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Spencer Thomas Brien

Financial Management

Phone: (831) 656-3342


Spencer T. Brien is Assistant Professor of Public Budgeting and Finance in the Graduate School of Defense Management at the Naval Postgraduate School. Dr. Brien's research on fiscal administration spans federal, state and local governments. His recent work uses the Defense Commissary Agency as a case to examine how agencies can develop forward-looking strategies to address budgetary pressure. He is conducting research on attrition and turnover among the civilian Department of Defense workforce. His research has been published in various journals including The American Review of Public Administration, Public Budgeting & Finance, Public Finance Review, and the Journal of Public Procurement. His work has been financially supported by the Acquisitions Research Program and the Office of People Analytics. He has also been quoted in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Prior to entering academia, he worked for eight years as a program analyst for the Internal Revenue Service. Dr. Brien currently teaches defense budgeting and has also taught courses in public financial management and the economics of state and local government. "
  • PhD - Georgia State University 2011
NPS Experience
  • 2015 - current: Assistant Professor
Other Experience
  • 2012 - 2015 Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
  • 2004 - 2012 Program Evaluation and Risk Analyst, Internal Revenue Service
Research Interests
State and Local Government Finance, Tax Administration, Transportation Administration, Strategic Workforce Management
Teaching Interests
Public Financial Management, Public Economics, Defense Budgeting and Public Policy

Scholarly Work

  • Research Reports
  • Brien, S. T, (2019). Attrition Among the DoD Civilian Workforce.
  • Technical Reports
  • Brien, S. T, (2020). An Analysis of Turnover among the Civil Service Components of the Department of Defense Acquisitions and Medical Workforces.