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COVID-19: NPS Winter Quarter Update - December 17, 2020 pdf.
DoD COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan and Population Schema - December 9, 2020 pdf.
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January 12, 2021

It has come to my attention that a number of e-mails are circulating amongst the NPS population inviting the general public to sign up for COVID-19 vaccinations in Monterey.

Per a Monterey County Health Department tweet today:

“COVID-19 vaccine rumors - If you get an email that lists clinics available for general public or because "there is extra vaccine" do not sign up unless you are a health care provider or in tier 1 a. These clinics are for health care providers only.”

At this point in time, I do not have any definitive information to provide about vaccinations that will be made available to DOD personnel in the Monterey area.  I can only offer that a lot of smart people are diligently working hard on the problem set and that patience is a virtue.

I will offer that a MCHD COVID Vaccine Town Hall will be held on Thursday, 14 Jan at 1730.

And additional info about the MCHD vaccine program may be found at:


CAPT Philip E. Old
Chief of Staff, Naval Postgraduate School


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Naval Postgraduate School Return to Campus Plan.

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What Can I Do to Be Prepared?

Practice Prevention
First and foremost, practice prevention! From washing your hands to staying home when you are sick. Check out the NPS Safety Office COVID-19 website for the latest resources at every level.

Get Your Telework Agreement in Place
Let’s be prepared, as individuals and as an institution. See the COS’ bulk message here on how to do it, and these best practices for employees. For Supervisors, see these instructions on how to change employee’s eligibility for telework.

Register with the Emergency Alert System
AtHoc can help you get information quickly, but you have to be sure your contact info is up to date. Check out AtHoc Wiki page for all the info.