious.

Before burning the forests we must know the Sharia ruling regarding this action and my legitimate declaration is as follows: The burning of forests, farms, orchards and meadows in the land of the Kuffar enemies is a legitimate act. According to the book of Allah and the Sunnah of His messenger.

As for the evidence from the Qur’an, is the Almighty’s saying: [59:5] Ibn Jarir al-Tabari – may Allah have mercy on him- said: [and this verse was revealed as stated regarding the incident when the messenger of Allah cut the palm trees of Bani al-Nadeer and burn it. The people of Bani al-Nadeer then said to the messenger of Allah: You were forbidding corruption and censuring it, but why do you cut our palm trees and burn them? Allah then revealed this verse, informing them that which the Prophet cut or left, it was by the permission of Allah that he did.[2]

Ibn Katheer – may Allah have mercy on him- said: [many of the Mufasireen[3] said: al-Lina means the variety of dates except al- Agwa[4]. Ibn Jarir Said: It is all kinds of palm trees. And he related from Mujahid. And this also include the trees in al-Bouira[5] ; this is because the Messenger of Allah as he besieged them, He ordered to cut their palms-trees in order to insult them, to terrorizes and to bring fright to their hearts].[6]

The proof from the Sunnah is the narration by Ibn ‘Umar - may Allah be pleased with him and with his father- that he said: ''Allah’s Apostle had the date-palm trees of Bani al-Nadeer burnt and cut down. There upon Allah revealed: [59:5][7]

Imam al-Nawawi- may Allah have mercy on him- said: [ in this hadith there exists the permissibility of cutting and burning the trees of the Kuffar]. Abdulrahman bin Qasim, Nafia’a ibn Omar, Malik, al-Thawari, Abu Hanifa, al-Shafi’i, Ahmad, Isahaq and the majority said the same. Abu Bakr al-Sideeq, al-Layeeth bin Sa’ad, Abu Thawr and al-Awzai’i –may Allah be pleased with them- in a narration that goes back to them said: it is not permissible.[8]

In order to clarify the sayings of the Muslims scholars on the ruling of burning the kuffar’s trees and crops, we mentioned the sayings of the scholars from all of the madahib of the people of Islam.

First: From the jurisprudence of al-Haneefiyah[9]

Imam Abu Yusuf – may Allah have mercy on him- said: [ Abu Hanifa- may Allah be pleased with him- said: [ It is ok to cut the trees of al-Mushrikeen [the polytheists] and their palms and to burn them, that is because the Almighty Allah revealed: [59:5] [10]

Imam al-Kasani –may Allah have mercy on him- said: [ there is nothing wrong with cutting their fruitful and unfruitful trees, spoiling their crops, for the Almighty’s saying: Allah - glorified is He above all- permitted in the beginning of the holy verse the cutting of the palms-trees. He pointed out in its end that that is to be an abasement and an irritation for the enemy by His saying: And it is ok to burn their fortresses with fire, to drown them with water and to ruin and demolish them, to strike them with the mangonel for Allah’s saying- glorified is He above all-: [59:2] And because all of that is considered to be a form of fighting due to what it has of vanquishing the enemy, subduing and enraging them.[11]

Second: From the jurisprudence of al-Malikiya[12]

Ibn al-Qasim al-Maliki- may Allah have mercy on him-said: [ Makhrama bin Bakeer narrated from his father saying: I asked Abdulrahman ibn al- Qasim and Nafia’a ibn Omar about the enemy’s tree, is it cut? And are their houses destroyed? He said: yes. I said to ibn al-Qasim: Did Malik see anything wrong with cutting the trees weather fruitful or not? He said: Malik said: Trees are cut in their land, the fruitful and the unfruitful and there is no harm in doing that. I said: Did he see the burning of their villages and their fortresses and the cutting of their trees better or abstaining from that? He said: I do not know, but I heard him say: Nothing was wrong with that and he was interpreting this verse : [59: 5] And whenever the mention of cutting the trees and the destruction in their country comes up, he would construe this verse. Malik also stated that the Messenger of Allah cut the palms of Bani al-Nadeer].[13]

Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Yusuf al-Abdari, famous as al-Muwaq said: [ Ibn al-Qasim said: There is nothing wrong if their fortresses are struck with the mangonel. That foodstuff and water supply is cut off [from them] even if there were Muslims among them or children. al-Ashhab said that as well. He said in al-Modawana: There is no harm in burning their villages and fortresses, drowning them with water, cutting down the fruitful trees and other trees because of the Almighty’s saying: [9:120] Also ''Allah’s Apostle had the date-palm trees of Bani al- Nadeer cut down and burnt ''.[14]

Third: From the jurisprudence of al-Shafi’iayah [15]

Imam al-Shafi’i –may Allah have mercy on him- said: [There is nothing wrong in cutting the fruitful trees, sabotaging the buildings and burning that which belong to the enemy’s countries. Also, there is no harm in burning what they [the Muslims] are in a position to burn of wealth, foodstuff and that which have no soul in it because the Messenger of Allah burnt and cut down the palm-trees of Bani al-Nadeer, of the people of Khaibar and of the people of Taif so the Almighty Allah revealed concerning the incident of Bani al-Nadeer : [59:5] the verse.[16]

The eloquent speaker, al-Sherbini – may Allah have mercy on him- said: [ And it is permissible for us to damage their buildings through sabotaging and their trees through cutting and other means, as well as everything that is not an animal with the aim of fighting and overcoming them because of Allah’s saying: :

The Almighty says: [59:2] [17] ...

