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Douglas Van Bossuyt

Assistant Professor
Systems Engineering
Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Phone: (831) 656-7572


Dr. Douglas L. Van Bossuyt is currently an assistant professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in the Systems Engineering Department. Previously he was an automation engineer at KTM Research and a probabilistic risk assessment engineer at NuScale Power. He holds an Honors Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, an Honors Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University (USA). His area of research focuses on emergent system behaviors through the lens of risk and failure-informed conceptual system design for complex systems.
Research Interests
Emergent system behaviors, conceptual design methodology, risk and failure modeling, Failure analysis, Risk Analysis, Probabilistic Risk Analysis, Functional Modeling, Systems Engineering, Trade-off studies, reliability analysis, risk-informed decision-making, risk attitudes, nuclear power, space systems, small modular reactors (SMRs), pressurized water reactors (PWRs), Modeling and Simulation, System Informatics, Decision Support, Design Methodology, Trade Studies, Risk-Informed Decision-Making in Engineering Design, conceptual design, Prognostics and Heath Management, Data Analytics for Design, the Psychology of Engineering Risk Attitudes, Design for the Developing World, Culturally Appropriate Engineering, Tradespace Exploration and Optimization in Early-Phase System Design, Industrial Robot Control, Industrial Machine Vision, Vision-Guided Robotics, Space Systems, UAVs, UUVs, Human Machine Interaction
Teaching Interests
Systems engineering, systems architecture, risk and reliability engineering/analysis, creative thinking and creativity, system design process


  • 2019 - Teaching Fellow, Naval Postgraduate School Office of the Provost