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Joseph A Blau

Research Associate Professor
Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Phone: (831) 656-2332
  • PhD - Naval Postgraduate School 2002
    Major: Physics
    Dissertation Title: Multimode Simulations of Free Electron Lasers
  • MS - University of California-San Diego 1989
    Major: Physics
  • BS - University of California-Santa Barbara 1987
    Major: Physics
Research Interests
Theory and simulation of High Energy Lasers (HELs). Over 30 years, I have developed simulations of HELs that have been used to advance the theory, explain physical effects, and aid the design of new experiments at universities and national laboratories. I have also done extensive work on the integration of lasers into directed energy (DE) weapons for Naval platforms, including modeling the effects of vibrations and distortions on laser performance, the integration of DE weapons into ship electrical systems, and atmospheric propagation of laser beams. I have been the lead or co-author on more than 50 publications on these topics, and advised or co-advised over 100 student theses on DE-related topics. Currently I am working on designs for high-average power HELs to be used for naval ship defense, experiments and modeling of atmospheric effects on HELS, and an engagement model of an naval HEL weapon system.


  • 2015 - Directed Energy Award, Association of Old Crows