Fourth: from the jurisprudence of al-Hanabilah [18]

Ibn Qudaamah al-Maqdisi- may Allah have mercy on him- said: [and their trees aren’t cut and their planting isn’t burnt unless they do so [the same] in our lands, then that is done to them to make them desist. The summary is that the trees are divided into three sections:

1- Those which need to be destroyed like the ones close to their fortresses and prevent from fighting them or the ones they use to hide themselves from the Muslims or needs to be cut to widen a road or to make fighting possible or to close up a hole or to repair a road or used to shield the catapult or other or if they are doing this to us, then that is done to them in order to make them refrain. The pervious is permitted with no dispute that we know of.

2- Those which harm the Muslims if cut because they benefit from its remaining, needed for their cattle or to sit in its shadow or eat from its fruits or that the habit has not been so between us and our enemy that if we do it to them, they do it to us as this is prohibited due to the damage that is caused to the Muslims.

3- Apart from those two sections. Those [trees] which do not cause harm to the Muslims nor benefit them but [by cutting or burning them] enrage the disbelievers and cause harm to them. It has two narrative concerning it:

First narrative: It is not permissible because of the hadith of Abu Bakr and his instruction that has been narrated and attributed back to the Prophet and because it involves pure wasting. For that, it is not permissible, it is like slaying an animal. This was said also by al- Awazai’i and al-Laith and abu Thawr.

The second narrative: It is permissible. That was said by Malik, al-Shafi’i, Isahaq and Ibn al-Munthir. Isahaq said: [ burning is Sunnah if it causes a crushing harm to the enemy because of Allah’s saying: And [ Ibn Umar narrated that: '' The Messenger of Allah burnt the palm trees of Bani al-Nadeer and cut and it was at a place called al-Buwaira, so Allah revealed:

and Hassan bin Thabit said the following poetic Verses about this event: “ The terrible burning of al-Buwaira has been received indifferently by the nobles of Bani Luai (The masters and nobles of Quraish).” [19]

Fifth: From the jurisprudence of al-Dahiriya[20]

Imam Ibn Hazm said: [ Permissible is the burning of the Mushrikeen’s [the polytheists] trees, foodstuffs, crops, residences and destroying them. The Almighty Allah says: [59:5] And the Almighty said: [9:120] And Allah’s Apostle had the date-palm trees of Bani al-Nadeer cut down -that was on the border to the dwellings of al-Madinah- despite the fact that he [Allah’s Apostle] came to know that it will end up to be for the Muslims in someday or another].[21]

Sixth: From the jurisprudence of some of the distinguished imams among the mujtahideen[22]:

Imam Ibn Taymiyah- may Allah have mercy on him- said: [The scholars have agreed upon the permissibility of cutting the trees (of the enemy) and the destruction of the populated buildings when needed to].[23]

Muhammad Ibn Ismail al-San’aani - may Allah have mercy on him- said: [Narrated by Ibn Umar : ''Allah’s Apostle had the date-palm trees of Bani al-Nadeer burnt and cut down''. This indicates the legality of spoiling the possessions of Ahl al-Harb[24] through burning and cutting for an expected benefit. Regarding that, this verse was revealed: [59:5] The mushrikoon [the polytheists] said: you [O Muhammad] do forbid corruption in the land, what is that of cutting the trees and burning them? etc... And the opinion of the majority hold the view of the permissibility of burning and ruining in the land of the enemy. al-Awaza’ai and abu Thawr disliked that, objecting that Abu Bakr - may Allah be pleased with him- instructed his armies not to do that. I answer their objection by saying that Abu Bakr saw that there is a benefit in its remaining as he knew that it would probably end up for the Muslims so he wanted to keep it for them. And this [act] is connected with noticing the benefit].[25]

After this clarifications from the Book of Allah, the Sunnah of His Prophet, what we have cited from the words of the imams of knowledge and fatwa throughout the ages and from the different schools of thought, we come to the conclusion that the burning of forests in the land of the enemy among the disbelievers is of the legitimate acts. It is of the jihad in the sake of the Almighty Allah. May Allah the Almighty guides us to every deed that He loves and is pleased with. And may Allah have mercy on a slave that acts upon what he knows. And all praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.


1. Shaykh Harith Al Nadari, better known as Muhammad al-Murshidi. Holder of a master's degree in Islamic studies from al-Eman university of Sana'a. He served as the speaker of the university's masjid in Sana'a. He was jailed twice in the Yemeni political security prison with the accusation of urging the masses to perform jihad.

2. (Gamia’a Al Bayan 23/271) [Collector of statements].

3. Scholarly commentators of the holy Quran.

4. Pressed dates.

5. A place nearby al-Madina.

6. (Tafseer al-Qur’an al- Adieem 8/61) [the interpretation of the great Quran]

7. Narrated by al-Bukari, Hadith No. 2201 and narrated by Muslim, Hadith No. 1746.

8. ( Sharah Sahih Muslim li al-Nawawi 50/12) [ al-Nawawi’s explanation of Sahih Muslim]

9. The founder of this madhab is Imam Abu Hunaifah al-Kufi [80 -150 a .h .]. He was strict in accepting the hadith. He expanded in reasoning by analogy and favoring certain views. The sources of his madhab: the Qur’an, the Sunnah, the consensus of scholars, reasoning by analogy and favoring certain views.

