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Paul C Clark

Senior Lecturer
Computer Science
Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences

Phone: (831) 656-2395
Other Experience
  • 1991 - 1995 System Programmer, Integration Engineer, Customer Service Manager, Gemini Computers
  • 1990 - 1991 Programmer, MAI/Basic Four
  • 1987 - 1990 Financial Analyst, Bank of America
Research Interests
Computer Security Education
Modification of Open Source Operating Systems in support of security policies
Cyber Security Policies to support cross-domain solutions
Standards and procedures that support the development of high assurance software
Kernel design and implementation
Teaching Interests
Providing hands-on laboratory exercises to enhance classroom instruction
Distributed learning
Secure management and operation of computer systems

Scholarly Work

  • Book Chapters
  • Irvine, C. E., Clark, P. C., & Nguyen, T. D, (2016). Design Principles for Security (Appendix F of NIST SP 800-160) Gaithersburg, MD U.S.A.: National Institutes of Standards and Technology.
  • Levin, T. E., & Clark, P. C, (2004). A Note Regarding Covert Channels.
  • Journal Articles
  • Irvine, C. E., Clark, P. C., Cook, G. R., Fisher, E. L., Fulp, J. D., & Linhoff, V, (2010). New Pathways in Identity Management. IEEE Security & Privacy.
  • Technical Reports
  • Clark, P. C., Irvine, C. E., Levin, T., & Nguyen, T. D, (2014). Trusted Computing Exemplar: Life Cycle Management Plan.
  • Clark, P. C., & Gregg, H. S, (2005). Biometric Challenges for Future Deployments: A Study of the Impact of Geography, Climate, Culture, and Social Conditions.