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NPS Internship Leads to Full-Time Position
U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Michael Ehrlich

NPS Internship Leads to Full-Time Position

By MC2 Michael Ehrlich
Lisset Cortes had larger goals in mind when she accepted a high school internship with the Cebrowski Institute back in 2009. And she's beginning to realize those goals, recently accepting the position of Office Automation Assistant for the university's Department of Operations Research.
"I am truly honored to work at NPS. I continue to meet spectacularly intellectual people across campus and it's remarkable how refreshing and illuminating they are as passionate professionals," said Cortes. "[The Operations Research Department] is where I learned to be a young professional."
Currently, Cortes supports more than 70 NPS faculty members and students in the department, coordinating travel and administrative logistics, following up with reimbursement claims, and more.
"While I attended California State University Chico, I continued my internships at NPS during the summers to keep my foot in the door," said Cortes. "I enjoy this type of work tempo, there are a lot of assignments to keep the office going, and keeping the faculty members happy with whatever they need."
Cortes has also starting taking classes towards her master's degree in the Department of National Security Affairs. NPS staff members have the opportunity to advance their education and career by attending classes at NPS through the Health and Educational Wellness Program.
"It's truly amazing to have this educational advancement opportunity available to me. My work experience at NPS has motivated me to look toward program management where I can handle a lot more," said Cortes. "I want to focus on using this experience in administration toward planning, logistics and management."

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