10. ( al-Rad Ala Siyar al-Awazai’i 85/1) [ Responding to al-Awazai’i’s memoirs]

11. (Badaya’a al-Sanaya’a fi Tarteeb al-Shariaya’a 100/7) [The wonderful deeds, put in order in the divine laws]

12. The founder of this madhab is Imam Malik bin Anas al-Asbahi. Imam Malik was famous for acting on the basis of the Sunnah as well as the actions of the people of madinah – considering it a proof of legitimacy. He took on the saying of the Prophet’s companion if the chain of narration was authentic. He practiced the favoring of certain views.

13. (al-Modawana al-kubra 1/500) [The great record]

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15. The founder of this madhab is imam Muhammd bin Idrees al-Qurashi al-Hashmi al-Shafi'i [150 – 204 a .h .]. The sources of his madhab: the Qur’an and the Sunnah, then the consensus of scholars, then reasoning by analogy. He did not take on the saying of the Prophet’s companion because it is an interpretative judgment that is subjected to mistake. He didn’t practice favoring certain views which was adopted by al-Haneefiyah and al-Malikiya. He disproved mentioning the actions of the people of madinah to object with.

16. (al-Um 4/287 ) [ The mother]

17. (Mugni al-Muhtag ila Ma’arifat al-Fad al-Minhaj 4/22) [sufficing the needy to know the methodology’s literal meanings]

18. The founder of this madhab is imam Ahmad bin hanbal [164 – 241 a . h.]. The sources of his madhab is relative to that of al-Shafi’I’s because he was one of al-Shafi’I’s students. He also added to that the fatwa of the Prophet’s companions.

19. Agreed upon, (al-Mugni 9/234 ) [ The sufficer]

20. A madhhab that considers the apparent evidences and cancels the qiyas [Reasoning by analogy]. Among the distinguished imams of this madhhab are, Dawood al-Dahiri and Ibn Hazm al-Andalusi.

21.(Al Muhala 346/5) [The adorned one]

22. Plural of Mujtahid, meaning the scholar who is capable through having sufficient Islamic knowledge to extract legitimate rulings from the evidences

23. ( Majmoa’a al-Fatawa 28/406 ) [The collected formal legal opinions]

24. The people of war. In that context it means the nation at war with Islam and Muslims.

25. (Subul Al Salam 51/4) [The ways of peace]


Page 49:

Cowardliness will always be cowardliness even if you consider it to be using wisdom

Shaykh Abu Yahya Al-Libi

This is because the battlefields run the risk of the emergence of such a dispraised attribute and the appearance of its symptoms on the faces as the Almighty says:

The cowards consider that cowardliness is wisdom

And that is the deception of the ignoble character

These characteristics manifest clearly, especially if some of the events of jihad match with anything they have mentioned beforehand through their ''exchanged sincere advice'' [concerning jihad]. Then, you will see how they blatantly glee at another’s calamity. You will see their pretense of full experience, clear vision and their awareness of the outcome of the matters! So tongues would eventually utter : [3:168] Or : [4: 72] Or : [3:156].

Just as Allah test His believing slaves with various kinds of tribulations to extract from them acts of worship that were not going to be displayed otherwise. Such as the increase in submission, humility, supplication, humbleness, being in need of Him, frequent Dua’a, dissociating oneself from having any might or power [except by Allah] and other acts. These tribulations are also means to tear apart the covering that the hypocrites and those in whose hearts is disease use.

Those whom their conditions are hardly known by the Muslims. And their hidden things are not learnt about except through the occurrence of such tribulations. At those moments, tongues utter what settled snugly in the hearts whether it like it or not. Throwing at the ears, despicable and killing words which were buried in the depths of the self. They were not known except by Knower of the Unseen. They often come out expressing the concealed. Provoking the buried matters or highlighting behaviors and actions that are astonishing and strange and do not befit those whom faith is established in their hearts: [33: 12], [3: 154] And the Almighty said: [5: 53].


1. Literally, “stingy,” i.e., unwilling to offer any help.

2. About the hypocrites after their exposure.


Pages 50 to 52:

Spilling out the Beans

Al Awlaki revealing his side of the story

I have had experiences with the US government at quite a young age that most of you would not have in a lifetime. I have seen the other face of America. Many of you might feel that this is strange to come from America, the beacon of freedom and liberty. I do not blame you because all what you are seeing is one face. The public face. You will not see the other face until they start perceiving you as a threat.

The Messenger of Allah said to Waraqa: Will they drive me out? (I.e. would they do that?) Waraqa said: Yes, Never came a man with the like of what you have brought but met hostilities.

Now for some time for a light hearted experience: The FBI is putting out a lot of information about myself, some true, most lies. But they are blacking out some parts of the record. One of them is that I have been to Afghanistan in 1991. I traveled from JFK and back to JFK. The FBI is not interested in mentioning this part of my story.

• Put under close watch from early on.

• Supposedly close relation and had closed door meetings with two of the 9/11 hijackers.

• Crossing state lines and then let go?! They then said I vanished like air coming out of a balloon?!

