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null Next Chapter Begins at DKL with New University Librarian

Next Chapter Begins at DKL with New University Librarian

New University Librarian Tom Rosko comes to NPS following 16 years as head of the Institute Archives & Special Collections at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Rosko brings a keen focus on outreach to his role at the university, and looks to continue building upon the Dudley Knox Library’s vital support to the campus community.

The Naval Postgraduate School’s (NPS) Dudley Knox Library (DKL) welcomed Thomas (Tom) Rosko as new University Librarian, bringing a diverse background from a variety of academic institutions and organizations as the award-winning library continues its vital support to the campus community.

“I’ve heard nothing but positive things about the library and the resources it has for the students,” said Rosko. “I want to make sure that we continue meeting the needs of the students and faculty, making sure they know what resources we have available.”

Before coming to NPS, Rosko served as head of archives and special collections at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Libraries. Prior to MIT, Rosko held archives and records management positions at University of Kentucky, Princeton University, New York University and the New-York Historical Society. Rosko has a Master of Library and Information Science degree from Rutgers University.

Compared to his previous positions, Rosko says, NPS’ emphasis on defense issues and its military and government-based student body presents a unique setting with some new challenges, and opportunities.

“An interesting aspect of NPS is there are a lot of opportunities to do interesting, unique things,” said Rosko. “Similar to a place like MIT or an Ivy League school, the intelligence and brilliance of the faculty and students at NPS are remarkable ... And everyone here is here with a clear purpose.

“But what’s different here than a civilian institution counterpart are the many policies, rules and regulations,” he added. “Probably the biggest challenge for me is to understand these and still navigate how to get things done.”

Rosko intends to continue the accomplished work of his predecessors in keeping DKL an integrated member of the NPS team. Following the path of NPS’ Strategic Plan, he says, the library will seek to assist and partner with emerging research activities such as data research management, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), AI, and augmented and virtual reality.

“I want the library to help support the work of the students, faculty and everyone else here at NPS,” said Rosko. “We want to be able to bring them the resources they need as easily as possible, to ensure that they have easy access to information wherever they are, and provide a physical and virtual space to work, research, teach and learn.”