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NPS' Resident Naval Strategist Edits Latest Volume for USNI Press
U.S. Navy photo by Javier Chagoya

NPS' Resident Naval Strategist Edits Latest Volume for USNI Press

By Javier Chagoya

NPS Department of Operations Research Professor of Practice reti­red Navy Capt. Wayne Hughes, author of the seminal strategic volume "Fleet Tactics and Coastal Combat," recently completed service as Chief Editor on the U.S. Naval Institute's newest "Wheel Book" entitled "Naval Tactics."

"The purpose of the book is to show, from 13 different perspectives, and covering 1905 to 2015, the breadth of naval tactics and the art of winning battles at sea," said Hughes.

It was no wonder that Hughes was invited to edit the work ­– throughout his 64 years of service, he has championed the field of tactical campaign analysis and the theory of naval combat.

"Naval Tactics" provides a straightforward approach and a forceful analysis of matters important to naval professionals. It draws on selections from Naval Proceedings articles and from the oral history collection at the Naval Institute Press.

"Wheel Books" are a naval tradition, intended to be readily available in the pockets of every junior petty officer, given the useful information they provide as these Sailors go about their daily duties.

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