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GSBPP Grads Add Professional Certifications to Their NPS Degrees

By MC2 Brian H. Abel

A select cohort of Fall Quarter graduates from NPS' Graduate School of Business and Public Policy (GSBPP) went the extra mile during their time on campus, taking the necessary steps to earn professional certifications in the respective disciplines prior to graduation. By completing these requirements, the students – U.S. Army Maj. Mathis Wright, and U.S. Air Force Capts. Jacob Sabin, Carrie Moore and Mark Zakner – demonstrated a level of knowledge above and beyond what is required for their NPS degrees.

"There's four different certifications that our students can take," said U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Karen Landale, GSBPP Associate Professor. "Two of them are from the National Contract Management Association."

The professional certificate courses are offered to any student, however, service members are required to be in an appropriate career field for a minimum period of time in order to take the exam.

"They are allowed to take as many certificate courses as they want. Students can do the study with us, but they also have to meet the time in service criteria," said Landale.

"I think these certifications are actually really important for the students," she continued. "They show a level of knowledge and skills above and beyond what we would require in our DOD training. It's a great thing for students to do while they're here."

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