• Passport fraud: Rescinded just one day before my arrival? The custom officials were quite baffled at the situation and didn’t know what to say. I got an apology from one of them with a weird face on him. Actually I myself was shocked and asked them: Is that it? They said, yes sir, that’s it. You are free to board!

• Spent extended periods of time in the UK and could have been arrested there, on request of the US government if they wanted to arrest me, but they didn’t.

This story just doesn’t add up. And then there is one more bit of my story that needs to be inserted here and which the FBI know very well about but nevertheless do not want to talk about:

• My visit in 1991 to Afghanistan.

So, here goes my side of the story:

When I finished high school in Yemen I was accepted on a scholarship to study in the US. But there were two problems: I was an American citizen and these scholarships are only for foreign students and number two the scholarship was to study agriculture and I wanted to study Engineering. My father at the time was a Minister of Agriculture and the Americans were happy to make some exceptions for him.

The US government through its programs of scholarships for foreign students has created for itself a pool of cadres around the world. From among these are leaders in every field, heads of state, politicians, businessmen, scientists, etc. They have one thing in common: They were all students in American Universities. The US government connects with some of these students while they are in the US directly and connects with some of them indirectly while it may not connect with some of them at all. Some end up working with the CIA or other intelligence agencies. These programs have helped the US bolster its strength worldwide and spread out its control. The way the US is managing an empire without calling it an empire is one of the great innovations of our time.


"The plans to have me as one of the many thousand men and women around the world who have their loyalty to the US did not go through. I wasn’t suitable for that role anymore. I was a fundamentalist now!"


It is a unique and unprecedented method of choosing the indirect over the direct, the covert over the overt and implicit over the explicit. And that is what allowed the US to practice its policy of … denial and fool the world for so long.

Coming from a privileged family in Yemen, son of a father who was a high government official and a former US student himself, being a student at a private school were all of the sons of influential people went to, and graduating with scores among the top twenty in the country, has probably made me of some interest to my sponsors. I was feeling the flirting of the Office of International Students at my university. They were being very helpful and wanted to extend the relationship with me beyond business to a personal level. Even though I was not fully practicing back then but I had an extreme dislike to the US government and was very wary of anything concerning intelligence services or secret orders. Thus, I was cold when it came to my relationship with the Office of International Students (which in my belief is a front for recruitment of international students for the government and is also a front from spying on them and reporting on them to the authorities). I also received an invitation to join the Rotary Club which I turned down.

The invasion of Kuwait took place followed by the Gulf war. That is when I started taking my religion more seriously and I took the step of traveling to Afghanistan to fight. I spent a winter there and returned with the intention of finishing up in the US and leaving to Afghanistan for good. My plan was to travel back in summer, however, Kabul was opened by the mujahedeen and I saw that the war was over and ended up staying in the US.

When I came back I perceived a complete shift in the behavior of the Office of International Students towards me. Shortly after that my scholarship was terminated. I enquired for the reason behind such a drastic step. The answer I got was that my grades were dipping too low. It is true that my focus has now shifted away from school and my grades suffered because of my travel to Afghanistan and my role as head of the Muslim Student Association on campus and I ended up missing a large proportion of classes on campus, but why talk about rules now when we have been breaking them all along from the start of my scholarship. I wasn't supposed to be awarded this scholarship from the beginning. However, word came to me from a connection at the US Embassy in Sana’a, that they have been receiving reports about my Islamic activities on campus and the fact that I have traveled to Afghanistan and this was the single reason for the termination of my scholarship. That is something that the Office of International Students never mentioned or even eluded too.

Anyways, the plans to have me as one of the many thousand men and women around the world who have their loyalty to the US did not go through. I wasn’t suitable for that role anymore. I was a fundamentalist now! Plus, I ended up staying in the US rather than going back to Yemen.

After graduation I became an Imam in Denver for a year. Then I moved on to San Diego, California were important chapters in this story unfolded.

The main mosque in San Diego was Abu Bakr masjid or San Diego Islamic Center. However, a group of students from Saudi and the Gulf states were not happy with how things were run at the mosque. They perceived it as too liberal so they established a new mosque, Masjid al Ribat. I was invited to be its Imam. Even though I only moved in years after the mosque was built but I was the first full time Imam at the mosque. The community at the mosque was very close nit which would have made it extremely difficult for the government to infiltrate. It would have been easier for the Saudi's or some other Arab states to gain access to the private running of the mosque than it would have been for the US government. There was nothing happening at the mosque that would fall under the loose category of what we today refer to as terrorism but nevertheless, it is my firm belief that the government, for some reason, was actively trying to plant moles inside the mosque. There were some people who would just show up from nowhere who would try to mingle and fit in the mosque's community in suspicious ways. When things do not work out well with them they just disappear, only for someone else to take their place. These people would deal with me in particularly peculiar means that makes me wonder if they were really being send over by the government. Couldn’t they afford to send anyone better?

