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Naval War College Monterey Recognizes Top Graduates
U.S. Navy photo by PO1 Lewis Hunsaker

Naval War College Monterey Recognizes Top Graduates

By PO1 Lewis Hunsaker

Naval War College (NWC) Monterey students, from left, Lts. Joshua Collins and Grant Cassingham, and Army Majs. Brian James and Nicole Alexander, are pictured outside Halligan Hall after earning academic honors in the Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) phase 1 program, Nov. 1.

“This course allowed me to step outside my niche," said Cassingham. "I learned a better understanding of the logistics chain and enjoyed the interaction between the services."

The JPME course consists of four areas, including strategy and war, theater security decision making, joint maritime operations. For many of students, the program was their first time looking at things from a joint perspective.

"The course was very relevant and I feel brings all services together to fight as one force, which will benefit all officers as they go through their career," said Cassingham.

Graduates unable to attend the ceremony earning "with Highest Distinction" are Cmdr. Michael Gussenhoven and Lt. James Fischer; and "with Distinction" are Army Majs. Nicholas Manghelli and Joshua Wines; Lt. Cmdr. Z'hra Ghavam; and, Lts. Matthew Fillmore, Erik Guiremand and Ian Meredith.

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