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SIDMC Students Network with Local FAOs
U.S. Navy photo MC2 Nathan K. Serpico

SIDMC Students Network with Local FAOs

By MC2 Nathan K. Serpico

Students from the Defense Resources Management Institute’s Senior International Defense Management Course (SIDMC) joined Foreign Area Officers (FAO) from the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) and Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) at the Monterey Hyatt, Aug. 22, for an informal opportunity to network and engage in a social setting.

The event is part of the Foreign Area Officer Cultural Ambassador Program (FAO-CAP), which provides opportunities for U.S. FAOs studying in the region to engage with senior officials from some of the nations they soon may be deployed to.

“We have senior defense officials from about 30 countries, who are all here for a month-long course,” said U.S. Army Capt. Tyler McAnally, a foreign area officer focusing in Europe. “The social aspect of this piece is what we are trying to focus on here, which is to link these senior officers and civilian officials up with foreign area officers from all of the branches of the United States military.”

“I’m just really proud because this is the largest event we have had in the nine years we have been doing this,” added Charlie Orsburn, FAO-CAP creator and director. “And we’re already looking ahead to the next opportunity for international leaders attending DRMI programs to network with the FAOs studying in the Monterey area, and potentially deploying to the nations our students come from. As this program continues to grow and flourish, these opportunities will only become better and better.”

In addition to their experiences in the classroom, FAO-CAP officials organize events like this to help promote professional relationships between American service members and senior international service members or civilians, providing a deeper look into the culture of our partner nations.

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