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NSA Monterey Emergency Responders Train with Regional Experts
U.S. Navy photo by Melinda Larson, NSAM Public Affairs

NSA Monterey Emergency Responders Train with Regional Experts

By Melinda Larson, NSAM Public Affairs

Naval Support Activity (NSA) Monterey’s Emergency Operations Center, Naval Security Force and installation training team (ITT) personnel tested their processes and responses to a variety of drill scenarios during a mobile training team (MTT) site visit from Navy Region Southwest (NRSW), June 6-9.

The goal of the mobile team was to assess the ITT’s ability to create and implement training scenarios for security watch standers. The MTT, comprised of regional subject matter experts, were here to help prepare the installation’s emergency responders for NSA Monterey’s tri-annual Command Assessment for Readiness and Training (CART) certification from Commander Naval Installations Command (CNIC) in 2017.

“The intent is to give you a roadmap. As your immediate superior in the chain of command (ISIC), it is our role to assist you and ensure your success,” said Lt. Cmdr. Edward Goslee, NRSW’s Regional Security Officer during the out brief with the installation training team.

According to Goslee, part of an installation’s success depends upon its self-evaluation in a variety of areas. The ITT and the antiterrorism training teams assessed tactical responses after developing active shooter and suspicious package training scenarios.

“Practice, practice, practice,” said Rick Daniel, NRSW’s N36. “Work on your drill planning and plan on an integrated drill every month. Conduct regular ITT meetings to really develop your team.”

Integrated drills bring together force protection and emergency responders in the field while behind the scenes, the emergency operations center (EOC) is incorporated into the mix.

“The role of the EOC is to support the incident commander who is on scene,” noted Josie Borisow, NSAM Emergency Management Officer. “The EOC determines current and projected incident command needs in the functional areas of logistics, plans, medical, safety, public information and more. Every emergency is different and the EOC flexes to support whatever is needed at the actual scene.”

Practicing for emergencies while running a 24-hour operation is a challenge the NSA Monterey Security Officer said his officers are accomplishing.

“Our training scenarios are designed to mimic how we would handle an actual incident,” said Lt. Cmdr. Joel Millwee. “I have a professional, dedicated and highly-knit team. Mission readiness is our goal and I appreciate region’s efforts to help us as we move forward together as a team.”

In the end, the NRSW staff said they were impressed with the abilities and attitudes of NSA Monterey’s emergency responders.

“We were impressed with the eagerness and enthusiasm of your team. Your performances this week clearly show you are putting in a lot of efforts to continually train as you fight,” Goslee concluded.

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