So a more aggressive means was employed. In 1996 while waiting at a traffic light in my minivan a middle aged woman knocked on the window of the passenger seat. By the time I rolled down the window and before even myself or the woman uttering a word I was surrounded by police officers who had me come out of my vehicle only to be handcuffed. I was accused of soliciting a prostitute and then released. They made it a point to make me know in no uncertain terms that the woman was an undercover cop. I didn’t know what to make of the incident. However a few days later came the answer. I was visited by two men who introduced themselves as officials with the US government (they did not specify which government organization they belonged to) and that they are interested in my cooperation with them. When I asked what cooperation did they expect, they responded by saying that they are interested in having me liaise with them concerning the Muslim community of San Diego. I was greatly irritated by such an offer and made it clear to them that they should never expect such cooperation from myself. I never heard back from them again until in 1998 when I was approached by a woman, this time from my window and again I was surrounded by police officers who this time had go to court. This time I was told that this is a sting operation and you would not be able to get out of it.

I decided that I have had enough and it is time to leave the US for good. But I was so entangled in life in the US, It took me three years and September 11 to finally unwind myself from this web and leave the United States. But I did take one step very soon after what happened in San Diego. I left San Diego for Washington. I believed that if the issue in San Diego was with local government I should be safe from it if I move somewhere else. September 11 was a Tuesday. By Thursday the FBI were knocking on my door. The questions revolved around the attacks. They visited me again but this time they were asking for cooperation which I made it clear that they shouldn’t expect and the third meeting which was the last I had my lawyer attend the meeting.

This is what I know about the US from experience and you want to tell me to vote for these people?!

For those who believe Obama is the savior. Do you think he can rein in the FBI, CIA and the other alphabet soup of intelligence agencies that have been carrying on with their behind the scenes plots since the day of their inception while presidents come and go? Do you really believe he can reform the US foreign policy that has been consistent on issues that concern us for decades?

If Obama tries to go against the tide, the tide will engulf him. JFK was killed on American soil by an American citizen.

So am I justified in my dislike of America? I believe if you ask Dr Ali Tamimi, Dr Rafil Dhafir, Imam Jamil al Amin, Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman, the Palestinian activists, and Humaidan al Turki they would all express similar sentiment. Probably not, because they are incarcerated in the lion’s den. However for me, Allah has blessed me with freedom so I can expose this satanic government for what it is.


Page 53:

Imbeciles Who Justify Sitting

Abu Sideeq

Often do Muslims underestimate the mujahideen of our time. They look at them and use a mocking gesture to convey their true feelings. Some of them even have the courage to use their tongue and pens to call the Muslims away from the path of jihad. May the curse of Allah, His Messenger and the Angels be upon them! They dare to mock a people that have left the protecting roof of their homes for the missiles of the kafireen! The munafiqeen proudly display their hatred for the path of jihad while Allah told them: [4: 95]. So the brothers who grasp the Qur’an with one hand and the Kalashnikov with the other have a greater guarantee of Allah’s pleasure than these imbeciles who justify sitting on their hands.

The words of Allah on the superiority of the mujahideen make a lot of sense when one sees what the mujahideen go through. With the enemy’s superiority in weaponry and technology, we smile with a gleaming face, as they make martyrdom easier for us. They attack us with their Apache helicopters, and we rip holes in them with PKs and anti-aircraft weapons. They launch raids into our quarters, and we respond with martyrdom operations in theirs.

They drop missiles onto our people, and we surprise the world with the capabilities Allah has given us. The trials, difficulties and challenges the mujahideen go through are unlike any other in the world; this is especially true today. The munafiqeen who prefer sitting back wouldn’t dare go through what we are going through for even an hour. And it was Rasoolullah who said: “Whoever fights in the path of Allah the time it takes to milk a camel is granted Paradise”[1]. The weapon my brother! The weapon! For I swear by Allah, jihad fe sabilillah is the path that exposes the munafiqeen from the mu’mineen; so stick your head out of the crowd of hypocrites to show Allah whose side you’re really on.

For as long as these munafiqeen attack the mujahideen, they will remain as a waste of a sperm drop. Have they not heard the saying of the Prophet: “There are a hundred levels in Paradise specially prepared by Allah for the mujahideen in His cause. Between each level and the next is the difference between the heaven and earth.”[2] And how many levels are reserved for those who prefer sitting on their hands than breaking the back of the enemies of Allah?! By Allah! The sleep of the mujahid is better than the worship of the one who prays and fasts constantly without breaking.3So where is their sanity?

When Dhirar bin Amr wanted to perform the hajj during jihad seas- on,Ishaq ibn Abi Farwah reprimanded him saying: “O Dhirar, don’t you know that the Messenger of Allah only made hajj once, but then spent his life fighting in jihad until he met Allah?” The majority of Muslims today want to do everything but jihad! When it comes to the situation of Palestine for example, they will do everything: write letters to their senators, hold public protests, give speeches, write books, make documentaries and give aid to the poor – everything except fight the enemies of Allah that helped degrade the Palestinian people to that of cattle in a locked cage, waiting for their turn to be slaughtered! Is this how our Prophet brought back the rights of the oppressed? That is answered by Ishaq when he told Dhirar: “The mujahideen are the ones who fight for what the Prophets have brought and strive to make the word of Allah the highest and the word of the disbelievers the lowest.”

The mujahideen will penetrate one location after another of the enemy’s until the word of Allah is triumphant throughout the land. Take the example of your brothers in Somalia. At the onset of the jihad, they were confined to forests and a few homes. Today, they control many regions in Somalia. How?! How can Muslims possibly make such comebacks?! That is because we have Allah and His promise; so they put their full trust in Him and sprint into the enemy’s chests with guns, grenades and martyrdom belts!


