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HRCOE Welcomes Latest Cohort for Introductory Course
MC2 Michael Ehrlich

HRCOE Welcomes Latest Cohort for Introductory Course

By MC2 Michael Ehrlich

The Naval Postgraduate School’s (NPS) Human Resources Center of Excellence (HRCOE) welcomed its latest cohort for the HR Introductory Course, Jan. 8. Established in October 2007 by the Chief of Naval Personnel, the HRCOE serves as a focal point for lifelong learning for the Navy’s human resources (HR) community.

“We do all the professional development for the HR community for the entire Navy,” said HRCOE Deputy Director Lt. Cmdr. Douglas Jones. “We bring in subject matter experts for each individual section. The [experts] we bring in are mostly military, but we have recently had some from the Office of Civilian Human Resources Management work with us because they help teach how to work on government service employees.”

Recent guest lecturers include Navy Manpower Analysis Center Detailer Capt. Steve Millinkovich, Commander of United States Military Entrance Processing Command Capt. David Kemp, and the Chief of Staff of Navy Recruiting Command Capt. Brent Cower.

Part of the university’s Graduate School of Business and Public Policy, HRCOE provides introductory, intermediate and advanced courses for the Navy’s HR practitioners.

“The HR course is an introduction to all the facets of our core competencies, gaining knowledge on the processes and the domain,” said HRCOE student Lt. j.g. Michael Watrol. “I’m looking forward to learning about the core competencies outside of what my current billet fulfills. I am talking to some of the other students who have experience in recruiting, and some of the higher ups that come to NPS have taught me how we recruit, what we are looking for, and how the process and the timeline works.”

“We have expanded both the intro course and the advanced course because things are always changing in the manpower world,” added Jones.
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