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Research Programs

One of the major goals of the NPS research program is to provide cost-effective research and unique research laboratory facilities that permit students and faculty to support Fleet and OPNAV needs.
We provide independent assessment of proposed solutions to Naval issues, pre-deployment evaluation of new technologies, and combined student-faculty expertise for current research and development programs.

The NPS Research Programs is comprised of:

Sponsored Research Programs

 Basic and Applied Research
 Individual and Group Projects
 Fleet Support
 Cooperative Research and Development Agreements with Industry
 Cooperative Research with Universities and Government Laboratories

Institutionally Funded Research Programs

 New Directions
 Augmentation of Sponsored Programs
 Institute for Joint Warfare Analysis
 Post-Doctoral Programs
 Research Initiation Programs for New Faculty
 Recapitalization of Major Scientific Equipment

Integrated Graduate Education and Research Programs

 Space Systems
 Total Ship Systems Engineering
 Combat Systems