1 Ibn Habbaan, al-Nasa’i, al-Tirmithi, al-Darimi, Ahmad, IbnMajah

2 al-Bukhari

3 Ibn al-Mubarak


Pages 54 to 58:

Winning on the Ground

Yahya Ibrahim

While he was in the resignation party of the chief of general staff, the United States’ president arrogantly announced the assassination of Shaykh Anwar Al Awlaki - may Allah have mercy on him. He stated that eventually Americans were at peace now. That Al Qaeda’s access to his country has come to an end. He added saying that the operation proved the American determination in depriving the ''terrorists'' any safe haven in any part of this planet. At the same time, he couldn’t overlook the deteriorating state of economy in America as well as Europe. He instead gave himself free rein to deliver a speech on unattainable dreams and illusionary exhilaration plans.

On the contrary, 10 days before Obama’s announcement in in Virginia, the Yemeni area of Rafad in Shabwah was the meeting place that held a press interview with the 2nd most wanted man on the C.I.A. list. Fahad bin Muhammad Al Quso who insisted in a daylight challenging American spying drones and that interview must be in the same place that was previously bombarded by the Americans at the end of 2009. It is worth mentioning that that interview was published by al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper.

So we ask the question: Who is more confident and more secure? The 2nd most wanted on the C.I.A. target list or the crusader Obama, the president of the United States? Is the killing of Shaykh Anwar Al Awlaki a sign of veracity in Obama's allegations? What is the magnitude of the effect of his martyrdom upon the mujahideen's course? Could the Americans sleep in peace after many years of terror? At this moment, after a decade of ferocious war between America – representing the leader of infidelity and aggression – and the Mujahideen – the forerunners of the Islamic nation. Between the two parties, who is more entitled to security?

An accurate answer on this question demands a detailed research. So let us begin:

* Why Shaykh Anwar Al Awlaki?

Everyone knows that the Shaykh is in no need of introduction. He has a large audience among the Muslim population in the West who do not hide their admiration for the Shaykh, his Dawaah, style and personality. He understands their way of thinking and he masters the English language especially American English to the extent that when he speaks, you will doubt that he is an Arab. Also he is very much respected by the society at large. Do not ask about his popularity in the English speaking world because you will not get it until you ask a Muslim from the West and you’ll be astonished by the answer.


The call’s notion is very logical, simple and unlike what they try to propagate through International Organizations, through their media, their governments’ and marine scholars.


But why would they target him and yet there are many preachers in the world? Let us look at the man from the American perspective and view what terrified them most about him:

The first reason is his call for jihad against America. This is actually what America detests because the American decision makers seek to attack and butcher without expecting any reaction. America wants to commit crimes and murder without being accounted. Without the Muslims being able to exercise any form of resistance to its occupation and manslaughter. This is what Shaykh Anwar called to; He called to confrontation and resistance. This hostile feeling [against America and her allies] was intensifying in the heart of Shaykh Anwar since the early 90’s when the invading American army dirtied and desecrated the holy land of the prophet Muhammad, under the pretense of defending the Saudi Kingdom from an expected Iraqi invasion. Then, it strengthened more when Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded by America and her allies, and then occupied. We should also count the unlimited support and back-up to the Zionist Jews of Israel who occupy Palestine. At that point, those feelings were transformed into an unshakable conviction that has no doubt that the American aggression, inevitably, could only be confronted with a comprehensive jihad. And that conflict should not only be encircled in nor restricted to the Muslim lands while the Americans are enjoying safety in their land. This conviction neither needs a lot of knowledge nor does it need a lot of thinking. It requires more bravery and courage and this is precisely what Shaykh Anwar had as a distinctive feature. In addition to his knowledge of Sharia related issues, high education, his historical knowledge concerning the Islamic- Crusade conflict. We should not forget that Shaykh Anwar was also an engineer.

Calling to this kind of convictions is not approved by the U.S. and it’s considered dangerous to them. Because the call’s notion is very logical, simple and unlike what they try to propagate through International Organizations, through their media, their governments’ and marine scholars. Hence, Muslims who resent the American foreign policies find in this call an uncomplicated possible solution. A motivation to wage jihad against the American crusaders and their agents. This is the main reason which made the U.S. administration approves the killing of Al Awlaki and nothing besides that.

Another aspect that he [the Shaykh] acts internationally, he plans and he operates. Remember that we are weighing things here from the American perspective. So let him be like the Americans have described him: “ The man in charge of al Qaeda's foreign affairs”. What does this mean? This has a number of meanings. Apparently means that he has a massive base of relationships in the West that he can mobilize through da'awah. As for planning and executions of operations, al Qaeda - praise be to Allah- has many great minds which manage operations just like those ascribed to Shaykh Anwar.

Reaching this point, we can discuss Obama’s baseless claims concerning America’s safety. The same safety which Shaykh Osama bin Laden - may Allah have mercy on him- swore by Allah in 2001 to deprive them of. Ten years later, Obama deludes his nation claiming that killing an individual in al-Juf's desert will render Washington to live in permanent peace!

