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MOTO Continues Mentoring Local Teens, Looks to Expand
U.S. Navy photo by Javier Chagoya

MOTO Continues Mentoring Local Teens, Looks to Expand

By Javier Chagoya

Marine Corps Capt. Nick Aionaaka, program coordinator with NPS' Motivating Others Through Outreach (MOTO) mentorship program, discusses leadership principles with students during the Central Coast High School Career Fair in Seaside, Calif., Feb. 18.

"The MOTO program is about inspiring young individuals to make good life decisions, building goals toward making it to college, and overcoming obstacles in learning," said Aionaaka.

At CCHS, MOTO volunteers typically interact with at-risk teens facing potentially significant socio-economic challenges. Principal Alan Crawford says the program is a great fit for his students, as many who come to the school are struggling academically and can use the one-on-one support of a tutor.

"The Marines who volunteer their time and energy have integrated well with our own teaching programs as many of our graduates testify their success to MOTO," said Crawford.

Although initially a Marine Corps-led function, MOTO volunteer coordinator Marine Corps Capt. Heather Pelachick says the program has now opened its doors to volunteers from all the military services at NPS.

"We hope for more success in recruitment, and expansion into other schools. This quarter, we have already branched out to an independent study with yet another school," said Pelachick.

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