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Robotics Showcased at Annual Campus Event
U.S. Navy photo by MC3 Brian H. Abel

Robotics Showcased at Annual Campus Event

By MC3 Brian H. Abel

NPS Department of Defense Analysis Lecturer Kristen Tsolis demonstrates some of the RoboDojo's components during NPS' 6th annual Robots in the Roses research fair, April 21. The event provides university students and faculty with an opportunity to showcase their research efforts in robotics and unmanned systems to the broader campus community.

"Our purpose today is to share information about all of the amazing things that are happening in our community with regards to robotics and autonomous systems," said NPS Associate Professor Ray Buettner. "As a community of faculty and researchers, we also want to express our appreciation to our special guests, the NPS support staff, and the countless things these team members do to enable the faculty to execute the NPS education and research mission."

In recent years, Robots in the Roses has welcomed regional high school and junior college robotics teams to campus to demonstrate their own projects to the NPS community.

"In addition to NPS' own teams that have flown world-record swarms, operated underwater and aerial systems in the Arctic, and even developed drones that are launched from other drones, we are delighted to have very early career roboticists from our local schools here to inspire us today," said Buettner.

Robots in the Roses is an annual event sponsored by the Secretary of the Navy's Consortium for Robotics and Unmanned Systems Education and Research, CRUSER. For more information about CRUSER, visit 

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