Obama’s wrong thinking have been repeated previously by those who preceded him in office. In the 2003. the U.S. president George W. Bush, in a ridiculous scene of an illusionary victory, was celebrating the end of the military operations in Iraq which was actually the ignition for jihad. Iraq then emerged to be one of the fiercest centers for jihad. The celebrations had no impact on the movement of jihad. However, the media broadcasted the celebrations in a dexterous way and that’s how America wins; through baseless claims. On 29th Oct. 2011 the world was engaged in a ceremony just like that of Bush, but this time it was Obama's. The same way Bush was celebrating, unaware of the long tough war. Obama was trying to shorten the fate of the ongoing conflict through a decade in an ambiguous speech. Aiming to end a war which had just intensified. Obama had put aside these mistakes in the beginning of 2010 when he faced the world and confessed that the American Intelligence was experiencing infiltration and failure. That they were facing a real jeopardy. At the time, there was a short span of time between the Detroit operation of Omar Farouq and the martyrdom operation of Abu Dujanah al-Khurasaany.

Ten years later, Obama deludes his nation claiming that killing an individual in al-Juf's desert will render Washington to live in permanent peace!

The second didn’t give Obama any opportunity to lie, so the Intelligence’s failure couldn’t be justified at the time and Obama was more realistic than now. Later, came the wave of attacks once again. The operation of Feisal Shahzaad in Time Square in New York. Followed by the parcel operations, better known as operation Hemorrhage that disturbed the world and caused big losses to the economy, especially America’s.

Currently, nothing had changed in reality except that Obama’s mistakes have increased than ever before. As for the conflict, it is still gaining momentum. The size of the challenge is manifested by considering the number of jihad operations on the American soil in the course of the last two years. Therefore, no one could underestimate Shaykh Anwar who had a role in either inspiring or planning. Now, Obama’s mistake became obvious when he addressed his nation in that naive manner; because the American war has never been - at any time - against an individual or a party. Rather, it had been a crusade war waged against the Muslim ummah. That is becoming very clear from the number of countries that are participating in the so called “war on terror”. Taking into account the huge amount of money spent in this course which surpasses the budget of the first and second world war. From another perspective, we can see the different varieties of operations targeting America in the past few years. Hereby, we know that Obama is mistaken and this war will continue without any doubt as the signs from both sides are evident. To the degree that the magnitude of the unmanned drones attacks in Yemen intensifies day after day. And signs of the ongoing challenge are uncoverable.

On the other hand, Obama should know that whenever he talks about the capabilities of C.I.A. as well as depending on it, he has to be cautious because this agency will certainly let him down. On the contrary, the fact that the mujahideen are Muslims, whenever they mention their capability they consider it nothing, except when it is connected with the assistance of Allah, The powerful. This is what we believe and declare.

As for the economic reasons, let us review the year 2009 where a very modest and small laboratory in a rural area prepared a bomb which penetrated all checkpoints and could not be detected by the advanced detecting machines. The first was carried by brother Abul Khayr as he executed a martyrdom operation inside the castle of America’s agent, Muhammad bin Naif al-Saud - the head of the intelligence wing of the war against the mujahideen. Obama wasn’t worried when his servant bin Naif explained to him what happened. Bin Naif travelled to Washington days after he had miraculously survived just to inform his master on the undetectable bomb. Later, came the operation of Omar Farouq which required only $5,000. At the time, the mujahideen couldn’t provide more than half of the amount. The other half was borrowed from one mujahid’s pocket. The operation costed the world over $40,000,000,000. Once more, another operation of the air-cargo from the same modest lab. It shocked all the crusade countries and caused economic losses and discomfort to the American cargos in the air. Two years after the operation of Abul Khayr, the New York Times reports on the mujahideen's preparations in Yemen and their advanced labs. Especially after A.Q.A.P has obtained a large deal of chemicals from military laboratories after they conquered Zinjibaar and other cities and towns in the south of Yemen. Of course, the modest lab has transformed into a modern one. Hence, no wearisome measures are taken anymore to attain the needed large amount of chemicals for explosives. Also, the operations now do not lack money as before. The account of Allah is always full - by His grace. This is what Obama forgot to mention in his fascinating speech at that party. It is an extremely difficult challenge.

It is upon the Americans to remember that they are always attacked without exceptions if their foreign policies does not change. And it is upon the mujahideen to remember that these reasons are nothing except by the help of Allah, The Almighty.

So again, who is more deserving to security?

When you talk about security, you tend to talk about money and wealth in the time of need. Unlike Obama, when he speaks of American security, he talks about its deteriorated economy. If anyone was to talk about the assassination of Shaykh Anwar Al Awlaki, his talk will synchronize with the congestion of the streets of New york, Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago with tens of thousands of Americans who criticize the politics of capitalism and banks. All of that is firstly through the favor of Allah and then through the worldwide jihadi operations.

Allow me to quote these lines from the Independent British newspaper, dated back to 14th September 2011: '' The United States received a great lesson after the outrage of Sept. 11 that the crisis of economy is much complicated than that of war''. From what we have mentioned earlier, we have reached the moment of truth which cannot be disregarded. That is the loss of America’s worldwide battle aganist the Mujahideen. Whoever does not possess enough money does not gain power to secure his country. Let alone, depriving his opponent from enough safety that allows them to actuate fear, plan operations, industrialize advanced explosives, advancing - for example - from the northwestern province of Pakistan or from the desert of Ma’rib in Yemen to carry out a creative jihadi operation.


