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NPS Export Control - Shipments

How are export control concerns addressed with respect to shipments to and from NPS?

Export controls are designed to protect items and information important to the United States. It is not always obvious what is "export sensitive" and, therefore, export controls serve multiple purposes - from guarding our national security, to protecting our national economy, to supporting our national foreign policy. The controls refer to government rules and regulations that govern the transfer (including temporary transfer) of commodities, technologies, and software/code to non-US entities or individuals.

To comply with governing Export Control rules and regulations, the NPS Export Control Program implements processes to guide and insure that NPS remains in compliance with those regulations. For all overseas shipments, submit an Export Control Shipping Form along with the DD Form 1149, in the KFS shipping requisition. The Export Control Shipping Form consolidates shipping details on one page so that an accurate record of the shipment is documented. (Attach the Export Control Shipping form to the Notes and Attachment section of the KFS requisition, and select the EXPORT commodity code when inputting the shipment object code (4153 or 4154) in the KFS requisition so that the shipment is queued for an Export Control Program review.)