The celebrations had no impact on the movement of jihad. Nevertheless, the media broadcasted the celebrations in a dexterous way and that’s how America wins, through baseless claims.


If any reader doesn’t believe the given examples here is a report dated back to Oct. 2011, by the head of F.B.I. following the martyrdom of Shaykh Anwar Al Awlaki. He admits in it that '' the greatest danger and worry facing the Americans is the homeland growing terrorism''. For the sake of argument, let us say that the only imposed danger is the internal jihad cells. We will then realize how much Shaykh Osama bin Laden’s goal has been achieved in depriving the Americans of peace and safety. And how much the mujahideen’s call has been responded to. Especially that of Shaykh Anwar which concentrated on transforming individual cells of jihad into a reality on the American soil. The role of Shaykh Anwar’s great mobilization which was either emotionally or intellectually, influenced Feisal Shahzaad, Nidal Hassan and Omar Farouq -may Allah facilitates their release or escape- and many others that are known to the American Intelligence but are hidden from the public. Because if they were to unveil the information to the public, people will realize that this matter has converted into conviction. A conviction that is carried on by a significant fraction in the scale of the war against terrorism, in the West, particularly America.

In conclusion, the fact that Shaykh Anwar was martyred after we have reached this level in our jihad - by the grace of Allah - is considered a victory by itself. Now, our capabilities and skills have developed from being in the military camp of Khaldun in Khowst to be transferred now to Virginia. And the idea that the military camp of al-Farouq has now become portable in a section of our magazine which is easily accessible online. Now, all you need to make explosives is the kitchen of your mum as instructed in the open source jihad.

At this moment, you will know what the head of F.B.I. means by ''homeland terrorism''. This is the life of the Americans transformed into fear of either an internal or an external attack and the accumulation of economic and social crises at one side. The other side being; wild fires, snow storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and affliction from Allah so that the crises caused by natural disasters exacerbate.

As for the blood of Shaykh Anwar and his companions, it is the fuel for the coming mujahideen, while they are at the peace of martyrdom. [6:82]

Finally, we congratulate the grave which comprised the remains of these great martyrs. America should know that those remains will ignite a jihadi revolution with a unique style which they can’t withhold. By the martyrdom of our leaders, their ideology which they lived calling to, is revived and their followers realize how fruitful that ideology is. They become enthusiastic to join their convoy, the convoy of martyrs – By Allah’s will.

They positioned your remains in the sands as a landmark

Awakening the valley day and night

Woe to them, they have sat up a landmark of blood

Inspiring tomorrow’s generation to take revenge.

We pray that Allah have mercy on Shaykh Anwar and his brothers and resurrect them in the company of the martyrs. May Allah make their blood together with their predecessors among the mujahideen a curse upon America , the West and their allies. May Allah grant success to our brothers in the West and in America particular in retaliating against the crusaders. O Allah, You are the Omnipotent. All praise due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.


This is the life of the Americans transformed into fear of either an internal or an external attack and the accumulation of economic and social crises at one side. The other side being; wild fires, snow storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and afflictions from Allah, so that the crises caused by natural disasters exacerbate.


Page 59:

Unremorseful Mujahid

Abu Muhammad

In the world of ideologies, our Islamic ideology is the most superior one. And at the peak of that comes jihad fe Sabeelillah Allah. Our principles will bi idhnillah end up wining. Sometimes, you truly win when you pay the price yourself. From a worldly and secular point of view, you lose but from the Islamic point of view, you obtain the great victory. And when looking at such example that Umar al-Faruq al- Nigiri presented, you ought to remember how those before him confronted the tyrants. He did not go back on what he believed and acted upon. It was as though he was saying to the courts’ judge <"Never will we prefer you over what has come to us of clear proofs and [over] He who created us. So decree whatever you are to decree. You can only decree for this worldly life.> [20:72]

Indeed, they failed to change this lion's convictions. He really taught them a lesson in keeping firm on one's principles. He was still as they described him '' posing a significant ongoing threat to the safety of the American citizens everywhere.” And the truth is what your enemy testifies about you. Although, he was under their captivity, his example in patience exceeded his young age.

And this is the life of the mujahid who confronts falsehood and its people. If he is killed he obtains martyrdom and if he is captured or imprisoned, the words of honor and steadfastness emerge from him. This is precisely what happened to our brother Umar al-Faruq when stood and replied to the criminals with full confidance and determination saying: ''The mujahideen are proud to kill in the name of God. And that is exactly what God told us to do in the Qur'an” and said [probably after hearing the verdict]: '' Today is a day of victory.”

Allah is the greatest. Indeed, he came out victorious that day as the real victory is the steadfastness upon one's principles. We ask Allah to keep him firm, preserve him from their wickedness and hasten his release or escape.


Farooq marched solo without fearing dangers No reason for you saying you have no supporters He overcame his emotions and threw away his fears Here is your example, make haste and be victorious.


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Draw an impossible smile

Can you draw a smile without a face?

Or express exhilaration with a pen's grace?


Can you explain when iman has a race,

with sins and jinns, and sets the pace?


Or convey the love for shahada' in a place,

Gathering all those who fight like an ace?


Can man's soul be twisted like a lace,

Freed at last when attacking an army base?


Can you hear the soul's bass,

Just as you can see through mace?


Go ahead, keep trying to draw that smile,

Until Palestine stops crying a Nile.


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